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X-Men comics of February 15 2017

February 15, 2017

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Uncanny X-Men #18, by Cullen Bunn, Edgar Salazar, Ed Tadeo and Rain Beredo. In New Attilan, Xorn is ashamed of having used the Sleepers as part of the attack. Shaw goes to talk to him. Xorn regrets that a temple probably won’t provide the same sense of safety it used to for the Inhumans, while Shaw doesn’t give a damn about the Inhumans and just wants mutants to not die. Meanwhile, some Inhumans – including Ren, who was one of the Fearless Defenders a few years ago – are still free, and trying to make a plan to free Medusa. When she finds out the mists are killing mutants, she feels they have a reason to be mad. Thank you, Ren, for being reasonable. Still doesn’t prevent a fight between this handful of Inhumans, and Xorn’s Sleepers. This is a pretty good issue. Bunn’s done very interesting work with Xorn,in an attempt to salvage the character. And he succeeded. He made Xorn a cool character, despite his origin. And Xorn’s inner conflict throughout this issue is done well. It was also cool seeing Ren again. She was apparently in the IvX tie-in from Mercs For Money, but whatever to that book. It’s not surprising that Bunn would have her show up; he did create her, after all. I was a little disappointed she didn’t land anywhere after Fearless Defenders ended, but then, quite a few cool ladies from that book dropped back into limbo. The art in this issue is fine. It’s nothing too special. I do like how Salazar does Ren’s fighting style, though, with the dance feel to it. There’s also this panel:

Uncanny X-Men #18

Very pretty.

So a lot of kudos to Beredo for the colours in that panel, because he really knocked it out of the park. So, yeah, pretty good issue.

Old Man Logan #18, by Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo. On the space station, Logan’s looking at Jean, who’s possessed by the Brood. Which is bad. Jean still seems to be struggling, and calls for help. He opens a door, and sees all the X-Men, dead. Their zombies rise up to attack him.

Old Man Logan #18

Sorrentino/Maiolo for a new volume of Marvel Zombies?

Then he’s back in the Wasteland, with Baby Banner in a basket. Then he’s back with Grown-Up Baby Banner, who’s King of the World now. And then Logan’s family ask why he couldn’t save them, and Logan remembers what’s really happening. And fixes it. And we get this gorgeous two-page spread.

Old Man Logan #18

Sorrentino and Maiolo are the frigging best.

This is a cool conclusion to the arc. We get a little less of the time-shifts, now that we know it’s all in his head, but instead, it leads to the Wasteland section changing very quickly, much more dreamlike. Which is really cool. It works really well. There’s some heavy emotional stuff. And, of course, the art. Sorrentino and Maiolo. Goddamn. Stunning work. Lemire is blessed with their presence, because issue after issue, they kill it, with neat layouts, expressive lines and absolutely gorgeous colours.

That’s the X-titles, here’s the rest of what I read.

Ultimates 2 #4, by Al Ewing, Travel Foreman and Dan Brown. Logos is talking to the last Celestials, who survived the cull by the Beyonders. He kills them. Except one, spared by the Never Queen. Yes! Hell yes !I love the Never Queen so much, and Ewing writes her wonderfully. On Galactus’ ship, the Ultimates and the Troubleshooters are having a civil discussion and never mind, Rodstow makes it a fight. And it’s pretty damn cool. Also, turns out that Rodstvow is from a Dystopian Parallel, the opposite of America’s Utopian Parallel. That’s awesome. I hope we get to see them duke it out, because it seems like it’d be one hell of a fight. (Adam fights him in this issue, instead.) This is one hell of an issue, though. Logos is really cool. Very interesting, and very menacing. He’s responsible for quite the cliffhanger in this issue. The Never Queen showing up made me so happy, because she is such a great concept. And while the Allreds will always be the definitive Never Queen artists, Foreman and Brown do her justice. But the bulk of the issue it the Ultimates vs. the Troubleshooters, and it’s a very exciting confrontation. It’s balanced well, with the fight going back and forth. There’s some really good character moments throughout the fight, too. And the art is probably the best this volume’s had yet. Foreman and Brown do excellent work with the fight, and with the cosmic stuff. This series just keeps getting bigger and better and it’s going to be a thrill seeing what happens next.

