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Pull List for May 31 2017

May 30, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I work late again tomorrow. Argh.

I’ll go to the store for: Generation X #2, by Christina Strain, Amilcar Pinna, Felipe Sobreiro and Clayton Cowles; Hulk #6, by Mariko Tamaki, Nico Leon, Matt Milla and Cory Petit; Insexts #11, by Marguerite Bennett, Ariela Kristantina, Jessica Kholinne and A Larger World; Occupy Avengers #7, by David Walker, Gabriel Walta, Jordie Bellaire and Clayton Cowles.

I’ll also review: Cable #1, by James Robinson, Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz, Jesus Aburtov and no letterer credited in the previw; Old Man Logan #24, by Jeff Lemire, Eric Nguyen, Andres Mossa and Cory Petit

So that’s 4 comics I’m picking up, and 2 additional reviews.

All good stuff this week. Generation X got off to a great start, and I’m definitely wanting to see more. More Jubilee! More students! More awesomeness! Hulk is finishing its first arc, which means we’re actually getting the Hulk in this issue, so it should be exciting. I’m guessing the conflict won’t be resolved with punching, though, but with words and feels. Insexts is Insexts. Hell yes. And Occupy Avengers continues its weird Skrull-town arc and delves into the head of Wheels Wolinski, and the weird high-tech van the team’s using.

I should mention the August solicits that came out last week. Secret Empire: Brave New World #5, will feature another Domino story by Anthony Piper. He did one for a previous anthology, and it featured one of my favourite ridiculous moments, with a bullet falling into Domino’s empty gun chamber so she can shoot a guy. It was nonsense and it was perfect and I’m wondering how Piper can top that. X-Men Blue #9’s cover is a fun homage of the one where Polaris debuted. But bleh to Secret Empire tie-in. Not sure how I feel about Ultimates #100 bringing in the original Ultimates. Feels gimmicky. Hulk #9 has Patsy, and I’m glad to see her in that book more, because that friendship is really sweet and fun. Wanda’s back in Uncanny Avengers, and it looks like Rogue still hates her, and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t those two get over their tension? Squirrel Girl will still be in the Savage Land, and has another really pretty cover by Erica Henderson. America #6’s cover is awesome, and an homage to Love & Rockets, apparently. America has a few homage covers. Silver Surfer looks like it’s ending with #14, which is so incredibly sad, because it’s so good. X-Men Gold #9 is going to be all about the Kitty/Piotr ship. I really, really hope Guggenheim doesn’t have them get back together. Jean Grey’s going to get some training from Psylocke, and hopefully, that means Jean will start using telekinetic weapons. I love Psylocke’s telekinetic arsenal. Wolverine, Gabby and Jonathan vs. Brood! With the GotG helping. Dake in Iceman #4, bleh. I don’t like Daken. Of course, I don’t like Iceman, either.

So, my August pull list (from Marvel): Avengers #10, Black Bolt #4, Hawkeye #9, Unstoppable Wasp #8, All-New Wolverine #23, Generations Hawkeye, Hulk #9, Ms. Marvel #21, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #23, Black Panther & the Crew #5, Generation X #5, Generations Wolverine, Luke Cage #4, USAvengers #9, Ultimates #100, Black Panther #17, Silver Surfer #14, America #6, Black Panther & the Crew #6, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #22, Mighty Captain Marvel #8. 21 issues. My list isn’t getting smaller.

So I went to Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Thursday. I enjoyed it. It was really good. I do feel it pushed the humour angle a bit much. The first movie was a comedic sci-fi. This one often felt like a sci-fi comedy. The focus shifted a bit too much, I think. But most of the humour was good, and there was til some good drama in there. Baby Groot was adorable. I liked that, for all the romantic tension between Quill and Gamora, Gamora’s character arc in the film revolved primarily around Nebula. Mantis was really cute and fun. I hope she sticks around for GotG 3. Yondu was great. Taserface was Taserface. I liked the anti-product placement, with the Zune. That was a good gag. And the David Hasselhoff cameo was entertaining. So, yeah, it was a good movie.

I’ve been feeling off the past couple weeks. Not sure what it is. But it’s meant I haven’t felt in the mood to post. I’ve also fallen way behind on My Little Pony. Hopefully, I get over this mood soon.

And that’s it for this week.

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