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X-Men comics of January 4 2017

January 6, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I decided midnight was too late to start in on comics last night, so instead, I’m doing them today.

Old Man Logan #16, by Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo. Logan wakes up back in the Wastelands of his world, and gets eaten by a T-Rex with a symbiote, because the original Old Man Logan story got pretty weird at times. He cuts free and tries to remember what happened. He’d gotten a call from Puck, and went to space to help him. And he found Brood. In the Wastelands, he goes to Danielle Cage’s shack. The baby’s gone, and Danny’s in the closet. She tells him Kang took the baby. In space, he found Alpha Flight, some in cocoons, some – like Sasquatch and Brand – already infected. But Puck’s still free, and helps get Logan away. This issue is . . . interesting, I suppose. Sorrentino and Maiolo get to have some fun, at least, switching between the Wastelands and the space stuff. They get to do big vistas for both, and also close details. They also get to do a T-Rex with a symbiote. So, you know. As for the story? I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes. At this point, it could go either way, good or bad. I’m not sold on it yet. I’m taking a “wait and see” stance here. It’s making the dual timelines more connected, presumably because Kang’s involved, but Kang being involved is just weird to me. Especially with Waid and Del Mundo doing a cool Kang story over in Avengers. But, we’ll see.

That’s the only X-title, but there’s other comics.

Unstoppable Wasp #1, by Jeremy Whitley, Elsa Charretier and Megan Wilson. Nadia is hanging out with Ms. Marvel, at a shop where Nadia wants to try the balushahi, and wants to know which are most delicious. It honestly takes her three panels to become the most adorable person ever.

Unstoppable Wasp #1

You now love her.

Ms. Marvel’s taking Nadia to get her citizenship sorted out. In the immigration office, Nadia shares some of the tons of pastries she picked up, which cheers up everyone there. She gives her life story to the woman working her case, about being the daughter of Hank Pym and his first wife, Maria Trovaya. When Maria was kidnapped, she was pregnant, and she gave birth to Nadia, who was raised in the Red Room. She escaped to go meet her dad, who was already dead. The interview is interrupted by a giant robot piloted by Monica Rappaccini. Yay for her! There’s a fun little “science fact” about the kinds of joints used on the robot’s arm, which is a great touch. Mockingbird is fighting Monica, and Ms. Marvel and Nadia jump in to help. Nadia makes the robot dance. I love Nadia. She’s also a big fan of Monica’s biochemistry work, and Monica expresses anger that the world only hears about the male geniuses. Which is brilliant. That actually explains why so many female super-geniuses are evil: They get fed up with not getting recognized. Because the lack of recognition of women in STEM is a real problem. After, the three ladies get smoothies, and Nadia finds out Mockingbird’s name is Barbara Morse, and says Bobbi is her hero, for her science work and her adventures before she met Clint. Awww. See, that’s the shit I love about Bobbi, too! Forget Clint, Bobbi being a badass science-adventurer is what I love. Bobbi also tells Nadia about a list SHIELD has of the Smartest People In the World, and how, until recently, the first woman on the list was 27th, and that she never thought that was right, and that it was a result of the guys making the list only dealing with each other, and not seeking out new people. So she thinks Nadia can look for Girl Geniuses. And, at the back, there’s an interview with a couple cool comic-reading lady scientists, to promote women in STEM. This is a great comic. Nadia is the most bubbly and happy person ever. If she and Squirrel Girl ever meet, the world might explode. It’s impossible not to like her, because she really is just so friendly and cheerful and adorable. She makes this a real joy to read. But this is also an Important Book, I think, simply for pushing hard to recognize female scientists, both in-universe and in reality. Nadia’s a big fan of Monica Rappaccini’s work, and she idolizes Bobbi, not as a spy who hits things with sticks, but as a scientist who has adventures. I hate that Bobbi is most often seen as Clint’s ex. She is so much more than that. She is so much better than he is. I’ll be honest, I think the marriage was the single worst thing to ever happen to her. But that’s not important right now! What matters is that I appreciate that this is a book that wants to highlight the intelligence of women. Also, she makes a robot dance to Dazzler. So, you know. The art is really cute. It’s very expressive, and totally matches the tone of the writing. Lots of fun, really cute, very expressive, and just really good. This is a great comic, and I very highly recommend it. And if you have a daughter? This is a must-buy, I think, preferably in single issues so you can get the Agents of G.I.R.L. interviews.

