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X-Men comics of May 24 2017

May 25, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Ugh, working until 11 means these review posts go up so late. At least I’ll probably be seeing GotG2 tomorrow. Anyway, comics.

X-Men Blue #4, by Cullen Bunn, Julian Lopez, Jose Marzan, Walden Wong, Irma Kniivila and Joe Caramagna. The team arrives in Colorado, searching for a weird mutant signal. They meet Sheriff Kira Lee, who tells them she saw a guy with claws. But young. He killed a Wendigo. Which isn’t supposed to be in Colorado, the curse is specific to Canada. And we don’t actually get an explanation, either. Bunn’s a continuity wonk, so it’s weird that he’d not even mention how weird it is for a Wendigo to be outside of Canada. Regardless, Hank takes the Wendigo’s heart when no one’s looking. Suspicious! They find the claw guy and recognize him as Wolverine’s son, Jimmy Hudson, from the Ultimate Universe. They specifically cite their trip to the other universe. He’s, um, less friendly this time around. Iceman turns into a snow giant to smash him. Neat. He’s figuring out some tricks from Old Wizard Iceman. And then there’s talking. This is OK. It does feel a bit light. There’s not much actually going on here. It’s just an extended introduction for Jimmy Hudson. I guess so the book can have an age-appropriate Wolverine without using Laura, since the X-office has decided that Laura needs to be kept as far away from the rest of the line as possible. For some reason. We don’t even get much insight into Jimmy yet. We know he’s got claws and a healing factor, and that he’s a good fighter. Basically, that he’s a lot like his dad. Oh, and he has amnesia, because of course he does. I like that Bunn actually builds on a story that’s less than 20 years old, by throwing back to the Ultimate story from Bendis’ ANXM run. I’d much rather that, building on recent history, than wallowing in nostalgia. It’s just that this particular issue felt like it needed a little more to it, in terms of character insights. We get Hank being creepy, and Bobby developing his powers a bit more, but we also get a lot of what feels like wasted dialogue. Might just be me, though. The art’s good. It’s not too dissimilar from Molina’s style, so that’s good. No jarring shift. Cute and cartoonish. Gives a nice, light tone to the book.

Jean Grey #2, by Dennis Hopeless, Victor Ibanez, Jay David Ramos, Chris Sotomayor and Joe Caramagna. Jean has gone to Adult Beast about the Phoenix, and he tells her there’s no trace of it. Captain Marvel is there, too, which is neat. Kitty, as well. Jean gets angry that none of them believe her when she says the Phoenix talked to her. She decides to use Cerebro to contact some past Phoenix hosts: Colossus, Illyana, Rachel, and Quire. Rachel is fighting Dario Agger from the Thor comics, so that’s kinda fun. She also calls Jean “Baby Momma,” which is really cute. But it suggests they’ve had some off-screen interactions which we’ve missed, which makes me sad. I wish we could’ve seen them talk through how colossally screwed-up both their very existences are, and make the decision to just roll with it. I do hope we get to see those two hang out a bit, though. Regardless, Quire and Illyana both prove that they are absolutely terrible at advice. Especially Illyana, whose advice is, “A little fire never hurt anyone.” Jean also tries to find Hope, and learns she’s in trouble. She’s in a wrecked town in Arizona, about to be tortured and experimented on by some Reaver dude. Jean rescues her, and I love just how casually Hope takes it. It also turns out the town was built on top of a massive Reaver den. Luckily, reinforcements arrive. And they talk about the Phoenix while fighting hordes of Reavers, and I do always like conversations during battles. Also, best moment from the issue:

Jean Grey #2

It’s apparently called the Dark Phoenix Saga in-universe? Amazing.

We also then get some fantastic insights into what the Phoenix does to a person’s mind. Which also gives some interesting insights into the characters themselves. I think Rachel and Hope actually have the most interesting takes. Rachel talks about how the Phoenix saved her, while Hope treats it as just another enemy and all you can do is keep pulling your triggers. Because Hope really is her father’s daughter. We don’t see Illyana’s mindscape. Probably for the best. The Phoenix would be far from the worst thing Jean would find in there. This is a good issue. While I was disappointed to see the series open with a Phoenix arc, I am glad that Hopeless actually acknowledged that other people have hosted it. In particular, I like seeing Rachel and Hope get recognized. It’s also nice to know that Hope is still out there, still fighting, still kicking ass. There’s some really nice character work with all five former hosts shown in this issue. And with Jean. The art is fine. I liked it less here than in the previous issue. I’m not sure what it is I don’t like about Ibanez’s style. He’s a good artist. But there’s something about his faces that I just find kinda wonky. It’s just a matter of personal taste, there’s definitely nothing wrong with the art, I just don’t really like it.