USAvengers #3, by Al Ewing, Paco Medina, Carlo Berberi, Juan Vlasco, Jesus Aburtov and Andres Mossa. It’s the USAvengers vs. a bunch of killer robots who’ve replaced a bunch of rich people. Toni, Aikku and Sam protect the others, and Doreen comes up with a pretty clever application of Sam’s blast power. And also a hilarious anecdote.

USAVengers #3

Everything Doreen says is amazing.

Roberto dubs this team-up the Blastball Squirrel. Pretty good name, actually. I like it. So then it’s fight time. We also find out the Golden Skull stole the robots and other things from Arcade. Captain Danimerica crashes a half-built casino owned by “Ed Acra,” which should be a front for a Murderworld that the Skull would be hiding people in. And there, they also find Golden Skull. Who I really do love, and who’s a brilliant send-up of Trump, whether intentional or not. Side note: Dani remembers Doreen being her babysitter. Aw! Cute! Great issue. So funny. The issue’s hilarious. There’s also hints of a little bit of tension in the Toni/Aikku relationship, over Toni’s refusal to include lethal weapons in her armour. Which is really interesting. We’ll see where that goes. I’m not expecting it to cause any big problems, but it’s an interesting bit of tension. Speaking of Toni, she shows off a keen tactical mind and snaps out some orders, which is cool to see. This is a team with multiple leaders. Roberto, of course. Sam’s been a leader on a few occasions. Maverick is a General, so he knows how to lead. And Toni apparently has a natural leadership, too. I’m curious if that’s going to cause problems. We’ll see, I guess. I’m sad to see Captain Danimerica leave at the end of the issue. She’s cool. I would kill for a Danimerica mini. Seriously, that would be so cool. The art’s great. Really good job on the fight scenes, and there’s a couple very nice pose panel that really sell an action movie feel, in the best possible way. If you’re not reading this series, you should be, because it’s just so much fun. Just unabashed fun.

Silk #17, by Robbie Thompson, Irene Strychalski and Ian Herring. A signal is killing the clones, and has also driven Hector crazy. His body breaks down rapidly. Luckily, it just leaves him a ghost again, and in control of himself. Cindy, Mattie and Hector head up to Jonah’s broadcasting room, hoping to shut the signal down, but it doesn’t work. Jonah also learns that Mattie’s a superhero. And then Spider-Man and Anna Maria show up, and there’s zombie fighting. And I mean, this is a really quick description, because there’s not a whole lot to describe. But it’s an enjoyable issue, just the same. Thompson does the best he can with the Clone Conspiracy tie-in. I’ve never read any of the stuff with the Mattie Franklin Spider-Woman, but Thompson makes her seem pretty neat. So I’ll look forward to getting around to those comics at some point in the distant future. Strychalski and Herring do wonderful work together on the art. I’ll miss Strychalski on this book, though I’ll also be glad to have Ford back. Still, I do hope Marvel gives Strychalski more work, because she’s phenomenal. I love her work, and Herring’s colours mesh perfectly with her lines, so they definitely need to work together again.

Patsy Walker aka Hellcat! #15, by Kate Leth, Brittney Williams and Rachelle Rosenberg. At the building where Patsy has an office, they’re holding a New ValentinesMas Party, for all the holidays Patsy missed in the craziness she’s been dealing with. And then it turns out she’s sick. And her sneezes alter reality. Like this:

Hellcat #15

Best sneeze ever.

She also sneezes up America Chavez and a tiger. A talking tiger. Called Mr. Sniffles. When she was a kid, Patsy had a stuffed tiger called Mr. Sniffles, until her mom threw it away, but Patsy still talked to him in her dreams, and told him about her fears and stresses, which kept making him bigger. Patsy then sneezes Jubilee tiny, and sneezes America Chavez into Canada Chavez.

