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Pull list for August 31 2016

August 30, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I work tomorrow, so reviews might be a bit late.

I’ll go to the store for: All-New Wolverine Annual, by Tom Taylor, Marcio Takara and Mat Lopes; Ms. Marvel #10, by G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, Takeshi Miyazawa and Ian Herring; My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #45, by Thom Zahler and Tony Fleecs; Silver Surfer #6, by Dan Slott and the Allreds.

I’ll also review: Deadpool v. Gambit #4, by Bens Acker and Blacker, Danilo Beyruth and Cris Peter; X-Men ’92 #6, by Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, Alti Firmansyah, Dono Sanchez Almara and Matt Milla.

So that’s 4 comics I’ll pick up, and 3 reviews.

Some good comics. The Wolverine Annual looks like it’ll be pretty great – Laura and Spider-Gwen swap minds. Also, the preview has Jonathan wearing a domino mask. Think about that. Ms. Marvel is Ms. Marvel. Always amazing. And Silver Surfer has been an eternal delight. So, yeah, good comics.

So, Nighthawk is ending. #6 will be the final issue. It’s a shame, because it’s been a great series. Walker’s confirmation did get a bit of a discussion going about the comic distribution system, and how broken it is. With comics, pre-orders are everything. Comic shops work on a very small profit margin, and unsold books can’t be returned for a refund, so they only order what they know they can sell. That means they need their customers to tell them if they want a book. The problem, though, is that it means readers need to know in advance what they want, when all they have to go on are covers and solicits, neither of which convey a lot of information. Readers are essentially ordering blind and hoping for the best. So, obviously, they gravitate towards what they know. They go with the familiar. Which means the books that have been around for 50 years already. So lesser-known characters end up failing, simply because they don’t know if they want to read it.

No other medium works this way. There is no other medium where you’re required to commit to something weeks in advance, with virtually no information about it, before any reviews have come in. Seriously, if you want to wait and see what other people say about a comic before you pick it up, then your purchase doesn’t count. Assuming there’s even a copy left – no guarantee, because the shop may only have ordered enough to cover pre-orders – the sale doesn’t really matter to the publishers. It’s insane. And if you’re trade-waiting? Oh, man, you are just the scum of the earth and are directly responsible for murdering the book. You should’ve been paying more money to get it monthly before you could get any opinions on it. How dare you.

It is such an insane, backwards, broken system. And it’s hurting the industry, and it puts more hurdles in the path of the books that are already the hardest sells.

I finished Alphabet, The LGBTQAIU Creators from Prism Comics. My review:

This was good. It’s an anthology featuring short comics from various creators who’ve been published through Prism Comics Press, which is a publisher focused on LGBTQ+ creators. Most of the stories are autobiographical. Some are about being gay, but most are actually about being cartoonists. A few of the stories are about other things, as well. But being gay and making comics are really the two common themes. Most of the stories are pretty interesting. Some are weaker than others. There’s a wide range of artistic styles, though most are not what one would call traditional comic art. That’s going to make this book a lot more hit-or-miss for the average reader. But on the whole, I did enjoy reading this.

This was something I’d backed on Kickstarter. Speaking of Kickstarter, I should mention a couple products. Sweaty Palms, a comics anthology about anxiety. It looks pretty good, and deserves some love, and it still has a ways to go to reach its goal. So maybe back it. And La Raza Anthology, a comics anthology of Latinx creators. Because it’s important to support diverse creators. So, another one you might want to think about backing.

My schedule for the week: 9-3:45 Friday, 9-3:30 Saturday, 10:15-6 Sunday, 1:45-8:30 Tuesday. So posts on Thursday and Monday, and maybe Friday. I’ll see how I feel after work that day.

And that’s all I’ve got for this week.

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