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Alpha Flight #72 (1989, July)

July 1, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Happy Canada Day! We’re 150 years old today. We don’t look a day over 100, if I do say so myself. Anyway, I obviously had to do an issue of Alpha Flight today. So, by Hudnall, Talaoc, Sharen, and Chiang, “Endgame.”


That guy has such a bad design.

Jeffries is sitting on the scraps of his Box armour, wondering what you do when faced with something you can’t beat. Then it flashes back to his call with Heather getting cut off. So he and Diamond Lil got ready to head over. Heather and Elizabeth were confronted by – sigh – the Sorcerer. He taunted Talisman, then he teleported the women to another dimension. Then he brought in Shaman and Sasquatch, then Box and Lil. And he taunted Heather about Jeffries having Lil in his arms. Talisman tells everyone not to attack the Sorcerer. Sasquatch attacked, and got his arm broken. Heather tried blasting him, but instead hit Lil. Which Heather presumably felt wasn’t a total loss. Then Jeffries jumped in and got his armour wrecked. The Sorcerer sent Lil flying away, then started killing Jeffries, until Talisman got involved, which was what the Sorcerer wanted. Because it meant he was free to attack the world and do whatever he wanted. Then he leaves.

Talisman explains the deal. The Sorcerer is a powerful and ancient evil, but he couldn’t do anything to the Earth unless Talisman’s side attacked him. And now they’re trapped in a barren world, while the Sorcerer is free to attack their world.

This issue . . . man, this issue’s lame. It’s a lot of posturing, and then a lot of the Sorcerer curb-stomping Alpha Flight. And there’s just so little about it that’s interesting. The Sorcerer is stupid. He has a terrible design, and a bland personality. “I’m evil, hahahaaa! I will now taunt you because I am so evil! And now I’m off to evil evilly!” That is boring. The Alphans themselves get little real personality here, either. Just lots of anger. The art, too, is pretty weak. Talaoc didn’t do great work here. Downright weird faces. Combat mostly came down to the Sorcerer ignoring being attacked, and hurting Alpha with vague gestures. Not the most exciting action.

So, yeah, all in all, this is a really boring comic.

One Comment
  1. Happy Canada day. And what better way to celebrate it than an Alpha Flight comic? Even if it’s unfortunately a boring one.

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