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Alpha Flight #75 (1989, October)

October 28, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I’m still sad about Silver Surfer ending. Such a beautiful series. Anyway, today, by Hudnall, Calimee, Manley, Sharen, and Chiang, “Tigers In the Rain.”

Tigers In the Rain

What a desperate cash-grab cover.

Something I want to note about the credits: Editor Carl Potts had apparently just gotten married. I wonder if that marriage has lasted all these years. But anyway, the issue. Giant-sized, for extra . . . I’m gonna say “fun”? I assume that’s what they wanted to go for. Puck, at his tall size is wandering, and sees Manhattan, and Alpha Flight fighting other heroes. The fight isn’t going well for them. Human Torch offers Talisman an opportunity to surrender, which is pretty nice of him. It’s probably because she’s an attractive woman. She politely declines, and freezes and shatters him. Meanwhile, Lil is fighting Wolverine and Colossus, and doing better than she has any real right to. She even dents Colossus’ face. It’s, uh, actually pretty messed-up.

Alpha Flight #75

Could’ve done without seeing this.

Puck shows up and makes Wolverine and Colossus burst into flame. He explains about the world they’re in being malleable, and how one’s thoughts can create anything. The rest of Alpha Flight is getting their second wind, but they’re still in trouble. Talisman gets saved by Elvis. Lil karate-chops Iron Man in half. And Shaman gets saved by Santa.

Alpha Flight #75

Action-movie Santa.

So recently, I read an anthology I backed on Kickstarter. It’s called Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling. One of the stories, written by Alethea Kontis, is based on the Retired Pro’s Last Job trope. The story has a retired Santa get pulled into a missing children case. It’s a really good story, really well-told. A fun premise, but played straight, and made better for that. It’s a great anthology, and you should definitely check it out. Gun-toting Santa made me think of that story, and I figured I may as well have something positive to say somewhere in this post.

Anyway. Lil finishes off all the heroes they’re fighting, Puck tells the team they’re in the Dreamqueen’s dimension, and they all go home, bringing Puck with them. So now he’s back on Earth, tall, young and handsome. Which is so boring. He was cooler when he had dwarfism. When he was small, fast and hard, like his namesake. It’ll be a while yet before another writer catches onto that and makes him the way he should be again.

So this issue is pretty meh. Lots of fighting. The fighting is actually not too bad. Calimee was certainly not Marvel’s best or most dynamic artist of the time. (He also wasn’t the worst, if only because Rob Liefeld was working for Marvel.) His art could be a bit flat, a bit lacking in expression. There’s occasional awesome panels. But for the most part, it’s just adequate storytelling. You can tell what’s going on, but it doesn’t do much to impress. But this being such an action-heavy issue does result in there not being much character stuff going on, which is a shame, since that’s the kind of thing I enjoy most. There’s more hints of the Heather/Madison/Lil love triangle, and I can’t say I’m a fan of that. Frankly, under Hudnall, I’m not all that interested in any of three to begin with. They’re dull, and so is their romantic issues. So bleh on that.

It’s honestly hard thinking of anything to say about this, because it is just so bland. There isn’t enough there to actually talk about. It’s not even interesting enough to be bad. It simply exists. And part of that does come down to personal taste. Like I said, I’m all about character focus. Someone who loves action will probably enjoy this more than I did. But personally, I just can’t work up the energy to care one way or the other about this comic.

Read the Slott/Allred Silver Surfer run instead. Seriously so amazing, read it read it read it!

  1. shumagorath88 permalink

    A shame that you couldn’t review issue 76 by Halloween as that would have been great timing given some of the Nightmare Fuel in it.

    Also since your a fan of Fox’s the Gifted what do you think for this idea for an episode.

    the main cast goes to a parallel universe a meet the Canadian superhero team called Alpha Flight(1986 version of the team… for the most part)

    Now the reason why I would have went with that version of the team is because they are to me the most interesting as some of the members are pretty weird(even by superhero standards)

    There’s Walter Langkowski AKA Wanda Langkowski AKA Sasquatch who is Man but after dying and coming back to life finds himself in the body of fellow deceased female team member Snowbird. (with him/her you could do a lot of gender issues about Walter/Wanda)

    Twin sisters Laura Dean AKA Pathway and Goblyn Dean. With Laura it would center around her Autism, (it would not a comical and inaccurate take like Sheldon Cooper but a more accurate portrayal like Sonya Cross or Temple Grandin.) and how some people expect her to act (one of the reasons why she like Alpha Flight is because they to not treat her like she’s 5)

    Kara Killgrave AKA The Purple Girl: Has a power that if she’s not careful with it could corrupt her, Has Purple skin like her father who she hates, knows she’s is a child of rape, and deep down she believes she does not love by anyone because she Killgrave daughter. but despite this she loves her mother very much, see Laura and Goblyn as her sister and see Jeffries as her true father and is dertermined to save lives and be a hero.

    Madison Jeffries AKA Box a Technopath who can can manipulate metal, glass, and plastic. Can communicate with machines, can phase his own physicality and consciousness into machines, thereby using and piloting any and all technological forms as his own body, and when merged with the Boxbot he is able to manipulate the robot to take any form he can imagine to the point that it borders on Shape shifting. But he comes off as strange because of his habits of talking to machines, as well as being somewhat introverted. (currently married to Heather Hudson AKA Vindicator in this world)

    Heather Hudson AKA Vindicator: (John Byrne version, wont be in the suit)

    Manikin AKA Whitman Knapp: more or less same but sometimes he will have… Mayuri Kurotsuchi moments… tone down of course. lol

    Aurora AKA Jeanne-Marie Beaubier: Is schizophrenic and dissociative identity disorder, although she has not relapse in years she still has to deal with the stigma of having a mental illness.

    this is a world where people are more worried about the threat of Eldritch Abominations bleeding into their world and devouring reality like the Great Beasts and The DreamQueen than Mutants.


    • I’m holding out hope for Alpha Flight to get their own series. SHUT UP IT COULD HAPPEN!

      More seriously, if Alpha Flight were to appear in live-action, I wouldn’t do the Mantlo line-up. I hated Mantlo’s line-up.

      • shumagorath88 permalink

        Yeah it could happen… and while we’re at it maybe Kara Killgrave AKA Purple Girl gets her own solo series (not as a villain).:D

        But seriously I hope that Alpha Flight gets their own series away from Carol and that Kara gets her own solo book.

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