That’s the X-stuff, here’s what else I got.

Black Panther #14, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Wilifredo Torres, Jacen Burrows, Terry Pallot, Laura Martin and Joe Sabino. Dr. Faustus is excited to get into Wakandan minds for Zeke Stane. T’Challa’s trying to get a woman named Asira to come back to Wakanda. I guess she was in the Priest run, as Queen Divine Justice. Then he goes to talk to the ghosts of former Black Panthers, about what’s happened to the Orisha. They tell him who might know, and where to find him. And the guy is kind of a troll and I like him.This is more good stuff. T’Challa shows both his human side, and his kingly side. He’s nice to Asira, and then harsh with the dead kings when they challenge him. We don’t get much development of the Orisha/Simbi plot, but there’s a little bit, and Stane does come back, and his interest in Wakanda. It’ll be cool seeing more of that. The art’s really good. I’m still enjoying this series.

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #19, by Brandon Montclare, Natacha Bustos, Tamra Bonvillain and Joe Caramagna. Lunella sets up some kind of experiment, listening for something from space. She gets a message. The next morning, she’s able to get a connection with the girl, Illa. Who doesn’t know what planets are. She’s lost her father. Hilariously, Lunella still has the Doom-head in her lab. Why does she still have it? It’s pretty funny. Regardless, Lunella wants to save the girl, so she builds a Moon Mobile, a large orb powered by the Omni-Wave Projector. Another cute, fun issue. Montclare keeps the heart and fun, even without Reeder. Bustos and Bonvillain help, of course. They’re amazing. Such a fantastic art team. I love this series so much. Read it.

Mighty Captain Marvel #5, by Margaret Stohl, Michele Bandini, Michael Garland, Erick Arciniega and Joe Caramagna. Carol has started an Alpha Flight cadet training program, to take her mind off Bean. There’s Dante (a guy who Black Widow recommended), Glory (a girl who won a Stark Science Expo at the University of Manila), and A’di (a Wakandan girl) with her drone, Itz. Side note: Glory is an amputee with really neat metal legs. Carol leaves the cadets in the Blood Shed, a combat simulation room, with half an hour to find a way out. Hopper gives her a Hala star with a bunch of toxins that should take her down if she ever loses control again. Then the Guardians of the Galaxy show up to let her know the Chitauri are coming. So then it gets into the Secret Empire stuff, though we still get some fun stuff with the cadets. I like these kids. They’re neat. Glory is pretty amazing. Her legs have rockets and flamethrowers. Dante is from Stohl’s Black Widow: Forever Red novel, and he’s kind of a loser, but kinda charming. A’di is fun, with a snarky side, and Itz is cute. The art is good. Bandini’s got a good style. Nothing unusual, just a good superhero art style. It works for the book, and it’s the style Captain Marvel really should have.

Mosaic #8, by Geoffrey Thorne, Khary Randolph, Emilio Lopez and Joe Sabino. Eh, who cares. The series is over, and all I can think about it is that it’s a huge wasted opportunity. Mosaic reminds me a little of Singularity, actually. They’re both situations where the creators talked about what the character would be used to explore, and in both cases, we didn’t really get what was promised. At least Singularity was adorable. Mosaic was just a jerk. He could be fun at times, but still a jerk. I feel like this series needed less plot, kinda. Or, at least, a different plot. As it is? This was ultimately a pretty forgettable series.


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  1. Mostly agreed with you on X-Men Blue. There are good writing qualities with the original 5 X-Men, and I like the art, but Jimmy Hudson is boring so far. Focusing an entire issue on a character who doesn’t seem to have much of a personality is boring. Also this Wolverine in team books situation is getting out of hand. Bendis just said in an interview today that Old Man Logan will be on his Defenders team. That’s yet another team with Old Man Logan on it – that’s 4 or 5 now, and yet Laura (whose solo series is doing quite well at the moment, with both 19 and 20 going into a second printing) isn’t on a team book anywhere. Instead we get Jimmy Hudson, who spawned from the most recent Ultimate X-Men series that didn’t sell that well. It doesn’t turn me off of X-Men Blue completely, but it does concern me.

    Jean Grey 2 is fun. Like you, I don’t like that the Phoenix Force is being dealt with in the very first arc, but otherwise this is a great issue. It’s nice to see Jean and Hope finally meeting up so we can see how vastly different their personalities are, even if they do kind of look alike.

    Sounds like Mighty Captain Marvel 5 is pretty good. Being short on money due to circumstances beyond my control, I didn’t pick this up, but I do hope to catch up at some point if it remains a good series.

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