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X-Men comics of January 16 2019

January 16, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Yesterday, I had an initial consultation for counseling. It took about 15 minutes. It was very weird and awkward and uncomfortable. I am just not good at talking about my feelings and stuff. So it’s really hard for me. Still, it’ll hopefully be good for me. I have a full appointment on February 7. The day after my birthday, coincidentally. So yeah, hopefully, this’ll be good for me. Oh, I also finished Runaways season 2. Vaughn is my favourite character. I love him. But for now, comics.

Uncanny X-Men #10, by Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson, Pere Perez, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Joe Caramagna. More fighting. Cannonball almost dies, which pisses Paige off. Yay for Paige getting lines. Jean gets most of the telepaths to focus on X-Man/Legion, while Psylocke tries to stop Storm, who’s kicking more ass than all the other Horsemen combined. As a side note, I firmly believe that Ororo and Betsy have a friends-with-benefits thing. Anyway, Ororo’s freed, and is not in a great mood.

unanswered (2)

She’ll separate them with her bare hands, at this point.

I swear, no one is more dramatic than Storm. Dr. Doom could take lessons from her.

agod (2)

Even a god can have an “oh shit” moment.

goddess (2)

Divine justice.

Damn, Storm is awesome. When can we get this Storm on the big screen? “Over-the-top” is basically her starting point, and she only goes up from there, and it’s glorious. This lets the telepaths split them, and Jean and Nate have another heart-to-heart. It doesn’t go well. And OH MY FUCKING GOD the last page says laws are passed to prevent mutant children, holy shit, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, X-office, again? FUCKING AGAIN?! Christ, can you people literally think of no story other than “attempted mutant genocide?” Is that really the only story you can think to tell about mutants? For fuck’s sake, DO. BETTER. I am so tired of this plot. So, so, so goddamn tired. We can’t get away from it. It’s just this constant, never-ending drumbeat of attempts to wipe out mutants, and I am tired of it. We’ve read this story. So many times. And yet, the X-office just refuses to stop going back to that same tired-ass well. And, as usual, there’s absolutely no counter-point presented here. Last issue had mention of pro-mutant protesters, but nothing about that here. We’ll see if Rosenberg bothers to acknowledge the existence of humans who don’t want every single mutant on the planet to be murdered, now that he’s going to be the sole writer going forward. Can’t say I’m optimistic, because the X-office has given me absolutely zero reason to be. Ugh. That aside, this issue was OK. Lots of spectacle, really fun if you just turn your brain off. The Jean/Nate scene was good, though again, it leaves me wondering exactly what the theme of this story is supposed to be, or if there even is one. Nate talks a lot about how he needs to use his power to do something before he dies, to do something good, but he’s the antagonist of the event, so . . . it’s wrong to want to use your power to do good? Is it a message against using your power to force people to adopt your idea of what is good? That’s all I can think. Another weird thing: When Betsy freed Warren from Nate’s control, Warren was pissed at her, ranting about how he lost the only peace he’s known and blah blah. This issue, everyone else freed from Nate’s control is simply angry at having been under his control in the first place. Sooo . . . why was Warren’s reaction so different? Like I said, thinking about this story will just keep exposing more and more problems with it. The art is stellar, though, which makes for some good entertainment if you just look at the pretty pictures. As I said about the last issue: Style over substance, spectacle over storytelling.

Return of Loganverine #4, by Charles Soule, Declan Shalvey, Laura Martin, and Joe Sabino. Logan wakes up in a hospital, having apparently passed out after fighting off the X-Men. It also turns out his hotclaws draw energy from his ability to heal. The hotclaws are still stupid, and kinda keep getting dumber. Also, Ana’s been reunited with her son. Logan’s a little suspicious. And then Ana gets really nihilistic.

dreams (2)

“Ma’am, this is McDonald’s.” Haha, memes!

That’s pretty cynical. Not wrong, but cynical. Then she shoots her son. And says he’s not really her son, and that his name isn’t even Perren, it’s just a name she likes. Fair enough. Then a Soteiro dude shoots Logan with a big-ass spike that opens into shackles clinging to the wall. And it turns out Ana is Persephone, with the mutant ability to bring the dead back to life. Everyone on the island is dead, kept alive through her power. Persephone thinks death is pretty great. I kinda dig Persephone. She’s cool. This series? Meh. So meh. Logan is boring in it. The whole thing with the cages in Logan’s head has been wasted in this series. It set up this somewhat-interesting idea of Logan spending the series interacting with old versions of himself, maybe each one filling in a few more of the blanks of his past, and then . . . nope. Not even a little. Makes me wonder why they even bothered with the idea, if they weren’t going to make real use of it. This is a rather lackluster return for Logan, frankly. His death was a great story, really well-told with real emotional weight to it. This? This is bland and largely forgettable.

