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Pull List for June 7 2017

June 6, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I’m off tomorrow, but I’ll be having dinner with my friend, so I’ll probably still be really late getting reviews up. Sigh.

I’ll go to the store for: Avengers #8, by Mark Waid, Jeremy Whitley, Phil Noto and Cory Petit; Black Bolt #2, by Saladin Ahmed, Christian Ward and Clayton Cowles; Hawkeye #7, by Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, Jordie Bellaire and Joe Sabino; Jem & the Misfits #5, by Kelly Thompson, Jenn St. Onge, M. Victoria Robado and Shawn Lee; My Little Pony Legends of Magic #3, by Jeremy Whitley, Brenda Hickey; Spider-Man/Deadpool #18, by Joe Kelly, Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, Jay Leisten, Jason Keith and Joe Sabino; Unstoppable Wasp #6, by Jeremy Whitley, Elsa Charretier, Megan Wilson and Joe Caramagna.

I’ll also review: Iceman #1, by Sina Grace, Alessandro Vitti, Rachelle Rosenberg and Joe Sabino; X-Men Gold #5, by Marc Guggenheim, RB Silva, Adriano Di Benedetto, Frank Martin and Cory Petit.

So 7 comics I’m picking up, and two additional reviews. Somewhat heavy week.

Lots of good stuff. Avengers is picking up the story from the recent Avengers .1 mini, which I haven’t read. But eh, I’ll follow along fine, I’m sure. I’ve read about it. Black Bolt got off to one hell of a start, so I’m sticking with it until it falters. I do like supporting comics by people of colour. Hawkeye’s always great, and from the preview, it looks like we’re getting Madame Masque, who Kate tangled with in the Fraction series. Jemis always delightful, and St. Onge is a wonderful artist who is also Canadian so yay. Spider-Man/Deadpool is hitting its climax, the end of the Kelly/McGuinness work on the title, and it’s been a hell of a ride, so I’m very excited for the climax. And Wasp is always a delight, and it’s gotten pretty intense, and I really want to see how the science girls science up a solution.

So the other day, our cat injured a baby bird. My mom tried to take care of it, but it wouldn’t shut up, so she decided to take it outside, to see how it’d do. The answer: Not great! It’s dead.

And that’s all I’ve got for this week.


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