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Marvel Comics Presents #26 and 27

July 29, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I’m still trying to get better about regular updates. Today, by Mackie, Buckler, Rubinstein, Yanchus, and Oakley, “Pharaoh’s Legacy (Part 2) – A Heart Reborn.”

A Heart Reborn

What an uninspired cover.

Alex and Leila have been captured by some bad guys. Led by an Australian, but there’s Americans in the group, too. But Alex doesn’t want to be captured.

MCP #25

This panel is ALMOST awesome.

The circles around his eye are a cool visual, but they’re too subtle here. They needed to be a bit heavier, a bit darker, to make them stand out better. He blasts out of the net and buries the mercs beneath a bunch of dirt, then he and Leila steal one of their flying sleds and find a town so they can rent a car. They decide to keep traveling together for a while, and we cut ahead a week, with them falling in love. Alex is reluctant to fall in love, given what happened to Lorna and Maddie. He probably has a point. Oh, we can also add Scarlett to the list of women he liked who things ended poorly for. I’m sure things will go better this time. Right?

Anyway, while they’re out at dinner, mercs show up to grab Leila, accompanied by a guy dressed as the Living Pharaoh. One of the mercs throws a grenade and blows up the restaurant, and the Pharaoh kills the dude in anger for depriving them of half their prize. And Leila cries.

This is a pretty good installment. It just sails past the time Alex and Leila spend together, but it’s probably not stuff that needed to be seen, anyway. I mean, I would’ve liked to have seen it, but I enjoy that sort of thing. But in a story like this, it’s not really necessary. Just skipping ahead a few days, via a brief montage and captions, gets across the point that they like each other. Alex’s concerns about falling in love are pretty sad. The guy’s had some terrible luck. On the other hand, he also keeps meeting women, while I haven’t gotten so much as a peck on the cheek in over three years. So I find it tough to feel too bad for him. The art’s good, but as I said, his power isn’t really shown very well. But other than that, it’s fine work. Very conventional, but very competent. This is a good part of the story.

The issue also features a story about Ursa Major, the Russian mutant bear. Who is awesome, just on account of being a Russian mutant bear.

And Part 3, “A Heart On Fire.”

A Heart On Fire

Coldblood looks stupid.

Alex is on a rough street, looking for information in a seedy bar. He finds one of the mercs who took Leila, and they step outside. Alex blasts the wall from beneath a couple of mercs with guns, and the dude runs, so Alex gives chase, and corners the guy, who finally says Leila was taken to Cairo, Egypt.

This is an incredibly quick description, because it’s a very, very straightforward installment. It’s not like I was going to transcribe the dialogue, after all. Still, quick as this description went, it’s a good installment, too. Alex is pretty intimidating. He’s got a cold anger throughout the issue, and it works well. He delivers some pretty good snark, by his standards, and he’s good at threatening the dude he’s interrogating. He does a decent impression of a badass. Not a great one, his costume does actually hamper it. It’s kind of a goofy costume, and it makes him look less threatening. Sorry, Alex, your costume makes you look dorky, everyone thinks so. Still, he does his best, and it’s not too bad.

So, yeah, little as there is to say about it, this part’s good.

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