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New Mutants #80 (1989, October)

September 17, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Today, by Simonson, Blevins, Williamson, Oliver, and Rosen, “Curse of the Valkyries.”

Curse of the Valkyries

Boom-Boom’s having a bad day.

Some of the flaming Valkyries confront the Mutants and dwarfs for a fight. The Mutants launch into the fight, except Boom-Boom, who’s totally freaked out by everything going on. Rictor snaps her into action by calling her a chick dwarf, which also works to get Eitri going.

New Mutants #80

Rude, Eitri.

Hela watches the fight, and is pleased the dwarfs will fight, so she can add them to her forces. She also wants the New Mutants, but:

New Mutants #80

Dani doesn’t give up easy.

Back on Earth, Freedom Force is still trying to get at Rusty and Skids, but they can’t get through Skids’ force field. She and Rusty plan on staying right where they are until the morning, when tourists arrive, and media, and then they can blow Freedom Force’s secrets wide open. Avalanche and Crimson Commando return in a new helicopter, blow a big hole around Skids’ force field, and then Blob can just pick them up. Clever.

Back in Asgard, Dani shows up and sprinkles a powder that freezes the Mutants and Dwarfs. The Mutants are taken to a cell, where Boom-Boom complains and the others argue with her, but honestly, let the girl vent. Though I suppose the arguing does actually help.

New Mutants #80

Bombs are always the solution.

With her out of the room, she can move again, but the guards outside heard the commotion. She thinks about how she could run. But she doesn’t, of course.

New Mutants #80

Boom-Boom’s good people.

I really love how she doesn’t even really hesitate. Even as she thinks about escaping, she’s already taking steps to free the others. She complains about it, but she still rescued them. With them saved, there’s still a few guards to deal with. And a pretty great joke.

New Mutants #80

Love this little bit of teasing.

Also, I’m kinda with Boom-Boom in this panel:

New Mutants #80

She gets my vote.

They see some trolls bring Hrimhari, Rahne’s wolf prince from her last visit, to a cell. They free him, and he tells them they need to get out. He explains that Hela is building an army for an assault on Asgard. She also starts creating a portal to Hel. The Mutants debate what to do, with Sam considering it carefully. In the old days, they would’ve tried for a shot at Hela. But the team isn’t at full strength, and Doug’s death is still pretty fresh in Sam’s mind, so he decides on going to Odin. Also, Hela starts to create a portal sealing the fortress of from Asgard, and Warlock isn’t able to get everyone out in time. Only he, Boom-Boom and Hrimhari are outside the seal when it closes, while the rest are still stuck inside.

Side note: In the letters page, someone complained about the issue where Warlock has to come to terms with Doug being dead was “useless.” Useless! One of the most tear-jerking issues of any comic, and this guy calls it “useless.”

Pretty good issue. Boom-Boom is her usual delightful self. Always complaining, but still getting the job done, and being more effective than any of the others, if we’re honest. She’s great. Really fun. I can’t blame her for being freaked out, and I love that, for all she hates everything going on, she’s loyal to her friends. She really doesn’t want to abandon them. I also actually really like Sam’s thoughts when deciding what to do. It shows him really maturing into being a good leader in his own right. He and Dani had always been co-leaders, but Dani always felt like the main leader, the one who decided what the team should do. Sam shows that he’s good at it, too. He makes a smart decision. Even if it doesn’t quite go as planned. Hela is awesome. I love Hela.

Blevins’ art is very good, I enjoy his art style, though I’m still not entirely sold on him being the right choice for these issues. Still, it feels like it works better here than the previous issue, and I’m not even sure why. But I like it in this issue. I think the writing just goes better with the cartoonish art. Simonson and Blevins liked working together, and this issue has their collaboration back to its full strength, after an issue of them getting back into their groove.

So far, this arc is still good. It’ll run into problems soon, though. But I’ll get to those in later issues.

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