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Pull List for May 10 2017

May 9, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I haven’t seen GotG yet. Here’s what I’m reading tomorrow.

I’ll go to the store for: All-New Wolverine #20, by Tom Taylor, Leonard Kirk, Cory Hamscher, Michael Garland and Cory Petit; America #3, by Gabby Rivera, Joe Quinones, Joe Rivera, Jose Villarrubia and Travis Lanham; Avengers #7, by Mark Waid, Phil Noto, and I’m not sure who else; Black Panther & the Crew #2, by Yona Harvey, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Butch Guice, Scott Hanna, Dan Brown and Joe Sabino; Ms. Marvel #18, by G. Willow Wilson, Francesco Gaston, Ian Herring and Joe Caramagna; My Little Pony Legends of Magic #2, by Jeremy Whitley and Brenda Hickey; Silver Surfer #11, by Dan Slott, Michael and Laura Allred and Joe Sabino.

I’ll also review: Old Man Logan #23, by Jeff Lemire, Eric Nguyen, Andres Mossa and Cory Petit; Weapon X #3, by Greg Pak, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Frank D’Armata and Joe Caramagna; X-Men Blue #3, by Cullen Bunn, Jorge Molina, Matt Milla and Joe Caramagna.

So that’s 7 comics I’m picking up, and 3 additional reviews. Middling week.

I should note that I’m guessing with some of the creators involved. There are no previews this week, because of FCBD. And because Marvel’s solicits omit the full creative teams, there’s nowhere to find the inkers, colour artists and letterers. Which is stupid. It seems to be a Diamond thing, but I honestly think that the major publishers should get Diamond to include the full creative team.

Anyway, it’s a fairly exciting week. The new arc of Wolverine had a solid start, and I’m loving the use of the wider Marvel Universe. America is going to include the X-Men, so yay for that. Avengers will be starting its second arc, and while I’ll miss Mike Del Mundo, Noto’s great, too, and Waid’s telling a great story. The Crew got off to a very strong start, and I’m very curious to see how Harvey writes Storm. Ms. Marvel will be focused on Bruno, and I always enjoy stories that focus on supporting characters. And Silver Surfer is Silver Surfer. It’s one of the best comics out there.

Still nothing to talk about. I should stop waiting to write these posts the night before I post them. It always ends with them feeling too short. Oh well. I wonder if my LCS will have any copies of the Secret Empire FCBD issue left. I don’t particularly care either way. If he has copies left, I may as well read it, but honestly, I just do not give a shit about Secret Empire. I don’t care one way or the other. Except to note that I think Marvel’s marketing of the event has been incredibly stupid, and comes across as painting Hydra as the guys the audience should be rooting for. And at a time when fascism is on the rise, that’s a really stupid approach for the marketing to take. They should be focusing on the resistance instead. (Of course, I don’t really understand the amount of marketing that goes into big franchises anyway. Like, people made up their minds months ago on whether they would read Secret Empire or not. Spending a ton of money promoting it feels like a waste of time, because people are already aware of it. The same thing happens with movies. The Avengers movies do not need a massive publicity blitz. Everyone is going to see those movies. That’s why I’m actually torn on how little publicity the Wonder Woman movie has gotten so far. On the one hand, it’s sexism. Like, it’s definitely sexism. If it was a male-led superhero movie, the ads would’ve started already. We wouldn’t be able to escape the hype for it. But right now, Wonder Woman’s getting way less publicity than a male-led superhero movie would be getting this close to its release. And that’s definitely sexism. But on the other hand, I don’t know if it really needs that much publicity anyway. A couple reminders a few days before it comes out, and yeah, everyone who wants to watch it will remember to go watch it. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how much publicity the movie gets closer to its release.)

Anyway, I guess that’ll do for this week.

  1. G'kar permalink

    No the marketing doesn’t play Hydra as the guys we should be rooting for, in fact its pretty clear to anyone who read the book that Hydra are the bad guys So far Secret Empire has been good.

    • Regardless of how the story’s written, the marketing has been siding with Hydra. They suggested to comic shops that their employees wear Hydra t-shirts. They’ve sent out emails with “Hail Hydra!” in the subject line. The marketing is very clearly playing up the Rooting For the Empire trope. The marketing has been glorifying Hydra. It has been glorifying fascism, at a time when fascism is one the rise in the real world, and outside solicits, the marketing has ignored that there even is a resistance. The resistance is what the marketing should be focused on.

  2. G'kar permalink

    Or you know its has nothing to do with glorifying Fascism or Hydra and Marvel just wants to promote their event . Also I remember all the Hail Hydra memes after Captain America the winter solider dose that mean everyone who made one of those memes was promoting Fascism? Yes I know that was few years again but that’s not the point. (On a side note I think some people over reacted to the t-shit thing and bleeding cool’s click bait bullshit made things worst.)

    • Marvel has chosen to promote their event by focusing on Hydra, and not in a negative way. Marvel’s marketing department is basically shouting about how cool Hydra is. The “Hail Hydra” memes after Winter Soldier were just the audience having fun, and were mostly laughing about a specific scene in the movie. This is Marvel’s marketing department being frigging idiots.

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