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Excalibur #11 (1989, August)

July 30, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Two days in a row, yay for me. Today, by Claremont, Marshall Rogers, Austin, Oliver, and Todd Klein, “The Price.”

The Price

Sure, always blaming Phoenix.

Nigel Frobisher is distracted by seeing Phoenix and Kitty flying by, then Big Ben chimes the hour, and he makes a mad dash into Fraser’s Bank, and up the stairs, hoping to get to Courtney Ross’ office before the bell stops. She’s very angry that he’s late. Rachel and Kitty get back to the lighthouse, and Rachel feels a bit ashamed by what she did. And also apologizes for leaving Kitty dressed like a baby. They consider doing that to Brian, but the fun stops when Kitty sees Illyana’s Soulsword. She wants to get rid of it, so Rachel tries to help.

Excalibur #11

It might be easier to move the lighthouse.

Kitty heads inside, and finds Lockheed injured, and gets upset all over again. All in all, she’s been having a bad day. Back at the bank, Nigel admits he can’t pay the million pounds he owes Courtney, so she says he can work it off, while also earning money and power for himself. Then she clips an earring on him, so he always knows who owns him. His first task to hire Gatecrasher and her Technet.

A few days later, Alistaire visits Excalibur at the lighthouse. He is very bad at hiding his crush.

Excalibur #11

Jesus, Alistair.

She takes him up to see Kitty, and I gotta say, the interplay between the three is delightful.


Science puns!

I like Kitty’s little jealousy of Rachel’s appearance. More probably, her admiration that she’s not yet willing to admit to herself. But really, it’s the science punning that gets me. Anyway, Kitty doesn’t trust the Nazis, but Alistair believes they didn’t swap the trains, and has concluded that the robot head from the tower did it. But there’s no way to open it to examine it. Kitty also keeps thinking about how she doesn’t want Rachel to hit on Alistair, but it’s worth noting that Rachel’s not flirting. She seems completely oblivious to Alistair’s crush. Probably because she’s more interested in Kitty. Rachel does actually help Kitty, by telling Alistair she makes good chicken soup.

In the Tower of London, Alysande is getting ready for bed, when Nazi Kurt tries to rape her. But it was Meggan in disguise, and she almost puts Nazi Kurt through a wall. He teleports, and hits Brian, instead. Meggan wants to crush him, and it’s pretty funny. Good Kurt predicted Nazi Kurt would make the attempt, which makes him feel gross. Also, none of Nazi Kurt’s teammates are particularly impressed with the rape attempt. The next morning, Kitty continues to be jealous of Rachel, and feels very insecure about her own appearance.

Excalibur #11

Aw, Kitty.

I’ll be honest, when I was younger, I had a way bigger crush on Kitty than on Rachel. Rachel was hot, but Kitty was cute and really cool.She was way more type. Of course, I can’t really blame Alistaire for not being interested in her, because she was only 14 or 15 at this point, and he would’ve been presumably in his 20s. (I would guess early 20s, but still 20s.) I’m not sure how old Rachel would’ve been, but my guess would be probably around 18, give or take. That’s how she’s drawn. Anyway, Kitty decides to try dressing up.

Excalibur #11

Might explain why I’m still single.

Her own sexy clothes were shrunk, so she tries one of Rachel’s outfits, but decides she can’t pull it off. She phases the clothes off, then finds herself in a throne room, full of animal people. Including analogues for Excalibur. She forgets she’s naked, and then returns to the lighthouse, right in front of Rachel and Alistair. THEN she remembers she’s naked, and gets very embarrassed. Later, she’s trying to figure Widget out (it gets its name!), and Rachel calls her up. But first, Widget wakes up, to Kitty’s excitement.

They head to an abandoned train line where the swap will be made between the Nazis and the regular people, and it turns out the Nazi train is powered by a dragon. Rachel can sense that it doesn’t want to go back, and is ready to fight the Nazis about it. Kitty puts down Widget, who she brought along in a bag, and it zips into the train. Nazi Moira ultimately decides to leave the train, at Callisto’s recommendation. The portal opens, and Moira and the other good people return, but before she goes through the portal herself, Nazi Moira throws a grenade. Phoenix flares up to contain the explosion, and her power interacts oddly with Widget, and the train disappears, along with Excalibur, and Alistair. Thus begins one of my favourite story arcs.

But as for this issue, it’s a good one! Lots of self-pitying Kitty, which is a lot of fun. She’s so grumpy and it’s really cute. Her body issues are very relatable. Her crush on Alistair is cute, but again, the age difference means it would’ve been incredibly inappropriate had Alistair reciprocated. As it is, it’s just a schoolgirl crush on a teacher, even if he isn’t actually her teacher. I do like that Rachel apparently has no idea of any of what’s going on. She never shows any knowledge of Alistair’s feelings for her, or Kitty’s feelings for him, or any of it. Makes for a fun love triangle.

The Nazi plot comes to an end. Nazi Kurt trying to rape Alysande was deeply uncomfortable, but Meggan’s reaction was wonderful. She’s pretty cute when she’s murderous. The Nigel/Courtney subplot continues here, and is cool. Nigel is such an execrable character, that it’s so enjoyable to see him suffer.

The art’s good. It’s no Alan Davis, but so little is. Still, Rogers does actually deliver some good comedy. He keeps the tone light and amusing. He does good work. I’m still glad he doesn’t stay on the book, though. Because Alan Davis comes back.

So, yeah, great issue. Love Excalibur.

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