Marvel Comics Presents #1, I’ll only talk about the Logan story, by Charles Soule, Paulo Siqueira, Oren Junior, Frank D’Armata, and Joe Caramagna. It’s WW2, and a French sorceress is being forced by some Nazis to summon a demon. A squadron of Canadian soldiers try to rescue her, but she gets distracted and the demon is let loose. Logan fights it while Marie, the sorceress, works a spell to banish it. But it’s only temporary, and it’ll return after a decade. This story is OK. It suffers from the same problem that a lot of the old MCP stories did – being split into 8-page installments makes them feel a little more disjointed. It makes for an odd reading experience, a little too quick. And even reading it completed tends to be odd with these stories, as they’re kinda designed with these 8-page sections in mind. Still, it’s not bad. It’s not the most original plot, it’s a pretty standard demon-summoning story, but it’s off to a reasonably good start.

And the non-X-stuff.

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter #1, by Kelly Thompson, Mattia De Iulis, and Cory Petit. Jessica nearly drowns Kara Killgrave, the Purple Girl. Yay for her! I’ve missed her, she’s great. She and Jessica get along pretty well. They bond a little over hating the Purple Man. Also, the Purple Children show up, from . . . I wanna say the Waid/Samnee Daredevil run? Might have been a different run, I don’t know, I’m too lazy to look. Anyway, this is really good. Jessica is investigating why her daughter turned purple, and it’s really emotionally intense, though still lots of funny bits. It’s a great comic.

Ironheart #2, by Eve Ewing, Luciano Vecchio, Geoffo, Matt Milla, and Clayton Cowles. We find out about a girl from Riri’s past, who looked out for her in high school (when Riri was, like, 8), who’s gone missing. And also, Riri still has PTSD from the drive-by that killed her step-dad and friend. It’s another good issue. Intriguing stuff being set up, some more exploration of Riri’s backstory and what made her the person she is, and the PTSD is a nice touch. I’m really enjoying this.

Black Widow #1, by Jen and Sylvia Soska, Flaviano, Veronica Gandini, and Joe Caramagna. The Soska Sisters are horror filmmakers, which I’m not really into. They’re also Canadian, which I am into. And according to the solicits for this series, Tyger Tiger’s going to be a big part of the first arc, which I am totally into. So I decided to give this book a try. It’s good. The first half has her team up with Captain America to save New Year’s Eve (and there’s a lot of stuff about people still distrusting Cap over Secret Empire), the second half has her head to Madripoor. She puts on an eyepatch, which is amazing. I mean, she rocks it, but you know she’s just screwing with Logan. She’s trolling, she has to be. Anyway, this series looks like it’s going to be dark and messed-up and awesome. I get the impression they want to really delve into how depraved Madripoor is in a way that Logan’s own comics never could. Look, I’ll be up-front: her targets are child molesters. So, yeah, THIS SHIT IS DARK. And it’s off to a great start.

Black Panther #8, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Kev Walker, Stephane Paitreau, and Joe Sabino. T’Challa is not good at following orders, but he is pretty good at being an inspiration.


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  1. Uncanny X-Men is kind of mixed for me this week. On the one hand, the fight scene is great, and the scene between Jean Grey and X-Man isn’t too bad either. On the other hand, there are some lines of dialogue that are way out of character. And of course the ending is way too on the nose and completely unoriginal. The whole thing about this series taking anti-mutant hate to the extreme is tiresome, and this issue’s ending highlights that more than any other in this series so far. After the previous few issues all felt like the series was improving this one feels like a noticeable step back. Not a bad issue, but not good either.

    And I think that’s the only comic that we’ve both read this week.

  2. Shumagorath88 permalink

    So Kara Killgrave after getting out knock out by Jessica jones, almost being drowned by her,
    and then being thrown into the concrete in the air with enough force to shatter multiple bones in her body… just simply shugs it off after a few minutes… dear god the Goofy Grape is durable as hell also Kara should have knee Jessica in the groin after pulling that crap.

    Also did you hear Jim Zub, Ed Brisson, and Chip Zdarsky all want to write Alpha Flight. Unfortunately, Marvel isn’t interested.

    Out of the three Ed Brisson is the one that’s most likely to us an amazing Alpha Flight run because his writing style is best suited for them, the other two would make them too likeable… and too competent they’re suppose to be a VERY unstable team.

    • Yep, Kara’s no shrinking violet. She is her father’s daughter, and the Purple Man was VERY tough to kill.

      I really like Zub, so he’d be my preference for Alpha Flight. I think he could make them pretty dysfunctional. Either way, I’d love for Alpha Flight to get another shot, but sadly, they probably still wouldn’t get great sales.

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