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Uncanny X-Men #252 (1989, November)

November 5, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I saw Thor: Ragnarok last night. I enjoyed it. I’ll talk about it more in my pull list post. But for now, by Claremont, Leonardi, Kent Williams, Oliver, and Orzechowski, “Where’s Wolverine?”

Where's Wolverine?


Pierce is throwing a hissy fit about Logan being missing, which does not impress Lady Deathstrike one bit.

Uncanny X-Men #252

My money’d be on Deathstrike in this fight.

He tells the others to search for Logan, then continues macking on Deathstrike, telling her he finds her fascinating, and just generally being a creep.

Uncanny X-Men #252

Kick his ass, Deathstrike.

The Reavers search. One of them declares his hatred of health food, and I’m right there with you, guy. While Reese, Macon and Cole talk about Logan, Jubilee steals some supplies from behind them. She’s so good at being sneaky and I like that about her. I also like her speech patterns.

Uncanny X-Men #252

Jubilee is the best.

She almost gets spotted by Pierce, and gets really freaked out, until he moves on.

Uncanny X-Men #252

She does a pretty good impression of herself.

I really do love this sort of thing about Jubilee. She wants to be brave. She wants to be strong and fearless. She tries hard. But she’s still just a kid. She gets back to where she’s stashed Logan, who’s in bad shape, still bleeding, and who starts hallucinating Carol Danvers and Nick Fury. And Jubilee doesn’t stop talking.

Uncanny X-Men #252

Seriously, how could you not love this girl?

Logan comes to enough to notice Jubilee, and threatens her, but luckily, his hallucinations are a little more with it than he is.

Uncanny X-Men #252

Thank goodness for hallucinations.

When Logan pops his claws on her, she freaks and plasma pops him. Good for her. He deserved it. Even Nick and Carol side with Jubilee on this. And rightly so! She’s awesome, and everyone should always agree with her. Back to the search, Pretty Boy has found the Honour Sword of Clan Yashida, much to Deathstrike’s displeasure. She is outraged at him handling it. It belongs to the Lord of Clan Yashida, or its champion. I really like this scene. It’s a show that, for all she wants to kill Logan, she is still a person of honour. Tradition matters to her. It’s cool, and an extra layer that elevates her beyond just being a cyborg villain. Given Logan’s so big on honour and all that, it does make her a good antagonist, because they do have some pretty core values in common. Elsewhere, Bonebreaker tells Pierce that the base’s computer systems have changed, with some elements looking almost like living organisms. Regardless, the system can’t be used to find Logan. So Pierce brings in cyborg dingoes. The computer thing is weird. Far as I know, it was never followed up on. It’s a safe guess Claremont was setting something up with it, but given the way things go, it never had the chance to be explored. I am curious what his plan was, though. But now, back to Jubilee.

Uncanny X-Men #252

Jubilee can carry entire conversations on her own.

She wakes up with Logan telling her to keep quiet. Pierce and the Reavers are searching, and split into teams, with Deathstrike going on her own, and suggesting that Pierce is afraid. He’d be right to be afraid. Three of the Reavers spot Logan’s mask, and open fire, though Pretty Boy tells them not to. For all he’s an ass, he also seems to be pretty smart. He’s observant and thinks things through. As opposed to Skull and Bonebreaker, who just shoot stuff. In this case, they blew a hole in the bottom of the lake so the tunnels get flooded. Logan’s sneaky. Deathstrike finds Jubilee’s hidey-hole, and leaves the sword, to be reclaimed by either Logan or herself.

Pierce finds Logan, who takes out the cyber-dingoes quickly, and then Jubilee buries Pierce. And that gives them a chance to escape.

Uncanny X-Men #252

Ah, Jubilee’s hate of his macho attitude.

