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X-Factor #30 (1988, July)

July 2, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Today, by the Simonsons, Wiacek, Scotese and Rosen, “Kiss of Death!”

Kiss of Death!

The hat’s a bit vague. Do the Mutant Police police mutants, or are they police who are mutants? You need to be clear about this sort of thing.

Infectia is looking out at Ship, while fantasizing about kissing Bobby so he turns into a monster and gives her ship. It’s actually kinda cute:

X-Factor #30

He’s so happy.

What’s interesting, though, is that Ship is in the Atlantic. Infectia is in New York City. If you consult a map, you may notice that New York City is not actually adjacent to the Atlantic. Anyway, on Ship, Iceman is playing volleyball with the kids. Using a timebomb. I guess if you hang around Boom-Boom long enough, her insanity rubs off on you. The bomb almost lands on Scott and Jean, who deal with it, and then yell at the kids and Iceman. They defend themselves by saying they were having a practice session, and that they would’ve dealt with the bomb before it was dangerous. Ship promises no more volleybomb while they’re away looking for Scott’s kid. Volleybomb! It’s actually called volleybomb! That’s great.

Later on, Bobby and Hank leave, and Ship suggests chiliburgers, fries and apple pie for dinner. Ship isn’t very responsible. Anyway, Bobby and Hank head to the Hard Rock Cafe, where women crowd around Bobby. Hank is uncomfortable with people around, so he leaves. He sees Infectia flirting with a cop, and she pushes the cop into an alley and kisses him to make him a monster. Aw, poor cop, he actually seemed like a decent guy. He didn’t like X-Factor, and saw them as criminal menaces, but hey, he wasn’t entirely wrong. He certainly didn’t deserve to be monstered.

Scott and Jean are on their way to Dallas, to ask Freedom Force if they know anything about his son. Scott finally realizes that his brother’s dead. Jean says he’s had a lot to deal with, but Scott in this era is just a big bag of guilty feelings.

X-Factor #30

No, Scott, you’re just terrible at emotions.

Remember that he had the same reaction when he thought Jean was dead: Numbness, feeling nothing. Back then, of course, it was because he was literally incapable of dealing with the loss. I suspect it’s similar here. He just doesn’t know how to cope.

Anyway, time for something weird and unsettling! In Nebraska, a weird ship latches onto a house, and a person in egg-shaped armour opens a hatch. Yaaay! It’s Nanny and the Orphan-Maker! Can I just say I genuinely like those two? I’m sad that they’ve been left in limbo for so long. They’re weird, but they’re fun.

Back to New York, where Infectia goes into the Hard Rock Cafe, followed by the monster-cop. She pretends to panic and runs to Iceman for help. Iceman tries to talk the cop down, and Beast runs in to help fight him, and the cop explodes. Aw, the poor guy. Seriously, I feel bad for him. He really did seem like a nice guy. Beast tries to tell Iceman about Infectia, but there’s reporters around, so Iceman says they need to get their pictures taken.

At Worthington Enterprises, Archangel is trying to get information on Candy’s disappearance.

And then to Dallas! For Scott and Jean vs. Freedom Force! Remember that Freedom Force routinely gives the entirety of the X-Men problems. Scott and Jean stay calm, and ask if they know anything about Scott’s son. Freedom Force insists they have to register under the MRA, and try to provoke a fight. This fight will be shown next issue. It’s pretty awesome and shows just how good Scott and Jean are a what they do.

Back in New York, Infectia is winning over Iceman. Beast keeps trying to talk to Iceman, but Iceman keeps brushing him off. Iceman’s a dick when women flirt with him. We’ll have to wait and see if he’s still a dick now when guys flirt with him. They head back to the Ship, and the kids ask who Infectia is, and Beast bounds off saying he’s too dumb to listen to. Aw, Hank. And then Iceman introduces Infectia to the kids, in a cute moment:

X-Factor #30

There’s a lot to be amused by here.

And then she prepares to kiss him.

This issue’s good. It’s got a lot of good stuff in it. The kids are actually pretty amusing. Volleybomb! Bobby letting fame and women go to his head is enjoyable. Hank – poor guy! Even his best friend is brushing him off, just because a pretty girl batted her eyes at him. Infectia herself is a lot of fun. She acts like a harmless bimbo, and uses the act to manipulate everyone around her. I hear her with a high-pitched voice, trying to sound really girly. Her act is easy to hate, and I imagine a lot of people did hate her, but I find it a lot of fun. And you know how hard I’ve been on Simonson’s X-Factor run. But as good as this issue is, the next one is so much better.

The art . . . I have nothing new to say here. I’ve explained why I don’t like Walt’s style. That still applies. It’s not for me. He’s very good at what he does, this is a fine example of his work, it’s just work that I don’t much care for.

But other than that, yeah, this is a great issue. Much like New Mutants, Simonson’s hitting a stride with X-Factor, as well.

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  1. Judging by the art on the cover and the panels you showed, this issue looks really weird. Sounds like fun, but looks really weird.

    Yeah, it’s been a busy month and I’m starting to catch up on everyone’s older blog posts.

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