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Pull List for March 1 2017

February 28, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Comics tomorrow!

I’ll go to the store for: America #1, by Gabby Rivera, Joe Quinones, Joe Rivera, Paolo Rivera, Jose Villarrubia and Travis Lanham; Avengers #5, by Mark Waid and Mike Del Mundo; Hawkeye #4, by Kelly Thompson, Leo Romero, Jordie Bellaire and Joe Sabino; My Little Pony Annual, by Jeremy Whitley, Christina Rice, Andy Price, Tony Fleecs and Jay Fosgitt; Silk #18, by Robbie Thompson, Tana Ford, Ian Herring and Travis Lanham; Unstoppable Wasp #3, by Jeremy Whitley, Elsa Charretier, Megan Wilson and Joe Caramagna.

I’ll also review: Nothing. Nothing else I need to review.

So that’s still 6 comics to pick up. Hilariously, 4 of them are 1-name titles.

Such a great week! America! Fuck yeah! I have been wanting this book for so long! And having read Rivera’s novel, Juliet Takes A Breath, I am expecting great things out of this series. Totally hyped. Avengers has been stellar work from Waid and Del Mundo, and man, you cannot go wrong with Del Mundo. The man is phenomenal. Hawkeye’s been lots of fun. Kate’s adorable and sassy. Silk has been the best Spider-title, a wonderful mix of humour and pathos, and now that it’s done the Clone Conspiracy crap, it can go back to its own thing. And Tana Ford’s back! And Unstoppable Wasp is pure adorable joy. So yay for that.

I got a new phone on Thursday. I’ve been on a shared plan with my ex for a while, but she got a new provider, so I had to get my own plan. I changed providers, to get the cheapest deal available, and got a new phone at the same time. A Samsung S5. So now I have an Android phone. I decided to download some games. Star Trek Timelines, which is . . . not great, honestly. It alternates between ship battles and Away missions, with the Away missions being a matter of picking the right characters to do various jobs that are very briefly described with text. So it’s pretty boring. I don’t think I’ll play it much.

I got Marvel Final Fight. Which is pretty fun. Very easy combat, at least so far. My team right now is Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl and Cho-Hulk (who’s only there so I can get the team bonus). I was lucky enough to get Moon Girl as a 6-Star unlock. So she’s pretty overpowered for early on. What’s hilarious, though, is that she’s accompanied by Devil Dinosaur. He’s big enough that you can’t even see the enemies as he stomps through. Luckily, the enemies don’t last long against him anyway. Because he’s a big-ass T-Rex.

And I got Avengers Academy. Which is fun. I’ve got Tony Stark, Wasp, Black Panther, Loki, Thor, Falcon, Enchantress, Stinger and Wiccan. I was too late to get Hulkling, which makes me sad. There’s a few characters I could get if I wanted to spend money, which I’d rather not do. That is the one complaint I have: If you’re not willing to spend money, everything takes frigging forever. Like, it’ll probably take me the rest of this week, at least, to get Captain America. Quake and War Machine (and others) just aren’t available to me unless I pay for them. Leveling characters up, or unlocking new costumes, or anything like that? It takes a long-ass time to make enough money to do it. It’s annoying. But whatever. I’ll deal.

So that’s what’s new with me. My exciting life of playing stupid mobile games. Yippee.

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