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X-Men comics of February 8 2017

February 8, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I got my birthday present from my brother today. Punk Storm bobble-head! Punk Storm Is Best Storm. Tiny feet, though, which is a shame, because she doesn’t really stand up properly. Pop! really kinda sucks for that – the Agent Carter one has the same problem. Like, how the hell do you manage that? The whole point of these things is to have them standing somewhere, but they don’t stand up. It’s stupid. Oh well. Still looks awesome. Punk Storm! Anyway, comics.

All-New Wolverine #17, by Tom Taylor, Djibril Morissette-Phan and Michael Garland. Laura wakes up in one of Tyger Tiger’s safehouses, surrounded by Gabby, Gambit and Warren. They let her know she didn’t kill anyone while under the effects of the trigger scent, and that she actually avoided killing some guys, which suggests she was resisting it. So they have a plan. Jean Grey is going to help her resist the effects of the trigger scent. Gabby brought the cutest bunny in Madripoor as a test, but the first test is Gabby herself. Gabby’s got guts. While Laura tries to kill Gabby, Jean gets into Laura’s head, and finds a memory of her mother reading her Pinocchio. Outside, Angel and Gambit are standing guard, and SHIELD shows up. Another great issue. Taylor’s clearly trying to move Laura past the trigger scent, which is a great idea. She deserves to be free of it. Jean talking with Laura in the memory was really sweet. Jean’s always been a sweetheart and I actually appreciate seeing that side of her. It was nice. And it really makes you feel bad for Laura. The fact that she retreats into her favourite memory whenever the trigger scent is used on her is so sad. She’s scared and horrified by her actions, so she avoids them for a while. Poor girl. The art’s fine. Didn’t blow me away, but it didn’t turn me off. Garland’s colours were great. Really gorgeous colours. There’s a couple panels in particular where Garland just killed it. So, yeah, this arc is still really good, and this is still the best X-title out there right now.

IvX #4, by Charles Soule, Jeff Lemire, Javier Garron and David Curiel. Reader drops off Mosaic on Muir Island, so he can possess Magneto. In Limbo, Medusa comes up with a plan for the trapped Inhumans to get out of their cage. It’s actually a pretty clever plan. On a side note, Flint forgets a word, which I thought was nice. It doesn’t happen often in any stories. People can always remember whatever words they want to use. In real life, of course, we forget words all the time, even words we know and use regularly. So I like when characters in stories forget words. Back on Muir, while the X-Men debate their next move, Mosaic possesses Magneto, gets some info, and gets kicked out. So the X-Men need to find Forge fast, while Colossus holds off the other Inhumans in Limbo, by himself. And much as I dislike spoiling late-issue things, I do need to note that, at the end, the NuHumans learn that the Terrigen Cloud is on the verge of wiping out mutants, which leaves them wondering about the right path of action. And it’s about goddamn time one of the Inhumans asked that. This is shit that should’ve been a key part of the whole event. Hopefully, this leads to some of the NuHumans siding with the X-Men. Because, seriously, frigging murder cloud. The Inhumans are not on the right side of this battle. We’ll see how the next issue goes. They’d damned well better not brush the NuHumans’ doubts off and move along. This needs to be a Big Deal in the story. The issue as a whole is OK. The Limbo side of things is basically just setting up a battle, and it might actually be a fun one. Colossus doesn’t do much here, but he’s still a solid badass in almost every panel he appears in. Lots of good lines from him. Mosaic showing up is cool. I like him. The X-Men don’t really get to do a whole lot here, other than continue to argue about the need to find Forge. Bleh. I really don’t like the art. I just do not like Garron’s art style. Especially his faces. He draws such weird, unpleasant faces. They’re kinda gross. Curiel’s colours are fine. No complaints there. It’s just Garron’s lines I hate.

That’s the X-stuff, here’s what else I picked up.

