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Wolverine #7 (1989, May)

April 22, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I went to a local geek convention today. I’ll post photos of what I bought on Twitter later. But first, by Claremont, John Buscema, Mike Rockwitz and Ken Bruzenak, “Mr. Fixit Comes To Town.”

Mr. Fixit Comes To Town

I love Mr. Fixit!

In Tahoe, Nevada, Mr. Fixit is meeting with a powerful gangster, who wants to make use of his services. Mr. Fixit, of course, is the Hulk, with grey skin, working in Las Vegas as an enforcer for Michael Berengetti. This gangster wants Fixit to check out the operations of a guy he’s partnered with in the East. So that’s prologue. Now, the main story, in the Prince’s Palace in Madripoor, surrounding Logan and his friends. Things are tense, and everyone’s preparing for a fight, but luckily:

Wolverine #7

Lindsay is the real hero of this series.

He’s a fan of Lindsay. So he declares them all his guests. Back in the US, Fixit’s hot lady chauffeur is filling the tank on his limo, and some yuppie bikers ride up and one of them flirts with her. One of the female bikers is named Muffy. What the hell kind of name is Muffy for a biker girl? What the hell kind of name is Muffy? Just, like, in general? Who names their kid Muffy? Was that actually a name yuppies gave their kids? Anyway, Fixit beats the yuppies up, and then drives off on one of their bikes, leaving the rest to help his chauffeur repair some damage to his limo.

Back to Madripoor. Tyger’s annoyed at being a prisoner in the Prince’s palace, and in her armour, but Logan tells her he has a key for it. He tells her the Prince has an offer to let both Tyger and Coy live, running their respective markets, balancing each other for a relative peace. With the business taken care of, Prince Baran shows Lindsay, Jessica and Logan his room dedicated to Lindsay.

Wolverine #7

This kinda gets into “creepy stalker” territory.

Wolverine #7

Clearly, an interesting career.

She says that after Ms. Merc, she decided to go back to theatre, but before she could do any productions, she was thrown off a roof by Viper. I love this scene. All the terrible movies Lindsay’s done. She needs to be brought back, she really does. Or maybe reference movies she’s appearing in now. Yeah, that’s the ticket. We should start getting references to terrible movies that Lindsay’s done. Posters, maybe we see one on TV, someone says they want to go watch the latest one. Make it happen, writers.

Coy’s back at his penthouse, throwing a tantrum, while Shan gets changed. Roughhouse comes in and hits on her.

Wolverine #7

Dammit, Roughhouse.

I feel like Shan’s probably heard that a lot since she came out as gay. Logan punches him, which stuns him enough for Shan to put him to sleep. She tells Logan that Fixit is coming, and she worries Fixit will kill Coy, but she still needs her uncle’s help to find her siblings. Logan watches Fixit arrive at the airport, where he’s attacked by a bunch of thugs.

Wolverine #7

He’s surprisingly gentle with them.

Logan takes Fixit to the hotel, and at sundown, Fixit reverts to Banner, and Logan decides he’s going to have some fun while Fixit’s in town.

This is a pretty good issue. It’s fun. The Prince being a huge fan of Lindsay is the kind of ridiculous moment that I love Lindsay McCabe for. Of course the Prince of Madripoor is a fan. Why wouldn’t he be? Where would be the fun if he wasn’t? It’s such a great moment. Lindsay is so under-appreciated. Bring back Lindsay McCabe! The tentative balance between Tyger and Coy was a cool idea, and made things interesting in Madripoor for a little while. The rivalry between them was the basis for a few good stories. The Joe Fixit stuff was fun, and helped set up what’s going to be an amazing next issue.

I actually like the art more than usual. Buscema inked himself this time around, and it works really well. It makes a big difference. It doesn’t feel as heavy. Still not an artist I’m a fan of, but I like his work a lot better when he inks himself. So yay for that.

So, good issue.

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