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Pull list for August 24 2016; Zendaya as Mary Jane

August 23, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I’m off tomorrow! Yay!

I’ll go to the store for: Captain Marvel #8, by Christos and Ruth Gage, Kris Anka, Andy Owens and Matt Wilson; Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #10, by Amy Reeder, Brandon Montclare, Natacha Bustos and Tamra Bonvillain; New Avengers #15, by Al Ewing, Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco and Jesus Aburtov; Nighthawk #4, by David Walker, Ramon Villalobos and Tamra Bonvillain; Patsy Walker aka Hellcat! #9, by Kate Leth, Brittney Williams and Megan Wilson; Snotgirl #2, by Bryan Lee O’Malley, Leslie Hung and Mickey Quinn; Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #11, by Ryan North, Jacob Chabot, Erica Henderson and Rico Renzi

I’ll also review: Deadpool #17, by Gerry Duggan, Mike Hawthorne, Terry Pallot and Jordie Bellaire; Extraordinary X-Men #13, by Jeff Lemire, Victor Ibanez and Jay David Ramos.

I’m also going to pick up the TPB of Pretty Deadly Vol. 2. Literally the only series I get in trade, even though I already get it in floppies, because I frigging love this series.

So that’s 7 comics I’m picking up, and 2 reviews. Which is the same as last week. Jeez.

They all look great. Captain Marvel will have further exploration of Carol using Ulysses to stop disasters, and should raise interesting discussions. Moon Girl will meet Ms. Marvel! Moon Girl’s been a fun and cute series all along, but now, it’s going to have a cameo from Ms. Marvel! Hurrah! That’ll be epic. New Avengers will be more madness, now with bonus Warlock. The preview has him paraphrasing Dirty Harry, and hell yes. Nighthawk’s been great with racial politics. Hellcat’s been fun and adorable, and will now have bonus Jubilee! Jubilee, guys! I love Jubilee. The first issue of Snotgirl was a lot of fun, and I’m eager to read more. And Squirrel Girl is always fun and hilarious, and this issue will be full of computer science stuff to make it educational. I will remember none of it.

November solicits are out. My Marvel pull list: Avengers #1, Champions #2, Occupy Avengers #1, World of Wakanda #1, Mosaic #2, Ms. Marvel #13, Power Man & Iron Fist #10, Squirrel Girl #14, All-New Wolverine #14, Black Panther #8, Hellcat #12, Silk #14, Moon Girl #13, Silver Surfer #9, Ultimates 2 #1, Ghost Rider #1, New Avengers #18. 17 comics, which is lighter than my typical Now list will be. I might pick up the ANXM Annual. It’s not written by Hopeless, so my grudge isn’t a problem. And Dani Moonstar will show up! I love Dani. She’s the best. Elixir will be back from the dead in the UXM Annual, too, which is nice. Though Marvel really should stop killing Elixir. I don’t want it to be a thing where he keeps dying and then comes back.

I finished Women In Practical Armour. My review:

This was an excellent anthology. All the stories were great. Top-quality stuff. The highest praise I can give is that I wanted most of them to continue. Every story is well-written, with compelling characters. While all the stories are about female warriors, there’s still a range of styles and tones represented. Some are funny, some are tense and dramatic, a couple are downright heartbreaking. There are no weak stories in this collection; all of them are enjoyable reads.

I would very highly recommend this book.

It’s a book I backed on Kickstarter. So my name is in the back, in the Patent of Nobility section. Yay me. Now, I can finish up Alphabet.

So, the rumour is that Zendaya will play Mary Jane in Spider-Man: Homecoming. I’m fine with this. Zendaya’s an attractive young woman, and she looks like she’s probably a fairly high-energy person. That’s crucial to Mary Jane’s character, especially in the early comics – it wasn’t until Gwen Stacy died that MJ settled down a little bit, though she’s always been spunky. The Raimi movies made her a rather dull Girl Next Door, who had to be rescued every five frigging minutes, so already, Zendaya as MJ is looking to be way better than Kirsten Dunst (though, in her defence, she wasn’t given much to work with).

