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Wolverine #6 (1989, April)

March 31, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Happy Trans Day of Visibility. Might I recommend reading some comics by trans creators? Kim & Kim by Magdalene Visaggio (also Quantum Teens Are Go!), Wet Moon by Sophie Campbell (also Moonshadow, also other stuff, she also did the art for the first arc of Jem & the Holograms and it was amazing). Tamra Bonvillain’s done colours on a bunch of books, and she’s one of the best in the industry. Support trans creators! Anyway, today’s comic has nothing to do with any of that, sadly, because it was the ’80s. By Claremont, John Buscema, Williamson, Oliver and Chiang, “Roughhouse!”


Pretty good cover.

Shan, wearing a sexy dress, is at the Prince’s palace, saying her car broke down and she needs help. Cute. She gets an officer to bring her inside, where “Patch” knocks him out and drags her behind cover. She reveals she’s there to rescue Tyger, Jessica and Lindsay. You can take the woman out of the X-Men, but. She also tells Logan that she’s working for her uncle because she hopes his underworld contacts can find her still-missing siblings. Spoiler: They can’t. She also says that seeing Logan is what made her return to her heroic roots. I like to think it’s because she recognized him as Logan.

Elsewhere, Lindsay’s in a gold bikini in front of Coy. Roughhouse flirts with her, and honestly? I think she should go for it. Bloodsport has Jessica under his mental domination, to keep her docile. Coy plans on turning both women into sex slaves. He does offer to spare them if they tell him how to open the armour Tyger’s been locked into. Even Roughhouse can’t rip it open. Coy threatens Lindsay, which is a mistake, because Lindsay is awesome.

Wolverine #6

Spite is one hell of a drug.

Luckily, Logan takes this moment to show up. Fighting! Karma briefly possesses Bloodsport, to save Logan’s ass. Roughhouse notes that neither he nor Bloodsport can be slain by mortal weapons. I guess the original plan had been for Roughhouse to be a Frost Giant. While Roughhouse beats Logan around, Jessica gets ready to fight Bloodsport, but Tyger beats him around a bit instead.

Wolverine #6

And Lindsay is awesome just as an observer.

Jessica goes out to fight Roughhouse, and ends up in a pool with some sort of tentacle monster. Logan and Roughhouse follow, and they all come back out, and Logan just goes crazy. Bloodsport and Roughhouse both end up defeated, but before Logan can kill Coy, the Prince finally shows up. Man, it took him a long time to check up on the huge fight going on in his house. I like to think he’d been watching it with some popcorn, and only stepped in when the fight was over.

Anyway, this is a fun issue. It’s mostly just one big fight, but it’s really exciting. Buscema does a great job with it. It’s fun and exciting and dynamic. There’s some really tense moments, and some really funny moments. I’m not always a fan of John Buscema’s art, but he does a solid job here. The inks and colours work really well, too. I like the difference in the light in the inside portions, and the dark of the parts out in the rain. And even darker in the poor water. Claremont still includes a little bit of character stuff, especially with Karma’s inner conflict about working for her evil uncle, and her desire to return to being heroic. And Lindsay, of course, is awesome.

With the issue being mostly fight, there’s not really a lot to talk about. But it is a really good, fun issue.

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