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Pull List for May 24 2017

May 23, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Even though I know I’m going to be getting rid of a ton of comics soon, I’m going to keep picking up more.

I’ll go to the store for: Black Panther #14, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Wilifredo Torres, Jacen Burrows, Terry Pallot, Laura Martin and Joe Sabino; Mighty Captain Marvel #5, by Margaret Stohl, Michele Bandini, Michael Garland, Erick Arciniega and Joe Caramagna; Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #19, by Brandon Montclare, Natacha Bustos, Tamra Bonvillain and Joe Caramagna; Mosaic #8, by Geoffrey Thorne, Khary Randolph, Emilio Lopez and Joe Sabino; My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #54, by Rob Anderson, Jay Fosgitt.

I’ll also review: Jean Grey #2, by Dennis Hopeless, Victor Ibanez, Jay David Ramos, Chris Sotomayor and Joe Caramagna; X-Men Blue #4, by Cullen Bunn, Julian Lopez, Jose Marzan, Walden Won, Irma Kniivila and Joe Caramagna.

So that’s 5 comics I’m picking up, and 2 additional reviews. A relatively light week.

And not really a particularly exciting one. Black Panther’s been great from the start, and I’m intrigued by this arc looking into the gods of Wakanda. There’s a lot there to be interested in. So that’s going to be great. And Moon Girl’s always wonderful, though I’m sad that Amy Reeder’s left it. We’ll see if Montclare alone can keep the magic. I am really excited about Girl Moon. With a name like that, how could you not be excited? Captain Marvel’s been OK. It hasn’t blown me away. Same with Mosaic. If I’m honest, I’m a little relieved that Mosaic is ending. There was so much potential there. Mountains of potential. But the need to abide by so many staples of superhero comics dragged it down. This book would have been better if it was more its own thing. Maybe if it had been a creator-owned comic. As for Captain Marvel, we’ll see how Stohl handles being forced into an event tie-in. Hopefully, it’ll be good. I do actually like the idea of the trainees.

I’ll probably go to GotG2 on Thursday.

And I actually have nothing else to talk about this week.

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