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Pull List for February 15 2017

February 14, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m off tomorrow.

I’ll go to the store for: Animosity #5, by Marguerite Bennett, Rafael De Latorre and Rob Schwager; Black Panther World of Wakanda #4, by Roxane Gay, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Alitha Martinez, Roberto Poggi and Rachelle Rosenberg; Gamora #3, by Nicole Perlman, Marco Checchetto and Andres Mossa; My Little Pony Friends Forever #37, by Jeremy Whitley and Agnes Garbowska; Patsy Walker aka Hellcat! #15, by Kate Leth, Brittney Williams and Rachelle Rosenberg; Silk #17, by Robbie Thompson, Irene Strychalski and Ian Herring; USAvengers #3, by Al Ewing, Paco Medina, Carlo Berberi, Juan Vlasco, Jesus Aburtov and Andres Mossa; Ultimates 2 #4, by Al Ewing, Travel Foreman and Dan Brown.

I’ll also review: Old Man Logan #18, by Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo; Uncanny X-Men #18, by Cullen Bunn, Edgar Salazar, Ed Tadeo and Rain Beredo.

So 8 comics I’m picking up, and two other reviews. Whew.

Lots of good stuff! Gamora’s on its last chance with me. If this issue doesn’t genuinely impress me, I’ll be dropping it. World of Wakanda’s had its problems, but I’ve been enjoying it. But the rest are great. Animosity is superb and you should definitely be reading that one, unless you’re particularly sensitive about harm to animals, because this book has quite a bit of that. Hellcat’s always adorable and fun, but this issue has her dealing with being sick, and apparently, her sneezes light glasses on fire and change people’s clothes, so yeah, it’ll be a delight. Silk is still dealing with its Clone Conspiracy tie-in, but it’s even managed to make that enjoyable and a good exploration of Cindy’s PTSD. USAvengers is weird and fun and has such a great cast, and the Golden Skull is a really fun villain. As for Ultimates 2: The preview for this issue has the Never Queen. My favourite of all abstracts. She was created in Slott’s Silver Surfer run, in the first arc, and has shown up now and then in that book, and now, Ewing’s going to have her show up, and I could not be happier about that.

So, quick message to my personal troll: Fuck off. I’ve told you repeatedly to fuck off. What part of “fuck off” do you not understand? I’m not interested in debating diversity with you. I’m not interested in being told what I should and shouldn’t like, or being told why I like some things, or being told what aspects of a story I value over others. So stop being an asshole, and stop leaving messages on here. I’m not going to reply to them. I’m just going to keep deleting them. And hey, it takes you a couple minutes to type out each of your poorly-written messages, and it takes me a couple seconds to delete them. You’re wasting way more of your own time than mine. Why don’t you do something productive? Stop bothering people. Stop being an asshole who doesn’t know when to back off. When someone tells you they’re not interested in talking to you, fucking accept that. When someone tells you to leave them alone, leave them alone. Be a decent fucking person, and leave them alone. When you refuse to leave a person alone, you’re just being a troll and an asshole and no one likes assholes. So stop being an asshole, and leave me the fuck alone already.

So I still haven’t gotten back to reviews yet, obviously. What I have been doing, though, is posting my favourite Marvel panels of 2016. You can browse through my Twitter feed if you want to see them. There’s a lot. I’ve still got a fair few books to get through – ANADAvengers, Moon Girl, Ms. Marvel, Hellcat, Captain Marvel, Ultimates, Wolverine, Spider-Man/Deadpool, and oh what fun going through Vision’s panels will be. I’ll save that for second-last, I think. And probably finish with Ms. Marvel, to have some joy restored to my soul. (Maybe I should’ve saved Squirrel Girl for last. Oh well, too late now.) I’m still being followed by Tana Ford and Stephanie Hans. It still blows my mind. Every time Tana Ford likes or retweets one of my tweets, I get a thrill. Because holy shit, professional artist Tana Ford sometimes likes my tweets.

I watched the first episode of Legion last night. And damn, it’s great. So great. Weird, unsettling, disjointed, funny, disturbing, exciting, fascinating, stylish, and just all-around compelling. The performances are all great. There’s a few moments that are particularly creepy, and a death that’s horrifying. And it also does a great job with the mental illness feel of it. It can be hard, at times, to tell what’s real and what’s false. And sometimes, even when you know something’s false, it feels real enough to leave you wondering. Which also leads you to question things you think are real. Also, the Devil With Yellow Eyes. Yeesh. So creepy. Oh, and there’s a couple characters – a black guy and an Asian girl – who just look so cool and stylish and sexy that I immediately fell in love with them. I wanted them to get a spin-off, based entirely on how they were dressed. It was seriously that quick for me to like them. “Damn, these are some dapper bastards, I want to see as much of them as possible.” So, yeah, fantastic show. I highly recommend it. You should absolutely watch it.

Today is Valentine’s Day. So I’m posting songs and comic panels on Twitter. Ones that are appropriate for the day. Not that Valentine’s actually really means anything to me. Even when I had a girlfriend, we never really treated Valentine’s as a big deal. And this will be three single Valentine’s in a row for me, so I really have nothing to celebrate. But I know some people like it. Plus, honestly, it’s a good excuse to post songs and comic panels. So screw it, I do that. It’s fun. And if it happens to bring a little happiness to anyone reading my Twitter feed, awesome.

And that’s it for this week.

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