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X-Men comics of December 26 2018

December 27, 2018

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Hope you had a nice Christmas, if you celebrate it. I went to see Into the Spider-Verse again. Honestly, mostly as a time-killer – I had to go to my mom’s early, and my ride back to Ottawa was visiting her own family, and my brother had to work in the evening so we didn’t have a Christmas dinner, so yeah, it was something to do. But man, that is such a good movie. The animation is amazing. Today, on the other hand, can go to hell. I had to work 9-5. I am exhausted. I had to take a nap when I got home, and I still feel dead tired. And now I get to work my normal Thursday-Monday work week. Fun. But hey, at least it’s a light week for comics.

Uncanny X-Men #7, by Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson, Pere Perez, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Joe Caramagna. It’s the Age of Apocalypse, yay. Armour and Glob (who’s gotten a nice power boost) beat up some Infinites. They’ve been there for months. X-Man has led the two to Chicago, while Pixie and Rockslide are apparently hunting them. X-Man leads Armour and Glob to Sinister’s Chicago lab and there’s some talk about how the 616 isn’t actually better than the AoA, just subtler about its evil. Then Pixie and Rockslide attack, saying X-Man has to die in order to save their own world. Also, Glob comes up with a unique strategy against Rockslide.

eatme (2)

Wow, and he didn’t even wash his hand first, rude.

It’s a good issue, with the debate between Armour and Pixie being the strong point. Again I say: This had damned well better be leading to an ongoing series with these four (and a couple others). This issue does benefit from the fact that there’s no one telling the New X-Men to sit down and shut up. I will say, though, that Armour’s comments near the end about finally understanding the difficult choices that the X-Men have to make doesn’t work for me. If Armour were less experienced, then sure, yeah. But Armour’s been around for a while now, in very tough situations, where tough choices had to be made. Beyond that, the crux of her problem earlier was the fact that the X-Men didn’t treat her or the others as equals, so her little speech about “oh wow decisions are hard” doesn’t actually address her actual complaint. The book tries to shift what she was mad about so she can go through a “growing up” moment (which I’m sure will last exactly as long as it takes for the X-Men office to once again get bored of the New X-Men and turn them back into wallpaper who occasionally show up as students needing to be protected from the threat-of-the-month, because the old characters are the only ones the X-Men office gives a shit about). It drags down an otherwise strong moment. That aside, I enjoyed this issue. I like seeing the New X-Men get some focus. Their AoA designs are pretty awesome. The art is great. Always clear what’s happening. The fight is choreographed well, with a couple epic moments, especially from Glob. So, weird Armour forgetting why she was mad moment aside, this was a very good issue.

X-Force #1, y Ed Brisson, Dylan Burnett, Jesus Aburtov, and Cory Petit. In Transia, some soldiers bust into a home to grab a mutant, and then shoot him when he tries to flee. In Queens, X-Force is asking an anti-mutant terrorist where they can find Cable, who’s in a photo with the terrorist group. Domino is a stone-cold badass.

terrified (2)

She is very scary.

Kid Cable was trying to trade info on the Avengers in exchange for guns. With the answers in hand, they deal with the terrorist dude.

notdead (2)

The right way to deal with Nazis.

Cannonball doesn’t express any further objections, so I guess he’s OK with hurting anti-mutant terrorists, too. I like X-Force’s policies regarding awful people. Back in Transia, the President is angry against his top general for sending troops to round up mutants, as he’d promised a trade partner that Transia would be a safe haven for mutants. Huh, interesting. Meanwhile, Kid Cable infiltrates a Transian science facility to rescue Deathlok, who got captured while doing recon for Kid Cable. Luckily, it makes it easy for X-Force to find him. And then he gets to explain why he’s there, and it involves guns from his time. It’s a good start to the series. X-Force is already assembled, which let it jump right into the story. (Though Boom-Boom isn’t in this first story.) It does a good job capturing the tone of the classic series, dark and violent but with some good, weird humour. (Deathlok keeps referring to his “psychopathic human host.” Specifically that. Not just his human host, his psychopathic human host.) I really dig the art. The faces are kinda long, and the guys all look weirdly old and grizzled, but it adds a certain charm, and makes them look more badass. The story looks like it’ll be interesting, and fun. The character dynamics are entertaining, with all the characters having the right voices.

And there’s a back-up, by Brisson, Juanan Ramirez, Brian Reber, and Cory Petit. She was supposed to be in the earlier raid on the terrorists, but she overslept. By 8 hours. She heads to the warehouse and questions the one conscious terrorist, who tells her they get their guns from a time traveler. And also gets shot at.

jacket (2)

It was the only one that was clean.

Boom-Boom then accidentally completely blows up the warehouse. As she does. I love this story. I love Boom-Boom. She is the best. She’s so terrible, an absolute trashfire of a person, and she works it. She is always entertaining, and her snark game is always on point. And she’s a walking explosion, how can you not love that? So great.


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  1. Uncanny X-Men 7 is the best in the series so far, if only because it feels a lot more focused.

    I checked out X-Force 1, but I’m not really a fan of the art in the main story, enough that it turned me off a comic that was on my “maybe” list. Glad you enjoyed it though.

    • Can’t blame you for disliking the art. It’s definitely an art style with certain quirks to it. I mentioned the faces, but there are other weird things about the art. Worked for me, but I can’t disagree with people it didn’t work for.

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