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New Mutants #79 (1989, September)

August 7, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Happy Civic Holiday, to my fellow Canadians. Today, by Simonson, Blevins, Williamson, Oliver, and Rosen, “Asgard.”


This actually seems like typical Boom-Boom to me.

The Mutants are in Asgard, with the possessed Dani flying free. She tells them to stay out of her business and throws some fire at Rahne. Hela has no idea how Dani got to Asgard, and is annoyed, because she wanted Dani to kill heroes to swell her army’s ranks. But then someone had to go and spoil her plans. So rude. Back to the Mutants, Dani’s leaving, and Rahne says Dani’s still fighting for control, and forced her body to spare them. Boom-Boom complains a little, but Bobby’s glad to be back in Asgard, where the sun makes him stronger than usual. He demonstrates by twirling a boulder on his finger, then tossing it away, where it falls into a hidden hole full of dwarves. A fight breaks out, and Boom-Boom freaks out a little.

New Mutants #79

Selfriend, yes!

The dwarves mention Eitri, and Sam tells the Mutants to stop fighting, and for the dwarves to let Eitri know they’re there. Hela watches all this, and tells one of her possessed Valkyries to take care of the Mutants. The Mutants are taken to a cell, and left wondering what’ll happen. And Boom-Boom gets a pretty great rant.

New Mutants #79

Aw, man, poor Boom-Boom.

You really feel bad for her. She normally presents this detached exterior, so when her real feelings actually emerge like this, it’s really powerful. And there’s a real sense of her just being overwhelmed by everything that’s been happening to her, one thing after another. And for all she tries to hide it, she does feel things very strongly. Rictor mentions to Sam the time she saved him, when he was ready to die rather than be controlled by the Right, and how it was a turning point for him. And that Boom-Boom isn’t as tough as she thinks. Warlock’s having a bit of an emotional breakdown, too, but Rahne tells him Sam has a plan.

New Mutants #79

Rahne’s great.

Bobby cheers up, too, and tries juggling, but doesn’t do well. Warlock says it was a game on his planet, which . . . OK, that’s kinda weird. The Technarchy are into juggling? Really? That’s just such a weird idea to come up with, given what the Technarchy are like. The idea that they’d even have games is weird to me. Regardless, he juggles well, with everyone adding items to the mix. Then Boom-Boom decides to join the fun.

New Mutants #79

Her two modes are yelling and bomb.

Everyone momentarily freaks out, and I don’t get that. They should know by now that Boom-Boom’s impetuous, but she’s not an idiot. She knows not to hurt people with her bombs. Sam starts to apologize, but Eitri gets there and lets them out of their cell. Over dinner, Eitri tells the Mutants the Valkyries have changed. Then the Valkyries drop by for a visit.

I actually like this issue. This arc ends up being a bit odd, but there’s plenty to like about this particular issue. Rahne shows the depths of her optimism, believing Dani can be saved, and believing in Sam’s plan. She’s really grown a lot from the early days, and it’s so good to see. Boom-Boom’s breakdown is definitely the highlight of the issue, though. She hates Asgard. Hates it so much. She hates dwarves. She hates magic. She hates prison cells. She hates everything and it’s very relatable.

Blevins’ art doesn’t feel like it quite works as well here as it did in his earlier issues. It’s the same quality, more or less, it just doesn’t quite match the tone of the story quite the same. I still like it, I just think another artist would’ve been a better fit for this arc. Or at least this issue. There is still very strong work with facial expressions and body language. Blevins was always a pro at that stuff.

So I mostly enjoy this issue.

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