Hawkeye #2, by Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire. Kate takes Larry the Stalker to the police department. She also finds out he’s been going to a group called Take Back Control, which he thought would be a therapy thing to help him stop his harassment, but they just made it worse, and he also says it sometimes didn’t even feel like him. But she can’t reach Mikka to get her to come down, so the Detective can’t do anything to hold Larry. Outside, Kate meets with Quinn, the cute computer guy she has helping her out. She spots a TBC poster and checks it out, and finds some guys harassing a woman. She takes them out, quick and easy and awesome. Side note: I love her collapsible bow. That’s a great touch from Thompson and Romero. It makes it that much easier to believe what’s going on. Anyway, the woman Kate saved says the guys are her friends, but they just snapped. Kate talks to a cute local guy named Johnny, who says that Venice Beach has been getting weird lately. Johnny seems nice. And cute. When she gets back to her office/home, Ramone’s inside, wondering why Kate is calling her girlfriend. She says Mikka’s missing. Kate has a hunch it has to do with TBC. This is another great issue. Lots of fun. Kate is full of sass and is very endearing as a result. This Take Back Control story is really interesting. It feels like it could be the Hate Monger, maybe? Initially, it does seem like it’s just an MRA thing, but when we actually see a TBC meeting, there are women there, too. So it looks like it’ll be going a bit of a different direction. So we’ll see how this plays out. We get confirmation that Ramone is gay, though I think it was easy to guess. She and Mikka still seem to have a thing going, though, so I officially revoke the Kate/Ramone ship, because I think Ramone and Mikka would probably be super-cute together. Instead, Thompson has set up what could be some pretty epic shipping wars, with Quinn and Johnny. They’re both cute. Quinn is geeky and awkward, Johnny is smooth and cool. Not gonna lie, I think I like Johnny more. I feel like I should prefer Quinn. The Cute Geek vibe is nice. But Johnny just seems really cool. He’s confident without being cocky, he’s friendly and outgoing and he makes a comment that’s at once self-deprecating and confident. But back to Kate! One thing I like is that she keeps stealing borrowing things. She calls herself the best at what she does. The art in the issue’s great, too. Romero and Bellaire are excellent. Bellaire is the best. Just, like, the best. Romero does great work. Really good body language, really good action scenes.

US Avengers #1, by Al Ewing, Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco and Jesus Aburtov. Side note: I got the Skottie Young cover. Because if Skottie Young is available, why would you get anything else? Especially Skottie Young drawing Squirrel Girl. Anyway! It opens with Roberto thinking back to the New Mutant days, watching Magnum, PI with the others, and how it gave him a sense of belonging. Awwww. Then, we see the Secret Empire moving on California with a volcano base on top of a Helicarrier.

USAvengers #1

A Helivolcano.

I. Love. This. Book. We then get Toni talking about her dad, about joining AIM, and about becoming the Iron Patriot. And then she attacks the Helivolcano, using a force field to slow it down. Enigma has boarded in disguise. We get a brief moment of Aikku saying America’s frightning sometimes, but Toni and her friends are there, and she’s finding her life again. Aw, Aikku. She’s sweet. She takes out the Empire agents, but the leader orders drones launched. Luckily, Cannonball and Squirrel Girl are on it.

