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Pull list for May 18 2016

May 17, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I work tomorrow, but not too late, so reviews shouldn’t be too late going up.

I’ll go to the store for: All-New Wolverine #8, by Tom Taylor, Marcio Takara and Jordan Boyd; Mirror #4, by Emma Rios and Hwei Lim; Power Man & Iron Fist #4, by David Walker, Sanford Greene and Lee Loughridge; Silver Surfer #4, by Dan Slott, and Michael and Laura Allred.

I’ll also review: Deadpool Last Days of Magic #1, by Gerry Duggam Scott Koblish and Guru-eFX; Deadpool and the Mercs For Money #4, by Cullen Bunn, Salva Espin and Guru-eFX; Old Man Logan #6, by Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo; Uncanny Avengers #9, by Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz and David Curiel.

So that’s 4 comics I’m picking up, and 5 reviews. Though one of those may very well end up being “nope” repeated over and over. Because given how the first three issues of Mercs for Money went, there’s every chance I’ll get two pages into this one and just give up.

I’m excited for all of them. Taylor’s been doing great work on Wolverine, lots of fun and lots of drama. And I like Takara’s art a lot. Mirror is excellent; I’ll buy anything Emma Rios makes. PM&IF has been excellent, and I’ve especially loved the friendship between Mariah and Jennie. And it looks like that friendship will be a major element of this issue. And Silver Surfer has been one of the best comics Marvel’s been putting out for the past couple years. It’s absolutely delightful and you really should be reading it.

August solicits are out. My pull list: ANAD Avengers #13, Captain Marvel #8, Mockingbird #6, Silk #11, A-Force #8, ANAD Avengers Annual #1, Black Panther #5, Ms. Marvel #10, Silver Surfer #7, Spider-Man/Deadpool #8, Ultimates #10, Vision #10, All-New Wolverine #11, Power Man & Iron Fist #7, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #8, New Avengers #15, Hellcat #9, Squirrel Girl #11, Wolverine Annual #1. 19 titles. Not bad. There’s some good stuff in there. The Avengers Annual is Kamala fanfics! By a variety of creators, including Faith Erin Hicks! Hicks is awesome, guys. You should definitely check out all her stuff. Moon Girl is going to have a cameo from Ms. Marvel, which should be fun. Mockingbird will be set on a Comic-Con Cruise, so that’s going to be great. A-Force will bring in Elsa Bloodstone, who’s always fun. Oh, and I’ll also be picking up The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe, a Squirrel Girl OGN! Squirrel Girl vs. Evil Squirrel Girl! It’ll be amazing!

I went to Civil War on Saturday. I enjoyed it. It was good and fun. It did come dangerously close to having too much going on; it was balanced well, but only barely. The Cap/Sharon romance didn’t end up adding much. Black Panther was awesome. I’m psyched for his movie. It’ll be great. And Spider-Man! He sounded like Spider-Man! He made jokes during the fight! The way Spider-Man is supposed to do! That’s what Sony never quite grasped about the character: He’s a quipper. He quips. He makes jokes constantly, to hide his nervousness, because he’s just a kid. So I’m glad to have a Spider-Man who is Spider-Man. I also liked the growing Vision/Wanda romance; it’s way better than Age of Ultron’s forced Banner/Widow romance. Wanda and Vision don’t have the best chemistry, but it’s good enough to sell the romance. Though part of that might just be because I’ve read their romance in the comics.

For the record, as far as Team Cap vs. Team Iron: I’ll always be on the side of not letting a bunch of vigilantes run around with no accountability. That is insanity. It really is. Obviously, there’d need to be plenty of safeguards in place to prevent any registration system from being abused. But regulation is a necessity.

I finished Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Asia Edition. It’s a comic anthology with a bunch of creators.

This was a great book. It’s an anthology of short comics based on Asian folktales and legends. So most of the stories won’t be very familiar to Western audiences, though a few are actually pretty similar to Western tales. But it’s a lot of fun reading the unfamiliar stories. Some of the stories are really funny. Some are really sweet. Some are really sad. Some are kinda creepy. But they’re all great. There are no bad stories in the lot. There are a decent number of Asian-American creators involved, though I might have wanted a few more. But all the creators involved are top-notch talents.

This is a great anthology, and I highly recommend it.

Next up, The Absconded Ambassador, by Michael Underwood. It’s the second book in the Genrenauts series. I got it free, when I won a different book on Goodreads. I actually backed a Genrenauts collection on Kickstarter just a couple days ago. I figure I’ll read the book now, so I know if it’s actually worth backing. I can back out if I don’t like it.

