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Wolverine #10 (1989, August)

July 16, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Pretty interesting issue today. By Claremont, Buscema, Sienkewicz, Rockwitz, and Bruzenak, “24 Hours.”

24 Hours

This issue is kinda Sabretooth’s peak.

Logan’s in one of the seedier bars in Madripoor, where a fight’s broken out. He’s spending the day away from anyone he knows or cares about. He thinks back to the past, and a bar, one he liked. He walked into it, holding the dead body of Silver Fox. Sabretooth pretty much admits to killing her for not having sex with him. Yeah, Sabretooth’s a horrible, horrible person. Logan’s ready to fight him, and Sabretooth says he only fights to the death. Back in the present, it’s midnight, and Logan leaves the bar and takes to the rooftops, while wondering if he ever really loved Silver Fox. It’s kinda funny. Here, he muses that he’s not sure how much he loved her, but it doesn’t take long after this story for writers to start treating Silver Fox as Logan’s great love. I guess it’s mostly Larry Hama who pushed that.

Anyway, back to the flashback, with Logan attacking Sabretooth, and Sabretooth kicking his ass. Back in the present, he hears a scream, and finds a man and woman being harassed by some thugs. He kicks their asses and takes the injured man to help. Back to the flashback, where the fight continues. In the present, Logan’s taken the man and woman to a brothel, to be patched up. There, he runs into Jessica Drew, who lives there with Lindsay. Logan and Jess climb up the wall to her place, and Logan sinks back into a flashback. He’d run away from Sabretooth, badly injured, and was ready to die, but he kept going, climbing up a cliff.

Present again. Jessica and Lindsay show off their apartment and their office, and it’s very nice. They chat a bit about being Prince Baran’s eyes and ears in Madripoor, so he can keep the balance of power between Coy and Tyger. After another quick flashback to Logan climbing the cliff, we return to the present, with him visiting Chief of Police Tai, who assures him the man Logan asked about is dead. He also wishes Patch a Happy Birthday, to Logan’s surprise. Tai’s apparently very good at his job.

Flashback. Sabretooth beats the crap out of Logan. Present again. Drew’s been trailing Logan, and refuses to back off. He decides to allow it. Then two guys from the bar – Daryl and Daryl, which I’m thinking might be a reference to Newhart, which had a trio of brothers named Larry, Darryl and Darryl – do a drive-by on them. With a submachine gun. And a goddamn grenade launcher. And a flamethrower.

Back to the flashback. Logan’s been beaten really badly. But before Sabretooth can rip his throat out, Logan tackles him off the cliff. In the present, Jessica pulls Logan out of the water, and the brothers are gone. Jessica didn’t do it. And Logan didn’t do it. Flashback, Sabretooth survived the fall from the cliff, but doesn’t think Logan did. Present, Logan apparently did survive that fall, and he finds the Daryls’ car outside the Princess Bar. The brothers are there, dead, with a note.

Wolverine #10

Unsigned? Ooh, secret admirer!

This is a good issue. It sets up a very long-running Logan plot: That Sabretooth hunts him every year on his birthday. It doesn’t quite lay out the root of their conflict, as Logan says they’d been in conflict even before Silver Fox’s murder, but it does show what made it a life-and-death conflict. It shows just how evil Sabretooth is, but more, it establishes Sabretooth as better than Logan. Back then, Logan just didn’t stand a chance against him. And today, odds are good Sabretooth had been trailing Logan all day, without Logan knowing. And that note really highlights just how personal their feud is, in a really effective way. It’s very intense, and very cool.

We also touch in on some of the supporting characters, and it’s nice. I like Jessica just refusing to leave him alone. The Daryls having frigging grenade launchers is hilarious to me. They’re such crappy antagonists, and they almost take Logan out, and it’s hilarious.

The art’s good. Sienkewicz’s inks bring a little more intensity to Buscema’s pencils. Makes it that little extra bit darker, to sell the story better. The flashback fight between Logan and Sabretooth is brutal.

So this is a really good issue.

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