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X-Men comics of March 28 2018

March 29, 2018

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I got the new Erika Wennerstrom solo CD today! I’ve been listening to it while writing this, and it’s great! Stand-out songs include all of them. I really love Erika Wennerstrom’s voice. She is such a powerful singer. The easy comparison is Janis Joplin. It’s not a pretty voice, it’s not even all that wide a range. But there’s so much strength. Oh, I should note that Wennerstrom is the singer for my favourite band, the Heartless Bastards, a blues-rock group. So Wennerstrom’s solo album’s got a mix of blues, country and rock. Just a bit of country in there, not too much, just a bit of flavouring. But yeah, great album, highly recommend it.

X-Men Blue #24, by Cullen Bunn, Jorge Molina, Matt Milla (with Jay David Ramos), and Joe Caramagna. Shaw kicks Magneto’s ass, thanks to his power-up from Mothervine. Xorn politely declines the Ultimate Marauders’ recruitment offer, with Bloodstorm and Jimmy jumping in to help him. Storm summons bats. Neat! Back in Madripoor, Ultimate Malice has possessed Lorna, because Lorna just can’t get away from this crap. She beats the crap out of the Raksha. Shaw’s power-up ends up draining his own energy, and Lorna frees herself from Malice, but man, the Raksha get brutalized first. Still, I appreciate Bunn letting Lorna defeat Malice, even if I might have preferred it get a little more room to breathe. More of an actual struggle between Lorna and Malice. Lorna just kinda came back and kicked Malice out with ease, and I would’ve liked it if Malice had fought back. Not because I like Malice, but because I think it would’ve made Lorna’s victory more satisfying if it wasn’t so quick and casual. I’m also not really happy about the way the Raksha were so thoroughly destroyed. Bunn’s never really done anything with them. There was some potential, but Bunn’s had so many balls in the air, that a lot of them have ended up being largely wasted. The Raksha are among them. Meanwhile, Jimmy remains incredibly dull and pointless. Friggin’ Jimmy. But hey, Bloodstorm is awesome just standing there. There’s some other developments that are pretty OK, including Briar smack-talking Daken, and Daken getting smack-talked is one of my favourite things. Daken sucks. ANYWAY, on the whole, this is an OK issue, one that does advance the plot a little, and has a couple good moments for a couple characters. But it’s kinda too little plot for a plot-driven story, too little character for a character-driven story, too little action for an action-driven story, and doesn’t end up being particularly satisfying on any of those levels. On the plus side, it doesn’t have frigging symbiotes in it.

Old Man Logan #37, by Ed Brisson, Dalibor Talajic, Carlos Lopez, and Cory Petit. Logan’s paying a visit to Sarah Dewey, from the recent Kingpin mini. She wrote his biography. Logan wants her help taking Fisk down. And she is wasted. Totally drunk. Bullseye spots them getting groceries, and calls Fisk to ask if he should kill Sarah, and Fisk says no. I actually kinda like that. Sarah helped him, even if he was manipulating her the whole time. But he still remembers who’s been good to him, and he tries to be good to them, back. It’s very big of him. (And no, I don’t mean that as a pun.) Sarah talks about the work she did for Fisk, and then Bullseye attacks, having already killed a bunch of people. Personal note: I go back and forth on Bullseye. Sometimes, I find him a lot of fun. But I also often find myself irritated with the casual murder thing. Anyway, fight, while Logan sends Sarah to get the drive to her hacker friend. Who has a really nice apartment and that bothers Sarah, and that does admittedly amuse me. She wonders why a hacker doesn’t have a shitty, filthy apartment. Hollywood lied to her! The stuff with Sarah’s cool. I haven’t read that Kingpin mini, but she seems like a reasonably interesting character. All drunk and failing at snark because of it. It’s entertaining. The Logan/Bullseye fight is good, pretty even, with both getting their shots in. Talajic’s not the most dynamic artist, but it’s still a fairly well-choreographed fight. It’s a good issue, in a decent arc. Nothing spectacular, but it’s fine.

