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Marvel Comics Presents #6 and 7 (1988, November)

September 22, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I just want to do something quick. So, by Claremont, John Buscema, Janson, Oliver and Buhalis, “Save the Tiger Chapter 6: Things Get Bad.”

Things Get Bad

The hands are Man-Thing, who also has a story in the issue. But he’s not in the Wolverine story.

Logan and Jessan are on a boat, having a fun time sailing. She tells him that when the Reavers captured her, before the X-Men rescued her, Prettyboy managed to partially rewrite her mind to remove her morality and scruples. When Roma sent Jessan home, it was to a bunch of dead bodies. The Hoan Bank closed, and Jessan, because she was the lone survivor among the bank’s officials, was ostracized by her family. Damn. She didn’t particularly care. She went to find work elsewhere, but no one would hire her. She tried to find out why, by breaking into an office building and hacking into the computers. She was found by security guards, and she beat them up. Turns out Prettyboy’s reprogramming had given her new skills, and even affected her body. She did learn that another bank had hired Roche to take out her bank, and Roche hired the Reavers. So, to Madripoor! And to Lowtown, which she found she quite liked. She attacked a group of Roche’s men, and told them to let everyone know that she was taking over, and she took the name Tyger.

With her history done, Tyger tells Logan he owes her his life, and she needs him to help her take out Roche. They get back to a larger boat, belonging to a smuggler in her service. Everyone on board’s been slaughtered by Razorfist. Tyger opens a door, and a bomb goes off.

This is an OK installment. It’s all about learning how Jessan Hoan became the Tyger. It’s interesting stuff. Though there is a weird removal of agency. She didn’t earn any of her skills, they were implanted. Even her personality was forced on her. There’s something weird and uncomfortable about that. She’s choosing what to do with what was forced on her, sure, but the point is that all this stuff was forced on her. She is who she is because some guy made her that way. It’s done to justify how she went from being a banker to an aspiring crime-lord in a matter of months, but still. Eh.

And by the same team, Chapter 7: “Things Get Worse.”

Things Get Worse

That feels like a lot of bubbles.

Logan and Tyger are alive. Logan dove off the boat with her, and swam with her to the side of another junk. They swim back to shore, where Tyger says that, since he’s saved her life, the debt is repaid and they’re even, so he’s free to go. But Logan says he’s staying, to put Roche out of business. And if Tyger proves herself the same as Roche, he’ll take her out, too. Nice, Logan, real nice.

Some of Roche’s thugs are attacking a brothel connected with Tyger. Logan and Tyger arrive in time to kill them. LOgan keeps the leader alive, and threatens to turn him over to the ladies if he doesn’t talk. The guy says Roche is going to kill O’Donnell, believing him to be the Tyger. The actual Tyger corrects him. And kills him.

This is OK. Not a whole lot of plot development. Honestly, this is where the 8-pages chapters start to drag the thing down. As part of a larger issue, these pages would be fine. The swim back to shore and discussion of what comes next, and then moving the plot along. But here, because of the space constraints, the chapter cuts off right as the story is about to get moved along. This chapter would be fine as the start of an issue, but as a chapter of its own? It feels lacking.

I may as well mention that the art in both chapters is fine. Nothing special, either way, really. Totally forgettable. Really didn’t impress me at all.

So, yeah, today’s chapters: Meh. Whatever.

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