USAvengers #1

I. Love. This. Book.

Then, General Maverick explains the deal with American Intelligence Mechanics, as a part of SHIELD. And then he goes Red Hulk. With his mustache. Because this book is wonderful. And then Sam gets to talk. All these things were the members of the team speaking to a camera, for videos being posted as internal memos to make the SHIELD people feel better about AIM being a part of them. So, this is wonderful. It’s very much a continuation of New Avengers, with the utterly ridiculous ideas that you can’t help but be delighted by. Helivolcano! Squirrels with jetpacks and bombs! A Hulk with a mustache! It’s so over-the-top and amazing. But there’s also a lot of real heart in the issue. The bits with the characters introducing themselves are all great. ‘Berto and Sam get the most touching ones, I think, though it’s possible being an X-fan kinda skews it for me. (I do want to note that Sam wears a Lila Cheney t-shirt. I love that. That is such a great touch, calling back to their romance.) Toni’s is really cool, too. Aikku’s is brief but sweet. Doreen is literally a single panel, but this being Doreen, it’s at once funny and sweet. Maverick’s is mostly exposition, but it’s delivered with so much personality. I like him. So there’s a lot to love. The art is also something to love. Medina does great facial expressions and body language. Also, I like that he does draw Squirrel Girl as a bit beefier than most comic women. Very hippy. I appreciate that. It makes her look very distinctive. So good on him. And the colours by Aburtov are great. It’s bright and colourful and fun. This is so good.

Avengers #3, by Mark Waid, Mike Del Mundo and Marco D’Alfonso. While Wasp tries to get Baby Kang back to his own time, the rest of the Avengers fight Kangs. The Kangs realize Wasp and the baby aren’t there any more, and chase her through the timestream. She gets yanked out by the 26th Century Priests of Pama, who’ve picked up some chronal powers. They now feed on time, and they’ve dedicated themselves to protect history from paradoxes. They want to sacrifice the Baby Kang to the Flame of Pama, eliminating the threat Kang poses. Nadia has a different idea. This is really good. The fight against Kang is really exciting, and the moral dilemma Nadia deals with is interesting. Her solution makes perfect sense. Waid’s doing some really interesting stuff with Kang. And Del Mundo! Hot damn! Del Mundo is just . . . how is he real? I don’t understand how he can exist in this world. It doesn’t make sense. His art is too good. Yeah, it’s very stylized, and normally, I’d say “well I can see how people might not like this” but holy shit have you seen Del Mundo’s art? If you don’t love his art, there might be something wrong with you. It’s beautiful.

Jem & the Holograms #25, by Kelly Thompson and Meredith McClaren. I feel this is very important:

Jem #22

Cat in a sink.

Jerrica is having trouble balancing her Jerrica and Jem identities, and it’s messing her up. In Milan, Shana and her fashion designer friend throw a maybe-not-legal fashion show. This issue really is just Meredith McClaren drawing all sorts of pretty dresses. Shana and Regine get a job offer . . . from the woman they already work for. (Well, they intern at her fashion academy, they don’t work for her personally. Still a funny moment.) And then the 5×5 Records Masquerade Ball goes interesting. This is a really good book. Thompson’s been killing it all along with the writing, and she’s been paired with fantastic artists. For a while, someone on Twitter was doing a Best Kimber Panel of the Month thing, but I think McClaren’s specialty might be Riot. His expressions are always delightful. They make me laugh. But McClaren’s art is just so expressive in general. When she’s going for comedic expressions, they are hilarious, but as adorable as her art style is, I think what I like most is that her style is also stellar at drama. Looks of fear, confusion and sadness all work beautifully. I love McClaren’s art. She’s one of my favourites. She’s also delightful on Twitter, by the way.

The Wicked + The Divine #25, by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson. Cassandra and Woden manage to talk Persephone out of killing him. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t mess with him. She tells him he’s going to work for her and do what she wants. So then Persy, Cass and Woden talk about what’s going on and how to figure everything out. As always, fantastic issue.


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  1. Wow, I forgot that Hawkeye 2 came out this week. I’ll need to pick that up when I can next go to my local comic shop.

    Also, it sounds like I’ll need to pick up the first trade for Avengers, and start picking up individual issues after that.

  2. When does RessurXion come out?

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