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Pull list for August 3 2016

August 2, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I’m off tomorrow, yay!

I’ll go to the store for: Animosity #1, by Marguerite Bennett, Rafael de Latorre, and I’m not sure who on colours; Silk #11, by Robbie Thompson, Tana Ford and Ian Herring.

I’ll also review: Deadpool #16, by Gerry Duggan, Mike Hawthorne, Terry Pallot and Jordie Bellaire; Deadpool v. Gambit #3, by Bens Acker and Blacker, Danillo Beyruth and Chris Peter; Uncanny X-Men #11, by Cullen Bunn, Greg Land, Jay Leisten and Nolan Woodard.

So that’s 2 comics I’m picking up, and 3 reviews. What a pathetically small week. And I work next Wednesday, so you just know it’s going to have a ton of comics. Ugh.

Both books look good, at least. Silk’s been really good. As for Animosity, I really enjoy Bennett as a writer. This series is about animals suddenly becoming intelligent, and the chaos that causes. And an old dog wants to protect the 10-year-old girl who’d taken care of him by getting her to her brother in another state. So that’ll be sweet. And the first issue has pandas commit suicide and wondering why humanity tried so hard to keep them alive.

Also! Fresh Romance Vol. 1 will be released in print! Guys. Guys. Fresh Romance is really good you guys. Really good romance stories. Very cute, very fun. It’s great. You should totally check it out. $25 for the first volume, with 6 issues. Or you can always read issue-by-issue on Comixology. But you should totally read it.

I forgot to mention then, but Friday was my WordPress anniversary. Four years since I started this blog. And in those four years, I have managed to get through 25 years of X-Men comics. Of course, I’m just reaching the point where the X-line begins its expansion, so it’ll take a lot longer now to get through each year of comics. By the end of 1988, there were 6 ongoing X-Men titles, plus minis (and plus Alpha Flight). So far, I have 36 posts for 1988. I have 34 more to get through. Yeah. So, yeah, I’ve reached a point where there are just too damn many X-titles for me to go through. Oh! Speaking of which, though, I have been trying to go back through some of my earliest posts, expanding on them a little, adding some images. I’ve done the first dozen issues so far. If you’re interested.

I read Dumped, by Andi Watson. My review:

This was a cute comic. A realistic romance, sweet but with real tensions. And also an examination of how we cling to the past out of fear of the future, and the need to let go of the past. It’s some good stuff. The art style’s a bit rough, but still fairly pleasing. All in all, a good comic.

I’ve started reading Sarong Party Girls, by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan. I’m 50 pages in, and enjoying it. It’s fun.

I’ve started replaying Mass Effect. It’s been a good couple years since I last played, mostly because I didn’t have access to a TV worth playing it on. I lost my old hard drive with all the DLC on it. I also lost access to my old X-Box Live account. So I’m actually having to start over from scratch. All my achievements are gone, which sucks. Anyway, I made Eric Shepard, an Engineer. Born on Earth, he ran with a gang, where his natural talent with technology made him an asset. It also made him a hard person who does what it takes to survive. He joined the Alliance, and distinguished himself well. On a mission to wipe out some pirates, he led his squad in brutal fighting that left most of his squad, and all the pirates, dead. When he saw what he’d wrought, he was horrified, and he swore to become a better person, a better hero.

I just finished Therum and recruited Liara. I figured I’d get her achievement. I’m going to use Liara and Wrex as my squadmates for this playthrough. Wrex is awesome, and since I’m an Engineer, I thought Liara’s biotics would be good to have with me. I’ve been enjoying re-playing 1, though I’m going to be starting in on sidequests now, so that’ll be boring. Ah, well.

My schedule for the week: 9:15-4 Thursday, 11:30-8 Saturday, 11:30-7:45 Sunday, 9:45-4:15 Monday. So posts on Friday and Tuesday.

And that’s all I’ve got for this week.


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