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X-Men comics of November 9 2016; Election thoughts

November 9, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). So, yesterday. I don’t know, man. I don’t know what to say. I am shaken. I am angry. I am terrified. I want to scream. I want to throw shit, to hit things. I want to weep. Not for me, but for the millions of people who are going to suffer as a direct result of last night’s results. And make no mistake, millions will suffer. Women will suffer. People of colour will suffer. Queer people will suffer. People with chronic illnesses will suffer. And that’s without even getting into how everyone will suffer from a much weaker economy, and from global warming, and from the wars that are likely to start.The federal government is now run by people with nothing but contempt for women’s reproductive health; you can bet Planned Parenthood will be severely curtailed, with no affordable alternative provided for any of the services they provide. Trump was swept into office, in no small part, through voter suppression in several key states. You can bet your ass that’s only going to get worse, as Republicans pass more laws to make voting more difficult. The man who is going to be Vice-President supports torturing gays into being “straight,” so you can probably count on laws protecting so-called “Conversion Therapy” being passed. The list goes on, and on, and on. With the repeal of Obamacare, millions of people will lose their health insurance. People. Will. Fucking. Die. And for all the talk of “replacing” it, what are they going to replace it with? Trump’s health care plan, throughout the  entire election, was “something.”So many people will suffer. And what’s worse, all the vile, hateful people who supported Trump? They feel empowered. The KKK was openly and proudly marching in North Carolina today. That’s what this election has done. It has empowered the worst people in the country. They’re going to feel completely justified in harassing and attacking anyone they don’t like. Because they’re going to have a President who spent the entire campaign telling them that hate is fine. A petty, vindictive asshole who openly fucking encouraged violence at several rallies.This election was a referendum on hate. And hate won. That’s the takeaway here: Hate. Won.I’m generally an optimist. I really am. I believe the world trends towards progress. But now? It’s hard to be optimistic right now. Will the US, and the world, survive? Yeah, probably. A lot of people won’t. A lot of the people who survive, will spend four years suffering. There’s no bright spot here. There’s no “it’ll be fine.” It won’t be fine. For so many people, it won’t be fine, and they know it, and it’s dismissive of their fears to tell them it will be fine. If Trump had lost, his supporters would have been disappointed, even angry. But you know what I’m seeing from Clinton supporters? Fear. Shock and straight-up fear. People are scared of what will happen, to them, to their friends, to people they don’t even know.If you voted for Trump, or if you supported him: Fuck you. Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you. Every single person who voted for Trump is a sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic asshole. Every. Single. One. Because you decided – you made the conscious choice – that you do not give a single shit about what happens to other people. You do not care if other people suffer. You’re scum and you should be ashamed of yourself. Every single law that gets passed that makes it more difficult for people to vote? You own that law. Every queer person put through conversion therapy? That’s on you. When unplanned pregnancies increase? You did that. Any back-alley abortions? You. Queer people denied jobs or housing? You. A mosque gets torched? You lit that match. Innocent Muslims get bombed in the Middle East? You dropped that bomb. A person dies because they lost their health insurance? You killed that person.All the bad shit that will happen in the US for the next four years. All of that shit is on you. You made it happen. You own that shit. So fuck you.Anyway, here’s some comics.All-New X-Men #15, by Dennis Hopeless, Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy and Nolan Woodard. Scott is fighting demonic monsters, and Hank saves him. Meanwhile, Bobby is talking to Idie and Evan about Romeo. And then a giant demon shows up. It’s quickly taken out by a modified Fastball Special, as Angel flies in at high speed to throw Laura at the monster’s eye. Nice move.

All-New X-Men #15

She doesn’t gross out easily, does she?

In downtown Miami, the Goblin Queen is delightful. She muses about how all the traveling she’s done has been for work.

All-New X-Men #15

Useful skills: PowerPoint, Excel, Sacrificing Babies.

By the way, she’s talking to a demonically-transformed Nightcrawler, whom she calls Bamfy. Back at the RV, Hank explains that he’s been trying to study black magic, to scientifically quantify it. Now there’s a lake of fire in their living room. So, you know. He also mentions that he solved the time travel problem, and has actually been home, but he’s interrupted before he can say any more. This issue’s really fun. The Goblin Queen is just wonderfully evil. She’s having such a good time about it. There’s no anger, no bitterness, no grand scheme of vengeance. Just demons attacking Miami. Good on her for having fun. She deserves some fun. There’s more of Hank’s self-pity about not feeling smart enough in his new time, and it’s sad. Poor Hank. But mostly, this issue is just having fun, and I like that. Everyone involved in the book clearly had a blast with it, and that shines through and makes the joy infectious. So good on the whole creative team.Uncanny X-Men #15, by Cullen Bunn, Greg Land, Ibraim Roberson, Jay Leisten, Wade Von Grawbadger, Dave Curiel and Jay Ramos. Psylocke, having left Magneto, is killing Omega Sentinels in Baltimore. With that done, she considers her next target – the options shown are Sinister, the Reavers and the X-Cutioner. The X-Cutioner! Note that this guy is not connected to X-Cutioner’s Song. He was a ’90s X-Men antagonist, an FBI agent who used advanced tech, mostly alien tech, to hunt and kill mutant criminals. He didn’t have a lot of appearances, but honestly, I actually kinda liked him. I know he was lame, but whatever, I liked him. I’d love it if he actually got brought back. He’s better than Exodus ever was, at least. Alas, that’s not Psylocke’s next target. Instead, she goes to Cambodia, to fight Sauron, who has a group of mutants under his control (and his protection). She hits Sauron with her psychic knife, the focused totality of her telepathic might. In her narration, she mentions how she used to say that all the time. OK, that’s a cute little joke reference to the ’90s. After Sauron, she goes to San Francisco, for Gorgeous George, Hairbag and Slab, three of the nasty Boys. Yay Nasty Boys! I love the Nasty Boys!