Hellcat #15

I love it.

This issue’s just delightful. So much fun. Mr. Sniffles. Canada Chavez. Tiny Jubilee. There’s a lot of fun stuff. And it’s so cute and weird and funny. I really do love it. So much. The writing’s funny, the art is adorable, and it’s just so great.

Black Panther World of Wakanda #4, by Roxane Gay, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Alitha Martinez, Roberto Poggi and Rachelle Rosenberg. In the aftermath of Infinity and the defeat of the Black Order, the Dora Milaje are once again serving King T’Challa, much to Aneka’s displeasure. Aneka also feels guilty about not being in Wakanda during the attack, because she was vacationing in New York with Ayo. Zola assigns them to accompany T’Challa as he forms the Ultimates. Later, Zola learns about Folami’s enhancements, and brings her to be examined by a doctor. Later on, a young girl rushes in to tell the Dora Milaje that the chieftain of her village is raping women. Folami, the chieftain’s daughter, doesn’t believe the claims, and she escaped to warn him that the Dora Milaje are conspiring against him. Aneka continues to push Ayo away, and also pushes for the Dora Milaje to do more to protect Wakanda from threats that T’Challa isn’t dealing with, starting with the chieftain. I’ll admit, I’m getting a little tired of Aneka pushing Ayo away. Just accept your love, lady. I also think the reference to the Ultimates was a bit gratuitous, seeing as we don’t actually see any of that. Might have been worthwhile to leave that reference out. But Folami remains really cool. I dig her. I’m guessing she’ll die next issue, which will be a shame. She could have been interesting as an antagonist in future Black Panther stories. Ah, well.

Gamora #3, by Nicole Perlman, Marco Checchetto and Andres Mossa. Gamora’s chained to a rock and about to be sacrificed, but an earthquake distracts everyone enough for her to break free and kick some ass. L’wit is still looking for Gamora, Klaxon is waiting for the Badoon to send an escape craft, and Gamora is hunting L’wit. And . . . yeah, I think I’m dropping this. It’s not that it’s necessarily a bad comic. Just not one worth my money any more. I tried it. I wanted to enjoy it. But I’m just finding it bland. I do like the art. And Perlman has potential as a comic writer. She’s just not really there yet, and I don’t have the money to keep supporting a book that’s simply not at the quality it should be.

Animosity #5, by Marguerite Bennett, Rafael De Latorre, Rob Schwager and Marshall Dillon. We see a couple shrimp discussing the Awakening, and whether species even simpler than they awoke, and whether they’re killers. It’s a really interesting philosophical oh no, never mind, eaten by a whale. The whale who was giving Jesse a ride, specifically. She drops Jesse off with the rest of the survivors of the compound from the last couple issues. The cat and buffalo discuss how various animals are reacting to the Awakening, and again, it’s really interesting stuff, with some really interesting ideas being batted around. A goat tells off Jesse and expresses anti-human prejudices. He’s a jerk. Sweet jacket, though. Then Jesse gets her first period. Another solid issue. This series is such a fascinating exploration of what it means to be human. For good and for ill. We get family and friendship here, and we also get prejudice and anger. The writing is very sharp, swapping between funny, philosophical and emotional. And the art’s great. The whole team’s doing solid work. The animals are expressive without being cartoonish. It’s all in the eyes. This really is a great book that you should be reading.


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  1. It’s a shame that Uncanny X-Men started off with Greg Land on art and a crappy second issue, because it sounds like it’s an overall good series despite some flaws here and there.

    Fully agreed on Ultimates 2 4. It’s a series that should be read by pretty much every Marvel fan out there.

    I glanced at Gamora 3. The art looks good, but it didn’t look like anything too special beyond that. I do hope that this series can improve though, and that it finds its audience. Nicole Perlman is a good writer and she deserves a chance at getting used to writing comics.

    • Yeah, if it had launched with a good artist, I might have picked up UXM. A shame Bunn was saddled with Land. Ah, well.

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