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Wolverine #13 (1989, October)

October 7, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. So may as well kick it off with the Canucklehead. By PAD, Buscema, Sienkewicz, Oliver, and Bruzenak, “The Gehenna Stone Affair (Part 3 of 6): Blood Ties.”

Blood Ties

What’s scarier than Wolverine? Wolverine on fire.

A couple brothers walk into the Princess Bar, and one flashes a shiny stone. In San Francisco, Logan and the others are being pursued by a cop car, so Logan jumps out to land on the cop car. He admits to knowing little about car engines, so he just stabs it. Then he flips back into the other car. It’s honestly a stupidly over-the-top scene. It’s too silly to even be fun, honestly. It’s just cringe-y. “Look how cool he is!” No. It would’ve been better if he’d landed in the car hard.

Back in Madripoor, Larry and Garry bicker a bit, then make up. Something strange about them! And that rock, I’ll bet! Then Burt gives a history lesson on the Gehenna Stone. At Gehenna, outside Jerusalem, people used to do all sorts of evil stuff, led by a demon named Ba’al, and god was pissed, so he sent a hero known as the Hand of God to kill Ba’al. His soul slipped into a gem prepared ahead of time, but it got smashed by the divine metacarpus, and scattered to the winds. But archaeologists have been finding pieces, and those pieces have been getting stolen from museums. So Burt stole a piece so he could protect it. Logan asks to see the rock, and Burt pulls a Gollum.

Wolverine #13

His Preciousssss.

Back in Madripoor, Larry and Garry aren’t getting along. Larry is paranoid, convinced Gary wants to steal the rock. In San Francisco, the group gets to the airfield where Archie landed, and are attacked by dudes serving a guy who claims to be a descendant of Ba’al. While Larry and Gary fight to the death in Madripoor. In San Fran, the heroes are outnumbers by the pseudo-vampires, and one of them grabs the stone off Burt. And the leader of the gang shows up, so Logan pops the claws to attack him. And this bit’s stupid:

Wolverine #13

Bones do not work that way!

Does he have adamantium ligaments, too? Anyway, he gets his ass kicked.

Wolverine #13

Same here. Except I don’t drink coffee.

The bad guys get away, Logan declares they’re going to give chase.

This issue didn’t really work for me. I do like the stuff with Larry and Gary, getting progressively more paranoid and more resentful of each other. That running bit was done really well. The history of the Gehenna Stone is reasonable enough. A perfectly fair supernatural background for an evil rock. It’s Logan himself who didn’t work for me here, I think. He was just too . . . Logan. Too cool, too badass, too over-the-top awesome. It ended up being boring. I’m also just not a fan of John Buscema. A consummate professional, a great visual storyteller, just not a style I enjoy.

So, yeah, this is a pretty weak issue.

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