This is a great issue. It’s all about Jubilee being The Best. She’s full of sass and guts. I love her motor-mouth. Een in thought, she just never pauses for breath. It’s so entertaining, the way she just constantly goes on. So this issue is a delight. But it’s also really tense. Funnily enough, it’s tense on both sides. The Reavers have never been a particularly serious threat, but with Logan so close to death, and Jubilee being just a kid, any fight is going to be very one-sided. So there is genuine tension about what will happen if the Reavers find them. On the flip side, though, the Reavers themselves admit they’ve gotten their asses kicked by Logan before, and there’s even an Alien comparison, with Reese noting that they’re the crew of the Nostromo. Which is hilarious.

Pierce’s temper tantrums keep him from coming across as a legitimate threat. Which works. He’s a coward, someone to be scorned rather than feared. Which makes it so satisfying when Deathstrike smack talks him. The sheer volume of the shits she doesn’t give is great. She’s really good in this issue in general. She respects Logan, even if she still wants to kill him. Or, rather, feels obligated to kill him.

The art! Leonardi usually worked with Dan Green, but here, we get Kent Williams, and as someone who is really bad when it comes to recognizing the work of inkers, I thought Williams was a seamless replacement. He maybe doesn’t bring out quite the same level of detail as Green usually did, but it’s still strong art, with Leonardi’s pencils coming through strongly. And of course Glynnis Oliver’s still on colours, so, you know. Gorgeous colours. The art’s got a dark tone that works well to enhance the tension for everyone involved. Except for Deathstrike. The art gets a bit brighter around her, which is a good touch, as it sets her apart from the rest of the Reavers, establishing her as a little more noble. It’s a good use of art to show more than the writing can tell.

So, really good issue.

There’s also Classic X-Men#39, a reprint of X-Men #133. There’s also the back-up, by Nocenti, Lee, Rubinstein, Wright, and Novak. Storm’s out for an afternoon fly around Manhattan, but she comes back down to wander the streets instead. Another mutant, Billy Briggs, sees her land, and follows her.

Classic X-Men #39

Kind of a douche-y approach.

Then a handsome guy shoves Billy away, and she smiles at him, and Billy gets mad.

Classic X-Men #39

She doesn’t owe you her time, guy.

Later, Storm, Colossus and Wolverine are doing some yardwork. Colossus pulls up an entire tree. He’s strong. Then Billy attacks. He blows up a car, and threatens to disintegrate one of them. He tells Storm to choose who dies. She thinks it through, and decides that Wolverine would have a better chance of avoiding the blast. He does manage to avoid enough to survive, and Colossus hits Billy with a chunk of tree. With him down, Storm tells Wolverine not o kill him.

Classic X-Men #39

No. I’m pretty sure you’re not as guilty.

Logan does seem a little resentful of the choice she made. This isn’t a particularly good story, honestly. The premise is over-done. Storm’s inner struggle rings false. And the tension between her and Logan at the end is also rendered moot by literally the entire history of the X-Men. Good art, though. Jim Lee’s always been a very good artist. Even so, it’s just a bad story.

  1. Ricochet Rita permalink

    UXM #252: As someone that DOES give a great importance to the work of inkers, I think Kent Williams is a colossus and his blend with Leonardi is excellent.

    CXM #39: Do you remember when Jim Lee used to be a good artist and an competent storyteller? *SIGH*

    • I may have worded it poorly. I think inkers are hugely important. I just have no ability for recognizing their work. Some people can tell at a glance who inked a panel. I just see pretty pictures. I’m just not smart enough to differentiate one inker’s work from another.

  2. Ricochet Rita permalink

    Oh no, I knew what you said, I didn’t mean you were underestimating inking. I just was pointing out that I feel proud of being one of those persons you’re talking about, so I virtually always can tell at a glance who drew AND who inked a panel…providing that the inker is personal enough. Further, I think there are some inkers who turn everything they touch into gold (Sienkiewicz, Baker, McLeod, Williamson), meanwhile, unfortunately, there are others pretty poor who use to spoil it (Mandrake…sorry, Mandrake, but that’s what I think).

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