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Pull list for December 21 2016

December 20, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I work until 10 tomorrow, so reviews may or may not go up.

I’ll go to the store for: Animosity #4, by Marguerite Bennett, Rafael De Latorre and Rob Schwager; Black Panther World of Wakanda #2, by Ta-Nehisis Coates, Roxane Gay, Alitha Martinez, Roberto Poggi and Rachelle Rosenberg; Gamora #1, by Nicole Perlman, Marco Checchetto and Andres Mossa;  Mighty Captain Marvel #0, by Margaret Stohl, Ramon Rosanas, Emilio Laiso and Rachelle Rosenberg; My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #49, by Ted Anderson and Andy Price; Occupy Avengers #2, by David Walker, Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz and Sonia Oback; Patsy Walker aka Hellcat! #13, by Kate Leth, Brittney Williams and Rachelle Rosenberg (again!); Power Man & Iron Fist Sweet Christmas Annual, by David Walker, Scott Hepburn and Matt Milla; Silver Surfer #8, by Dan Slott and the Allreds; Ultimates 2 #2, by Al Ewing, Travel Foreman and Dan Brown.

I’ll also review: Uncanny X-Men #16, by Cullen Bunn, Edgar Salazar, Ed Tadeo and Nolan Woodard.

So that’s 10 FRIGGING COMICS I’m picking up, and one additional review. Holy crap. Marvel, guys, you’ve GOTTA get better at spacing this shit out!

Lots of excitement, though. Animosity’s fantastic and I would highly recommend it – a book about animals becoming intelligent, and the world descending into chaos, and an old wolfhound just trying to protect the tween girl he cares about. Very dark, but also very sweet. World of Wakanda is good, a nice love story by diverse creators. Gamora looks like it should be pretty cool; it took long enough to actually come out, but there’s reason to be optimistic. Captain Marvel looks promising. Occupy Avengers got off to a great start so I’m really looking forward to seeing how it goes. Hellcat is an eternal delight. The PMIF Sweet Christmas special should be loads of fun, and gets bonus points just for the name. Silver Surfer is another eternal delight. And Ultimates has been a smart, fascinating book. So, yeah, lots of good stuff.

I think I will do the reviews Thursday. Seriously, that’s just too many comics for me to be starting in on at 10 at night. Anyway, I need to get my mom’s Christmas present, too, and I like to sleep in, so I’ll probably have to go out for that on Thursday anyway.

I finished Fitting In: Historical Accounts of Paranormal Subcultures. My review:

This was a fantastic anthology. It’s all about using various creatures of myth and folklore as metaphors for the outsider experience. They’re all first-person narratives from the perspectives of the creatures, but there are a couple particularly interesting variations. One, from a jiangshi (Chinese zombie, sort of), takes the form of a dating profile. Some of the stories are set in the “real” world, others are set in more fantastical locations. Most are set in modern times, though one or two are set in the past. Some of the creatures chosen are very interesting – a couple aren’t really about creatures, as such, but are maybe even more fascinating for that. There’s a lot of variety to the stories, which keeps things interesting.

This was a great read, and I highly recommend it.

Next up, I’ll read Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, by Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks, and I’ll also try to read Lucky Penny before the year’s out. But I’m working a loooooot of hours over the next couple weeks, so we’ll see.

I’m over my strep throat, but I still have a cough. It’s annoying. I also have stuffed ears, which is odd. No big deal, I guess.

My schedule for the week: 4-11:15 Friday, 10:15-6 Saturday, 7:30-4 Monday, 9-5:30 Tuesday, and 12:45-8:45 next Wednesday. So I’ll try to do a post Christmas Day.

And that’s it for this week.

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