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Alpha Flight #73 (1989, August)

August 5, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Today, by Hudnal, Calimee, Manley, Sharen, and Chiang, “Homeward Bound.”

Homeward Bound

How long is Heather’s torso?

I actually really do have to keep on about this cover, because look at Heather there. Her anatomy makes no sense. Half of her torso is hanging out at the top there, which would put her waist probably under that first “finger.” So just her feet should be visible sticking out at the end. But her entire legs are visible. Which means Heather’s torso is twice as long as it should be. It’s sloppy work.

But on to the issue! The team is looking for a way home, and fighting some weird robo-dudes. We flashback to right after the Sorcerer (I’m still not over how stupid that name is) left them. Talisman led them to a dimensional rift out of the dimension, to a dimensional Crossroads. I think it originally came from Mantlo’s Incredible Hulk run. They head to another dimension, and Heather and Diamond Lil start arguing, and then Talisman points out a message from the Sorcerer that indicates he’s left them traps along their route back to Earth. Everyone also grumbles about being hungry and thirsty. Talisman tells them all to relax so she can concentrate on finding the next rift, but then giant fire-breathing snakes show up for a fight scene. During the fight, Lil saves Jeffries, and Heather gets a bit jealous.

Alpha Flight #73

Heather isn’t a subtle person.

They go to the next world and fight some big metal statues. Which does allow Jeffries to create himself a new Box robot. Then the next reality, where this issue started, and more fighting. They win and go through the next portal, back to Earth, but it’s pretty clearly not their Earth, given a newspaper headline about President Reed Richards.

Meeeeh. The bickering between Heather and Lil is kinda fun. I do have one complaint about it: As best I can recall, Lil never does apologize for her role in James Hudson’s death. She doesn’t seem to feel any particular remorse for having been a villain. She notes here that the government pardoned her with plans to put her on a new team under the government’s control, and that’s not a bad sub-plot to start up. But it would’ve been nice, at some point in this arc (though not this particular issue), if Lil had told Heather that she does feel bad about Mac’s death, and apologized for it. Not that it should’ve resulted in them becoming friends – it makes more sense for them to just plain dislike each other – but just to show that Lil is capable of feeling guilt. Make her a little more sympathetic. She’s fun, but she’s not particularly sympathetic, what with being a villain and now trying to break up a happy relationship.

The main plot of the issue is pretty bland. It’s them fighting through a series of minor encounters on the way through portals. Whatever. No big deal. The art’s fine. It doesn’t jump out at you, but it’s fine. The whole issue is fine. Very forgettable.

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