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New Mutants Annual #4 (1988, September)

August 2, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Today, by Simonson, Brigman, McCleod, Oliver and John Workman, “Mind Games.”

Mind Games

Spoiler: Magma’s not the one who’s changed.

We open on Bulk and Glow Worm, from X-Factor #7, being attacked by the High Evolutionary’s Purifiers. The Evolutionary has a plan to remove certain dangerous powers from various individuals. Then, to the school, for a practice session, where Warlock is a Jack-in-the-box. Technarch-in-the-box? Anyway, he startles Sam, who then nearly runs into an illusory brick wall that Dani created as a prank. Illyana, Rahne and ‘Berto teleport in with a letter from Amara, and a very brief bit of playfulness is ended by Magneto, who lectures them. He also says Dani’s illusions are the least-useful power of the students, in a fight. Which, come on, Dani’s handled herself pretty damn well in all the fights the Mutants have gotten in. She knows what she’s doing. The Mutants read Amara’s letter and learn she’s engaged to some dude she’s never met.

In space, Bulk and Glow Worm have their powers removed, so now they have no protection from the lethal amounts of radiation in their bodies. Then Stack and Purge are notified of another dangerous mutant, Amara. She’s throwing a bit of a temper tantrum.

New Mutants Annual #4

It is a pretty entertaining tantrum, at least.

Empath calms her down, and offers to try to influence her father. The Purifiers attack, and abduct Amara. Empath contacts Emma Frost, and after Amara’s father yells at her a bit, she says she’ll find Amara. She’s also wearing a really cute outfit.

New Mutants Annual #4

It’s very stylish!

A nice reminder that Emma isn’t all about lingerie, that she’s very fashion-conscious, and should always look stylish. She contacts Magneto, who was in the middle of threatening to chain ‘Berto up if that’s what it takes to protect him. The Mutants eavesdrop on his conversation, mostly through Rahne’s wolf ears. The Mutants, obviously, go to rescue Amara. Fight! With Illyana sending some of the Purifiers to Limbo. Which is still a really harsh thing to do.

Amara’s saved, and joins the fight. Dani sees the death glow above Bulk and Glow Worm, who explain they’re dying of radiation poisoning. She also sees the death glow around the fight in general. Stack tosses her into the power-removal device, and Glow Worm and Bulk decide they need to help her, by reversing the machine. She’s freed, and she tries her power on Stack again. And this time, his fear attacks him. His fear, by the way, is a Xenomorph.

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