Legion #3, by Peter Milligan, Wilifredo Torres,, Marc Deering, Dan Brown, and Travis Lanham. Dr. Hannah is in the middle of a paranoia-storm in David’s mind. Hannah realizes it’s coming from Tami, the French woman personality, who fears that Hannah helping David will kill Tami. So Hannah’s actually starting to make use of her psychology skills, sort of. And we learn a little more about Lord Trauma. He was created back in the Muir Island Saga. And now that Hannah has a plan for treating David, she’s more excited about the whole situation she’s in. Good. She wants to unite the alternate personalities, but they’re a contentious bunch, and then one of them gets killed by Lord Trauma’s goons. But man, this book remains weirdly dull, which is the absolute worst thing that can be said about a comic like this. This should be a bizarre, trippy, endlessly fascinating comic, but it’s not. It just kinda moves along, not really doing anything all that interesting. Hannah is a largely flat character, still. It’s nice that she’s starting to get used to her situation and start applying her skills to it, but she’s still not all that deep as her own character. David himself is barely in the book, and his mindscape doesn’t actually say all that much about him, either. Lord Trauma is dull. I like Tami, but that might just be because she’s a cute woman with a French accent. The art doesn’t help, either. Torres is a good artist, with a really interesting style. But it’s not weird enough for this book. It needs more of a Sienkewicz vibe, and Torres doesn’t bring that vibe. You know, if this wasn’t a Legion title, it might be pretty OK. But as a Legion comic, it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t push hard enough. Which is very disappointing.

I also picked up:

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #29, by Brandon Montclare, Natacha Bustos, Tamra Bonvillain, and Travis Lanham. Side note: Much as I love Bustos, I miss Amy Reeder’s covers. A new villain named Cellar Dweller attacks with a bunch of weird monsters. And he’s captured Eduardo and Zoe. The Fantastic Three stop him, and then turn their attentions to the whole “impending end of the universe” deal. There’s also more Johnny/HERBIE banter that I love. Johnny’s hatred of HERBIE makes me smile. Also, Galactus and Silver Surfer being friends. Galactus appreciates the Surfer and that’s really nice. I like Golden Galactus, he’s a nice dude. And Lunella has a plan that ends in a last page worth rejoicing over. This series is so good. So weird and crazy and positive and good. With gorgeous art.

Black Panther #171, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Leonard Kirk, Laura Martin, and Joe Sabino. Okoye is inserted into Asira’s mind, to help deal with the whole Ras the Exhorter thing. Panther and Thunderball have a plan for dealing with Klaw, and Panther also has some pretty nice words for Thunderball. I love how Coates has handled Thunderball here, really focusing on the scientist aspect that so few writers have ever really bothered with. Also, man the assault on Stane and Klaw’s headquarters is awesome. Black Panther vs. Klaw is a great fight, too. There’s also a pretty damn epic last-page reveal of who’s been behind everything. And it’s also X-Men-related! It’s awesome and exciting and I’m psyched to see Coates do the classic X-villain he’s brought in. This is another great issue. I really enjoy what Coates is doing on this series.

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  1. X-Men Blue – you know, as much as I’m not a huge fan of Daken either, I wouldn’t complain about him killing off Jimmy Hudson. it could be a great villain moment, while also ridding the Marvel Universe of the most useless, boring Wolverine character.

    • I don’t think Daken will kill Jimmy, but yes, I would be 100% OK with Daken killing Jimmy. I think everyone would be OK with it.

  2. No X-pulls for me this week. That’s what happens when you cancel the 2 best books and leave the meandering-ass ‘flagships’ to carry the weight. Domino cannot get here soon enough.

    For other things: I did not care for Black Panther #171 as much as you did. There’s some good character work, especially the stuff with Thunderball you mentioned, plus Okoye doing the mind-meld counselor part, and of course the art’s terrific as always. But these big noisy issues always expose Coates’ inexperience as a comics writer: much like Sina Grace on Iceman he just doesn’t yet grasp how to make the big fights interesting, or how to deliver a physical climax. The way T’Challa deals with Klaw here is enormously deflating given how much work was previously done to both establish Klaw’s threat level and expand his character – hell, I’m still not sure what T’Challa actually did beyond run around until Klaw ran out of sound batteries or somesuch. I know it’s not the actual end of the arc due to the appearance of Mystery Villain (sidenote: what are the odds we get an explanation of how he escaped from Dr. Nemesis’ mind?) but this was still a weak one for me.

    In other stuff: Abbott continues to be excellent, Moon Knight wrapped up its first Max Bemis arc pretty tidily, and Si Spurrier and Rachael Stott’s Motherlands #3 showed me what a ‘neuroboosted placentamorph’ is, and I hate them both for that.

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