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Excalibur #10 (1989, July)

June 17, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I’m sorry I’ve gotten so crap at updating over the past, uh, forever. But hey, Excalibur today. By Claremont, Marshall Rogers, Austin, Oliver, Michael Heiler and Agustin Mas, “Widget.”


Just the cover, and I already miss Davis.

Wow. “Tag, you’re it”? Really? Is that supposed to be a joke? Because it’s a really, really stupid one. Anyway, Captain Britain, in his old, too-small costume, is fighting Hauptmann Englande, which apparently should be Hauptmann England, but maybe German works a little different in that other world. Brian’s still weak from his trip to America, so it’s not an even fight. Nazi Moira and Callisto have Brigadier Stuart as a hostage, but she slips away when chunks of a building almost fall on them, though it doesn’t last long before Callisto gets her back. Then the dino-people wander onto the battlefield.

Brian almost gets taken down after saving the dino-boy, but recovers in time to deck Hauptmann. Then the Meggan with Lightning Force turns out to be Excalibur’s Meggan, in disguise. Ooh, good job, Meggan. Learning how to disguise herself. Very clever! She takes out Nazi Kurt, Nazi Moira, and Nazi Callisto, then Rachel grabs the poor Nazi-victim Kitty. Rachel also wonders about being the only one of the team without a counterpart. Normal-Kitty wakes up, and sees Dr. Alistair Stuart, and immediately likes him.

Excalibur #10

He’s gotta have 10 years on her.

While I find her crush really cute, I am glad nothing came of it. Alistair’s gotta be in his 20s. Kitty’s 14 or 15. It would be Kitty/Colossus all over again. She does have a thing for older guys. At least Alistair’s got a different name. That’s probably why nothing ever came of it. Anyway, they both see a floating metal head, which creates a portal. Alistair goes to check it out, and sees a cute Amazon woman in an idyllic landscape. She tries to grab him, Kitty phases him so the woman falls on her ass. Then Kitty phases through the portal to disrupt it, but it also knocks out the head, which Kitty calls a widget. It finally gets its name!

They head upstairs, where it’s all over but the talking.

Excalibur #10

I like Rachel itching for a fight. And Kitty hoping she gets one.

And Kitty feels a need to talk to her other self. Which, all things considered, is probably a terrible idea, but not exactly one she can resist.

Excalibur #10

Yeah, it’s a rough moment.

Kitty yells at Nazi Moira, who insults her, and Rachel drags Kitty out before she can start killing people. (Also, Alistair sees Rachel and gets a crush on her. So we’ve got the start of a second love triangle, one that’s pretty fun, since it’s made up primarily of obliviousness.) Kitty wonders how anyone can be so cruel, and Rachel reminds her of her own past as a Hound. Kitty wants to free the other Kitty, but Kurt comes out to say a deal’s been made, swapping their prisoners for their people in Nazi-World. As Rachel flies Kitty home, Sat-Yr-9, posing as Courtney Ross, sees them, comments on the power and potential and how it’ll be hers. The obvious assumption is that she’s talking about Phoenix, but later on, we do see her take a strong interest in Kitty, so I’m wondering if that’s who she meant here, too.

Regardless, pretty decent issue. Not as fun as previous issues. I do miss Alan Davis. Rogers is an OK artist, but he’s not an Excalibur artist, you know? The book had established a certain tone, and Rogers doesn’t match that tone. It’s a lot more typical, more generic. And it makes for a weaker issue, I think. The fighting is cool and exciting, and there’s some really cool character moments. Kitty’s outrage at the Nazi world, and what it did to her counterpart, was really effective. So by no means is this a bad comic. And honestly, any other series, this would probably be a really good issue. But this is Excalibur. And this just doesn’t feel enough like Excalibur. We do get some plot threads coming together, though, which will soon lead to a lot of fun. Cross-Time Caper’s getting closer!

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