The most recent episode of My Little Pony was really good. Really cute. It was A Christmas Carol with ponies, and it was great. But it was also a musical episode, with a lot of great songs. And it made me decide to finally check out the Hamilton soundtrack. I listened to the first act, which was, like, 23 songs. I can definitely understand why people love it. They’re great songs. But I think that first act might be enough for me. I don’t think I’ll bother with the rest.

So, I don’t read Rat Queens. But it looks like something less than cool has just happened with it. It’s written by Kurtis Wiebe, and was originally drawn by Roc Upchurch. But then Roc Upchurch got arrested for domestic violence, and was removed from the book. Tess Fowler took over art duties, and everything was fine. A great female artist on a comic with strong female characters. Cool. But . . . Fowler’s now being pushed out. So that Upchurch can come back. A woman who’s a very outspoken critic of harassment in the comics industry is being removed from a book to make room for a guy who abused his wife. That’s a damned shame. And it kinda highlights a problem with the industry.

Men in the industry can get away with damned near anything. Shelly Bond can spend 30 years putting out critically acclaimed books, earning the respect of everyone in the industry, and she still loses her job in a restructuring. Eddie Berganza can be a serial harasser, and he keeps his job for years after. He keeps his job in an office that has literally no women, either because he didn’t hire any or because DC intentionally kept women away from him to avoid more harassment charges. And there are tons of guys in the industry who engage in awful behaviour and, seemingly, never get punished for it. I’ve seen enough women talk about how every woman involved in comics has a story of being harassed, and the industry continues to cater to the assholes who do that shit. Frank Cho has spent two years hammering a stupid, insensitive joke into the ground, and DC hired him to do 24 Wonder Woman covers. The guy is notorious as a beefcake artist, and he’s the guy DC turned to for two dozen covers of the biggest female superhero in the world.

Meanwhile, women struggle to get a foot in the door. When they do, they’re limited in what they get to work on. If it’s not creator-owned, then it’s probably an all-ages girl comic. Dan Slott is a total asshole on social media, and he’s going to be on Spider-Man until he dies. Marguerite Bennett is a sweetheart on social media, but where’s her shot at an A-list title? It’s the shitty old boys club mentality at work.

And of course, the Upchurch thing ties into another common problem: That creators, in any medium, can get away with anything, as long as they’re talented enough. Roman Polanski committed goddamn statutory rape, but because he made good movies, people forgave him. How many musicians and actors and directors and athletes did horrible shit, and then no one minds because, hey, that art they made was really good? I guess it’s a matter of separating the art from the artist. But should we be doing that? Shouldn’t we be trying not to support assholes who do awful shit, no matter how good their art is? Why not instead try to support people who aren’t pieces of shit?

I guess it’s easy for me to say this sort of thing, because the artists I support haven’t been accused of anything bad. Would I keep buying WicDiv if Kieron Gillen was accused of harassment? I don’t know. I think I’d like to believe I wouldn’t. But on the other hand, it’s a really goddamn good comic. Hell, I think Slott’s an asshole, but I still buy Silver Surfer. (Though Slott’ssocial media behaviour at least falls short of abusive.)

My schedule for the week: 10:15-4:30 Thursday, 2:30-10:15 Saturday, 11:30-8 Sunday. So posts Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

  1. A lot of August’s solicitations look good. The All-New Wolverine annual that’ll give Jonathan the actual wolverine a story of his own, not to mention something about Gabby. Ms. Marvel’s fanfic getting an official release – that should be amazing. Also, Elsa Bloodstone on A-Force. Sold. While I’m not sure how I feel about the Civil War 2 event, I’ll probably be reading it at first, and a lot of the tie-ins do sound interesting.

    Also, Civil War did a great job at explaining everyone’s point of view and why they picked their sides. Even with everything going on, it still feels like a Captain America movie. It also did a good job at balancing the two sides – you can totally understand both points of view, even if you agree with one over the other. Sure there wasn’t that much time for the Steve/Sharon romance, but it’s still better developed and has better chemistry than Superman and Lois Lane in 2 DCU movies so far. This movie proved that the Russo brothers are capable of pulling off Infinity War.

    • Yeah, the Wolverine Annual should be good. Not too interested in a Gwenverine team-up, but whatever. It’s the ANADA Annual I’m sold on. Kamala’s fanfics! Faith Erin Hicks! FAITH! ERIN! HICKS!

      With Civil War, there were a couple characters where I felt their views weren’t explained well. And while the two sides were balanced, the two PLOTS didn’t feel quite as balanced. Still, I enjoyed it. It made me even more excited for Black Panther’s movie.

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