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Wolverine #8 (1989, June)

May 7, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I hope you had a good Free Comic Book Day. But today, by Claremont, Buscema, Oliver and Bruzenak, “If It Ain’t Broke. . . .”

If It Ain't Broke . . .


Joe Fixit wakes up to a nice gift.

Wolverine #8

Oh yeah, this is a good one.

There’s also a threatening note telling him to leave town. Logan’s at the Princess Bar, waxing poetic about the bar and Madripoor. Lindsay McCabe is singing, and apparently doing a good job. Yet another of her hidden skills, I guess. Fixit bursts in, wearing a very nice suit. He wants to see Patch, to get some information. The people in the bar give them a very wide berth, while also betting on who will win the inevitable fight. Jessica bet that there wouldn’t be a fight, and notes that she knows him better than Police Chief Tai does. A hint that she knows he’s Logan? We know she knows. It’s revealed later that she knew all along. I’m just not sure if Claremont wanted us to think she knew. But it certainly seems that way.

Anyway, Logan and Fixit go outside, where Fixit gets splashed by a passing truck. He reacts by smashing the truck, which is filled with industrial sludge. Logan gives him some purple pants and takes him to a spa. Fixit gets attacked by guards, while Logan finds some girls being held as slaves. Fixit doesn’t like that. So he frees the women, then knocks down the building when its owner makes some threats. Then he gets to spend some time in a hot tub, being waited on by gorgeous women. But it’s a dream, and Banner was the one who got to enjoy himself. The women flee from him when he wakes up as Fixit.

Logan takes him to another place, some kind of estate. Logan cuts away the balcony, so Fixit drops into a cocaine factory. Right after the guy who runs the factory has finished explaining to another guy about how secure the factory is, and how they can fight off anyone who attacks, including Fixit.

Wolverine #8

Dude, he’s right behind you.

This, quite obviously, leads to a fight. And a reveal that the A-Team exists within the Marvel Universe.

Wolverine #8

See? He knows the A-Team guy. Canon!

Logan apologizes about Fixit’s suit, and explains that Fixit was set-up from the start. General Coy shows up, angry at Fixit for smashing up his operations, and saying that he was supposed to take out Tyger. Fixit says he doesn’t do mob hits, and he doesn’t like being lied to, and he’s leaving. But not without thanking Logan for his help.

Wolverine #8

Yay for Logan getting hurt.

It’s also pretty strongly implied that Fixit knows Patch is Logan. Logan takes him to the airport, for a westbound flight (to stay ahead of the sun and avoid turning back to Banner). The flight crew’s been instructed to take special care of him. But, naturally:

Wolverine #8

The only way it could end.

This is great. It’s an entire issue of Logan just trolling the Hulk, and it’s great. It’s a lot of fun. Fixit makes for a perfect patsy. He’s arrogant, violent and humourless, so he kinda deserves it, and he’s invulnerable, so he can handle it. So it works perfectly. The fact that Logan keeps tricking him into doing things he’d probably actually be pretty OK with doing makes it even better. Freeing slaves? Smashing a cocaine factory? Yeah, Fixit wouldn’t have any problem with that, and in fact, he does feel good about it, and yet, Logan tricks him into doing it just for shits and giggles. Because that’s basically what it comes down to: Logan wanted to have some fun. Everything he does, he does because it’s funny. He can’t beat the Hulk in a fight, so he just screws with him, and I appreciate that. So an entire issue of trolling is pretty fun to read.

And I like the art. John Buscema does good work here. As I said about the last issue, his work looks better when he inks himself.  Less severe, a bit smoother. I like it.

This issue isn’t an important one. It doesn’t have huge consequences going forward. It’s just good fun where Logan trolls the Incredible Hulk. So it’s pretty great and worth reading.

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