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X-Terminators #4 (1989, January)

October 28, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Today, by Simonson, Bogdanove, Milgrom, Scotese and Rosen, “Finale.”


The X-Terminators get their book taken over.

This issue, and the next issue of New Mutants, cross over a lot. Lots of shared scenes. But let’s get to this one. Demons are pouring out of Limbo. Also coming out, the New Mutants. N’astirh prepares to give Artie and Leech to Crotus, to eat, but Taki refuses to let that happen, and tries to destroy the computer he created, but N’astirh stops him. N’astirh then goes to talk to Illyana while Crotus gloats. Taki keeps Crotus distracted while hinting for Artie and Leech to pull plugs out of the computer. That disrupts the spells. Crotus gets the plugs back in, which restores the Pentagram, though the X-Terminators are still free.

On the street, N’astirh and S’ym fight, and N’astirh’s demons rush the kids. Taki makes them all little planes to fly away in. The demons give chase, and it’s a dogfight. Skids goes after the babies, to disrupt the Pentagram, and the New Mutants show up to help out. This includes Boom-Boom and Sunspot saying hey to each other. They’re old friends, if you remember. Dani creates a bandage for Rusty, to stop some bleeding where he was cut by a demon, and she and Skids decide to split the teams to resolve the problem. The Mutants will save the babies, the X-Terminators will save Taki.

Down below, Taki’s put back at the computer, and N’astirh uses a spell to take over his mind and force him to conduct his magic. Taki does manage to screw over N’astirh a little by hitting an extra button to hurt him. N’astirh gets fed up, and has the rock around Taki start crushing him. The X-Terminators get there just in time to save him and damage the computer.

N’astirh sees only one way to win against S’ym, and that’s to lose. To let himself be infected by the Transmode Virus. His will is stronger than S’ym’s, so S’ym can’t absorb him. N’astirh, now being techni-organic, can touch the computer. He begins to merge with it, and Taki sees only one choice. He changes the circuits back to normal so it explodes, and N’astirh with it. The day is saved!

This is a pretty good finale. It does suffer a little, I think, by how large the New Mutants presence is. It’s not that they’re that big a presence, but it’s enough to be distracting, given the book is about the X-Terminators. Most of the kids get very little to do. Taki gets the bulk of the focus, which is fine, because he’s cool, and he’s feeling guilty about helping the demons to invade. So seeing his sense of guilt and responsibility is cool. And it ends with him saying they saved the day as a team, so he’s learned to let people in. Yay for that. Aaaaaand, he’ll disappear very soon after this. Which is such a shame. He’s a good character, but he doesn’t really show up outside this mini. I think a brief cameo in New Mutants, when he takes his leave. And then . . . that’s it. He doesn’t appear again until Avengers Academy, and there, he’s just a cameo. He’s a really good, interesting character, but he just gets thrown into comic limbo, and it sucks. Someone really needs to bring him back in a regular role. He’s too good to be wasted like he has.

Anyway, the writing is good here. And the art is good. In truth, nothing in the issue really stood out as particularly awesome or funny or anything, so that’s why I have no panels posted here. But it’s all done very well. It’s an enjoyable finish to an enjoyable mini.

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