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Marvel Comics Presents #27 & 28 (1989, September)

August 24, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Hey, why not buy content created by a POC today? Anyway, by Mackie, Buckler, Patterson, Yanchus, and Oakley, “Pharaoh’s Legacy (Part 4) – A Heart Unleashed.”

A Heart Unleashed

His circles are weird on this cover.

Alex exits a plane in Cairo, and is immediately attacked. He initially holds off on using his powers, I guess to preserve his secret identity? He thinks about how he can’t use his power in public, but . . . why? The people he’s chasing clearly know he’s there, so he’s not keeping his presence a secret from them. And I doubt anyone at the airport is going to know who he is. So why can’t he use his power in public? Anyway, he runs behind a hangar, then blows up the Jeeps the bad guys are in. Then he heads to the Cairo Pyramid Confectioners, where the merc from last issue pointed him, and investigates while thinking about how fast everything moved with Leila, and how he’s wary of falling in love again. He also mentions leaving a message with the X-Men, and that Logan worries about him. Chekhov’s Gun! Then he drops down a trap door and into a cell, to be attacked some more. He blasts out into a temple full of dudes in robes, and Leila in a bronze bikini with a knife to her throat. Classy. Any reason she needs the Slave Leia outfit? Was Buckler just that big a Star Wars fan?

This section’s kinda meh, honestly. The airport attack feels tacked-on, and I suspect it would feel even more so reading the story collected. It didn’t need to be there, and it could’ve been replaced by Alex doing some investigative work in Cairo to find the warehouse he needed. Or for something else that would be more interesting than yet another merc attack. The second half, when he finds the warehouse and gets caught, is more interesting. He gets some decent enough character examination there. The pacing of that scene is good, developing the plot at the right speed. The art’s nice throughout. Weird as his power looks on that cover, it looks fine within the comic. Very cool and dramatic. The action is drawn very well, even when it doesn’t need to be there.

And MCP #28, Part 5, “A Heart Determined.”

A Heart Determined

The blasts hit everything BUT Havok.

Alex agrees to stand down so Leila will be spared, and the head priest dude says Alex will have to fight in the arena. There, he has to fight a bunch of Trackers, those dudes doing the Living Pharaoh cosplay. One of them has a face mask. I’m sure that won’t be important. So fight fight fight, and we get a bigger hint about what’s happening with this:

MCP #28

That seems like a bad idea.

So they hope their armour can absorb his energy. Spoiler: It can’t. He takes them all down except one, who claims that the Pharaoh’s power was passed on to his one, true descendant. Havok blasts the Tracker through the wall, only for the Tracker to get back up, and be revealed as a woman, declaring herself Plasma, as all the other dudes kneel to her. Twist!

This part’s better. The action here is actually plot-relevant, and we find out exactly why these dudes wanted Alex. He shows hi determination, beating the crap out of the dudes while making clear just how little he actually cares about any of this. All he wants is to get Leila out. Beyond that, he is absolutely devoid of shits to give about anything that’s going on. Which is actually kinda funny. He doesn’t care what they want, or why, or any of it, which sucks a lot of the threat out of the Cult, and really highlights that they’re just a bunch of losers. Which I like. More good Buckler art. He’s good at all the fighting. The colours from Andy Yanchus are excellent, too, and really elevate the line art, and make the fight that much more dramatic and exciting. So, this section’s good.


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