Ms. Marvel #15, by G. Willow Wilson, Takeshia Miyazawa and Ian Herring. Kamala goes into class, feeling really nervous, like people are talking about her. They’re actually talking about a classmate, a girl whose boyfriend shared some private texts. The teacher makes clear that shaming people is not OK, and good for that teacher. He’s right. So often, when people have private information leaked, they get shamed for it. Naked photos, especially. But no, that’s not right. That shit is none of our business. Later, at lunch, Mike talks about how she misses Bruno, and the pressure of being perfect or else people will blame it on her having two moms. Nakia relates, saying the same pressure applies to immigrant kids. Kamala listens, and decides to invite Clara, the girl from earlier, to sit with them. And Clara mentions that her phone was hacked. Kamala tries hacking the troll down, and ends up in a trailer at a construction site, where the troll taunts her from a computer screen. As always, a really good issue. As always, some well-done social commentary. This arc is all about privacy and secrets in the age of the Internet, where at any time, some jackass could access all your private data and post it for the world to see. It’s scary stuff. But we also get some commentary on the value of standing together against trolls who want to destroy us.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #17, by Ryan North, Erica Henderson, Chris Schweizer and Rico Renzi. We open on Nancy doing a comic of Cat Thor vs. Dog Hulk. Doreen and Brain Drain convince her to go to a guest lecture with them, about responsibility in engineering. She says machines will kill us all, not due to robot overlords, but accidental deaths from programming error. She illustrates her point with a couple examples. Therac-25, and the Quebec Bridge Collapse. Also, the Iron Ring! Canadian engineers wear a ring made from bits of the Quebec Bridge. That’s really neat! I didn’t know about that! I love how educational this comic is. After the lecture, the woman, Melissa, invites Doreen to for high tea. It turns out Melissa knows Doreen is Squirrel Girl. And she can also talk to animals. She proves it using a chicken named Alfredo, but she can apparently talk to any animals. And she wants to bankroll Doreen’s crime-fighting. With a Flying Squirrel Suit! Flying Squirrel Girl! FLYING! SQUIRREL! GIRL! She fights the Rhino and she’s flying and it’s all delightful. Also, Chef Bear! It’s exactly what it sounds like! And it’s amazing! This is such a great comic. We get some cool science history, we get Flying Squirrel Girl, and we get tons of great comedy. This book is always so great and fun and wonderful. And just so good. It’s the best.

Power Man & Iron Fist #13, by David Walker, Elmo Bondoc and John Rauch. Flashback to last issue, before the attack on Tombstone’s building. Dontrell slipped away, and tried to get Mariah to join him, but she says he’s not enough of a man for her. Then, to the present, and the wake for Piranha Jones. Luke Cage shows up to show his respects, and to tell Cottonmouth he should keep his head down until the business with Tombstone is finished. Carlos Cabrera turns out to have joined up with Alex on the say-so of the cops, but now, he tells them he’s getting out. Alex is moping about the losses Tombstone inflicted on him. The cops pay a visit to Luke and Danny to talk about the whole gang war situation, and pull a Good Cop/Bad Cop routine, which Danny defeats when he says they can call his lawyer if they want to talk. And Alex, on a suggestion from Mariah, goes to talk to Senor Magico. There’s also a fantastic scene where Danny talks about his mental state over the course of the series. It’s such a great scene, because it explains why Danny acted the way he did early on in the book. And confirms that it was just an act. Other than that, it’s a solid issue. Lots of good street politics stuff. The wake was an excellent scene. The art’s good and works well for the book. And the issue ends on one hell of a note. It’s gonna be cool seeing how that goes.

The Wicked + The Divine #26, by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson. Baal fights a thing while Laura calls Amaterasu. Ammy takes Persy to meet Baal’s family and save them from the darkness. And I really do love Amaterasu. She’s so cheerful. After some dark monsters are killed, the Pantheon debates what to do. Fight the Great Darkness, study it, or everyone does whatever they want. Awesome issue. As always. With some great action, some good comedy, and the kind of bright, optimistic tone we’ve all come to expect of WicDiv.

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  1. All-New Wolverine 17 is really good. I have minor problems with the art (nothing that reduces my overall enjoyment of the comic) and I kind of wish they went further with Jean Grey being in Laura’s head. Although, it’s probably best not to drag out the trigger scent story any longer than it’s already been when you remember she’s been affected by it for 12 years of publication, so I won’t complain about that moment only taking up a few pages. Gabby isn’t as funny as usual, but that’s because she’s too busy being a leader and a good sister.

    Inhumans vs. X-Men 4 had a couple good moments, like the very end when the new Inhumans start questioning their alliances, and the amusing moment when Mosaic tries to hijack Magneto’s mind, but it’s mostly a comic where things happen with little to no dramatic weight. Medusa’s team seemed to fight through the demons of Limbo far too easily considering the X-Men, who are much more experienced with limbo, always seem to have trouble when they’re stuck there. In the end, it’s the second mediocre issue in a row.

    Sounds like Ms. Marvel 15 touches on some very important issues that are becoming more prevalent lately. The hackers are always to blame for these problems, but it’s a reminder that you need to be careful what you put online regardless.

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