Uncanny X-Men #15


After they’re done, she gets fed up with Mystique following her, and they fight. This is a good issue. Very good. I’ve found Bunn’s UXM to be uneven, but this is definitely one of the higher points so far. He does great work with Psylocke, exploring her mental state, her anger and how she enjoys taking the fight to the bad guys. The guys she fights are all fun choices, too. Nasty Boys! The fight against Mystique is really cool, especially how Psylocke ends it. Bunn also uses the opportunity to explore Mystique’s mental state, and her behaviour going back years. And I actually have to mention the art in that scene. When Mystique first reveals herself, her face is shadowed, her skin a relatively dark shade of blue, her hair a relatively dark shade of red. After the fight, it changes, just a little. It’s subtle, but it’s there. It’s brighter. And it’s a really nice touch. I get the feeling Bunn wants to return Mystique to the way she was in the ’80s. If that’s his goal, I would suggest giving her a girlfriend. Destiny was the big love of Mystique’s life, but since then, Mystique has pretty much exclusively hooked up with men. So, reveal that she’s avoided developing feelings for women because it would feel like a betrayal of Irene, and have her develop a relationship with a woman, that helps to balance her. That’s the approach I’d take with her. As far as the art overall goes: Frigging Land. He’s still Land. Still recycling the same faces, with the same expressions. To hell with him. He’s less awful than usual, but he’s still Greg Land. But the pages by Roberson – where she fights Sauron and the Nasty Boys? It’s great. Roberson is much better at facial expressions, and at flow of action. He’s just so much better an artist than Land, and I really wish he would become the new permanent artist on UXM, because he’s really good. Still, despite Land still sucking, this is a really good issue.
That’s the X-stuff, but there’s other comics to talk about. All three of the Marvel comics I picked up today have diverse creative teams. All three are written by black people, one of them a queer black woman, and they all have POC line artists. I feel pretty good about that. And in fact, I urge you – I beg you – now is the time to support diverse creators. They need that support, now more than ever.Black Panther World of Wakanda #1, by Roxane Gay, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Alitha Martinez and Rachelle Rosenberg. It starts several months ago, with a group of women beginning their training to be Dora Milaje. Ayo is among the trainees; Aneka will be training them. Ayo is pretty cocky, so Aneka, after calling her beautiful, challenges her to a fight. And wrecks her quickly and easily. Later, in bed, Ayo is angry and swears it won’t happen again, while Aneka’s superior, the woman who trained her, says that Ayo is a lot like Aneka was, when Aneka started. A few weeks later, they duel again. Ayo initially gets the upper hand, though Aneka does reverse it. We also meet another initiate, Folami, who’s very good at spying on people. And Aneka and Ayo damned near make out in the halls, though Aneka runs off. Then, a few months later, during AvX, when Aneka leads her team on a recon mission to ferret out Atlantean spies in Wakanda. And, soon after that, their initiation ceremony – right in time for Phoenix Namor’s attack on Wakanda. This is great. It’s great stuff. Ayo and Aneka! It’s wonderful seeing their romance develop, over the course of months. There’s an immediate attraction, but there’s also a fun rivalry to it. Ayo hates being shown up, she wants to be the best, and she pretty quickly embraces her attraction to Aneka. Aneka is scared of it, tries to deny it. And it just leaves you yelling at her to just smooch Ayo already. In the midst of all this, though, there’s the scene with Folami, and I like her. She’s interesting. She’s not a great fighter. But what she’s good at is watching and learning. She has the makings of a great spy, and that definitely seems to be her goal. I’m very curious to see where Gay goes with her. The art is excellent. I regret that I’m not a more art-oriented person, so I could say more about it. But Martinez and Rosenberg are great. Facial expressions and body language convey a lot of tone and emotion,and action scenes flow well. The near-kiss between Aneka and Ayo is one of the hottest goddamn things I’ve seen in a comic this year, and that’s including porn comics. Martinez and Rosenberg nailed that moment. So, yeah, this is great, and you should definitely read this comic. There’s also a back-up story, by Yona Harvey, Afua Richardson and Tamra Bonvillain. This one’s about Zenzi, the empath antagonist. This is her origin. In Niganda, she was put in a van, and driven out to a cliff to be killed and put in a mass grave, on the orders of Killmonger, who’d taken over the country with promises of making it great again. Before she’s killed, her power causes the two men doing it to kill each other, instead. She then manages to get a ride into Wakanda. This was after Namor’s attack in AvX. And she sees a woman saying that she rebuilt her home without the Panther’s help, and that they should rely on themselves. She eventually comes across Tetu, and joins him. This is a great back-up, too, which does a lot to explain who Zenzi is, and why she’s doing what she’s doing. It makes her more sympathetic than ever. It’s got great writing, and gorgeous art, and I love it. I love this comic. Buy this comic. Buy it. Show Marvel that you support diverse creators. Please, do it. It’s a great comic and it deserves support.
Mosaic #2, by Geoffrey Thorne, Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez. We open at a hospital, with a hypochondriac who apparently goes in a lot about superhuman-related things. I love it. It is exactly the sort of thing that would happen in a world with superheroes. It’s why I want a comic all about normal people living in Marvel New York. Anyway, Beto gets rolled in with bullet wounds. Morris has already hopped to a different body, who I think is an EMT. He goes to eat, and sees a news report about himself. His father has called in Brand Corp Security to the hospital where Morris’ coccoon had been, which freaks Morris out. Turns out, the body he’s inhabiting is a former Army guy, and he knows bad things about Brand. Years ago, during the Skrull invasion, Kenny was saved by Captain America. That prompted Kenny to join the Army Rangers, so he has skills Morris figures he can use to get in to see his father. This is another good issue. There’s a little less focus on identity issues here than in the previous issue, but that’s not a problem, and there’s still some, and there will be more. The writing is excellent, as Morris becomes increasingly sympathetic, in his confusion and his desire to see his father. The art is really cool. This is a great comic. The first issue was too expensive, but now that the price has dropped to something normal, I would definitely encourage you to buy this comic. Because, again, support diverse creators.
Power Man & Iron Fist #10, by David Walker, Sanford Greene and Lee Loughridge. We open on a flashback, to what could have been a great gang. Tombstone, Black Mariah, Mr. Fish, Cottonmouth, Cockroach Hamilton and Piranha. This was before any of them had taken goofy names and become villains. They were young and basically normal, if you don’t count Lonnie’s hair.