There are some people who are upset about Zendaya as MJ, because Zendaya is biracial, while MJ in the comics is white. (There’s a lot of people bitching that MJ needs to be a redhead. Hair dye exists, people. There are pictures out there of Zendaya with red hair. Relax.) But here’s the thing: MJ is white, in the comics, because she was created at a time when everyone was white. There were virtually no minority characters at all at that point. They certainly weren’t going to introduce a woman of colour as a potential love interest for a white guy. The ’60s were a racist time. Let’s not mince words here: The ’60s were racist. If you deny that, you’re an idiot. The ’60s were racist. That is just a fact. So, to be blunt, fuck the ’60s. I don’t give a wet hot shit how characters were made in the ’60s, because it was an awful time. Just awful. But, unfortunately, with the way comics work, the characters created during that awful, racist time are the only ones who matter. They’re the ones who were always allowed to matter, so they’re the ones who continue to matter. “Create new characters” ignores the reality of how difficult it is for any new character to get even the tiniest little bit of acceptance.

So, yeah, I’m fine with changing the races of those characters. Why not? It’s not like there aren’t an endless supply of white characters anyway. And with Homecoming, it’s worth remembering that New York is a really diverse city. It would be less believable for everyone at Peter’s school to be white. A diverse cast makes immersion easier for the audience. And it also means that a lot more groups can see themselves on the screen, which, yes, does actually matter. It means a lot to a lot of people.

And that’s really where the complaints become petty. White people, we’re represented. Very well represented. Every single superhero movie released in the past decade has featured a white dude as the lead. Every single prominent female in every superhero movie released in the past decade has been white, with the exception of Gamora in GotG, who was green. (The actress is black, but they had to make her green.) Spider-Man will still be a white dude in Homecoming. Our representation isn’t going anywhere, and yet, we bitch and moan and whine at every scrap thrown to anyone who isn’t white. Especially women of colour, who have it ridiculously unfair. Representation matters. White people are represented to an obscene degree. So it’s time we shut up and smile when people of colour, and especially women of colour, get some representation, as well. It means a lot to them. Black girls are going to go to Homecoming and see a black Mary Jane and it will means so much to them. A white Mary Jane would mean nothing to anyone, because a white Mary Jane would be the default. Expected. I wish people would keep that in mind. What does it mean to anyone if a character is white? What does it mean to people if a character’s not white? Or male, or straight, or able-bodied, or anything else. What does it mean to marginalized groups to see themselves reflected in mainstream media? It means a lot, to a lot of them. What does it mean when a white character is lost? Virtually nothing, because there are so many other options.

And just to address a common argument: “What if a non-white character was made white?” Bullshit. Not equivalent. Because, again, white people have tons of representation, non-white people don’t. There’s an article out there explaining the difference using bowls of chocolate-covered raisins. One bowl is so full that you can add or remove a few and it’s not noticeable. The other is so empty that every single addition or removal is immediately noticeable. And hey, they actually did make a non-white character white! They whitewashed the Ancient One. And the people who are outraged – OUTRAGED! – at every instance of race-lifting were pretty much silent on the whitewashing. In fact, a lot of them were more bothered by the Ancient One being made a woman. Because these privileged cock-nuggets care only about their own representation. They don’t give one good goddamn about whether other people get a shred of representation. “Give me mine, screw everyone else.” So an Asian character with a white actor? Whatever, no big deal, who cares, right? A male character with a female actor? Unacceptable! A crime of the highest order! Why does Marvel hate men? They should stick to the source material! At least in the ways that benefit their own already-privileged group. If Marvel Studios cast Charlize Theron as Monica Rambeau, these ass-boils would probably praise the casting decision. If they cast Channing Tatum as Michael Rambeau, even better. I genuinely think the people bitching about a biracial MJ would be dead fucking silent if Channing Tatum was cast as Michael Rambeau. Because it wouldn’t affect them one bit, and if it doesn’t affect them, they refuse to give one single, solitary shit about it.

As a side note, there are rumours that another actress – whose name escapes me and I don’t feel like looking it up – might be playing Cindy Moon. So we might get Silk! That would be amazing. I would love it if Silk debuted, and even got her own spin-off movie. That’d be awesome.

My schedule for the week: 10:30-5 Friday, 3:45-10:45 Saturday, 4-11 Sunday, 3:45-11:15 Tuesday. So posts on Thursday and Monday.

And that’s all I’ve got for this week.

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