Power Man & Iron Fist #10

Someone was a Kid ‘n’ Play fan.

Anyway, Dontrell – the man who would become Cockroach Hamilton – suggested they all form a gang. Lonnie suggested they all get filed teeth, as their gimmick. The Fang Gang immediately fell apart. Now, Luke and Danny are beating up some guys who escaped the Raft last issue. Meanwhile, Mr. Fish is paying a visit to Tombstone, to help him keep his power. Back at the Power Fist HQ, all the ex-criminals they helped are hard at work doing repairs. Luke and Danny have given them all jobs, to help them stay on the straight-and-narrow and keep their lives on track. Good for them. And Luke and Danny have a meeting with, uh, all the heroes, basically. It’s one hell of a grouping. They let the heroes know about the criminals being wrongfully imprisoned via hacked criminal databases, and that they’re going to get those criminals out. This is more fun. This series is so great. The humour is really funny, and the story is always building towards something bigger. This arc is going to be big, a big crime war. That’ll be fun, and probably pretty intense. If you haven’t been reading this series, you should be. You should start picking it up. Because it’s great. And is more diverse creators. Please support diverse creators.


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  1. So judging by your rant, I assume you don’t like Trump. Just a hunch.
    In all seriousness, I’m not a fan of the results either. I’m not surprised though. Election cycles tend to go back and forth between taking the safe vote and going against the system. Brixit won because a lot of people are upset with the system. Trump won because a lot of people are upset about the establishment, and he’s the ultimate outsider. Even Trudeau is a bit of an outsider and a risky choice (despite his father being a prime minister before him), just a much more optimistic version. Don’t forget that before he became prime minister, he had only 2 years of political experience, and his only job before that was a supply teacher.

    The funny thing is, Bernie Sanders actually won the popularity vote before the convention. The Democratic party rigged the system in Hillary’s favour. He’s also a bit of an outsider, just with the political experience that Trump completely lacks. For that alone, he probably would have won. At least for the Democratic Party, the real lesson to learn is to let the people decide who your official candidate will be.

    Anyway, All-New X-Men 15 is fun. Young X-Men vs. demons led by alternate universe Madalyne Pryor? Hard to go wrong with that.

  2. G'kar permalink

    All new all different x men was a fun read. As far as the election goes yeah I’m not happy that Mr. Trumpler won, Given the Protests after his election I don’t think Donald’s is going have as easy time in office. On an underrated note I went to see Doctor Strange today in order cheer myself up .

  3. Great reviews. But really thank you for saying what you said about the election, and Trump. I agree wholeheartedly with your statements, and I’m afraid as well. We have to stick together and try to resist. Sending love.

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