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X-Men comics of January 23 2019

January 23, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). It’s worth noting that Trump’s ban on trans people serving in the military is part of a larger conservative push to ban trans people from existing in public. It has nothing to do with cost, it has nothing to do with unit cohesion, it has everything to do with a contempt for trans people and a desire to make their lives more difficult in every way they can get away with. And they’ll keep pushing, and keep pushing, and keep pushing, until they can just make being trans illegal. Anyway, here’s comics. It’s a very light week.

Uncanny X-Men Annual, by Ed Brisson, Carlos Gomez, Guru-eFX, and Joe Caramagna. This is the return of Cyclops. Who I still think should’ve stayed dead longer. I love Scott, he’s one of my favourite characters. He should’ve stayed dead longer. Let us really get to miss him. Especially with Teen Scott running around the whole time Adult Scott was dead, we still had a Scott. The same problem happened with Logan; we couldn’t miss him, because he was still around. Anyway, a few weeks ago, he blasted his way out of his grave. Then we flashback to a few years ago, with some faded-looking art to make it look like an older comic. Honestly, it doesn’t quite work. It looks too much like a modern comic trying to look old. You know what would’ve made it work better? Going back to an old-school 4-colour style. Anywho, he felt something draw him to Cambridge, where he fought a giant robot.

noclass (2)

Oh, Scott, you tried.

He takes out the crazy dude controlling the robot, a professor who was fired for being kinda crazy. I kinda miss that motivation. All sorts of villains used to be out for revenge because people thought they were nuts. That their response is to start wrecking stuff and trying to kill people basically proves the other people right. And honestly, it’s still a totally believable motivation. Anyway, one of the people Scott saves thanks him and says he and his wife are expecting their first kid, and tells him to look him up if he ever needs the favour repaid. So a couple years ago, Kid Cable paid Paul a visit. He brought the Phoenix Cage that the Avengers tried to use to contain the Phoenix Force in AvX. It’s broken, but Kid Cable thinks Paul can fix it within two years. That brings us to the aftermath of IvX, and Scott’s death. Paul is watching with Kid Cable, and says that he knew Scott had gone off the deep end (he didn’t!) but that he’s always hoped Scott would return to his senses. They implant a small device inside Scott. And then to the Return of Jean Grey, when the Phoenix temporarily restored Scott to life as a last bid to control Jean. The device was able to use the Phoenix’s power to restore Scott after the Force let him die. And now he’s alive again. Cable then lets the crazy professor, just released from prison, know where Paul lives, forcing Scott to choose between helping the X-Men against X-Man and saving Paul. After, he stands on a each with Cable, and says that he was wrong in AvX. Meh. So, here’s the thing: Marvel really wants readers to believe Cyclops was wrong. But “Cyclops Was Right” became a meme for a reason – namely, that damned near every time Scott has a disagreement with someone, he’s a lot more right than the other person is. He’s always the easier person to agree with, the easier position to support. And every time Marvel has someone talk about how Scott went over the edge, and how wrong he was, readers look at the things he actually did and said and go, “Uh, really?” And Marvel just doesn’t learn. They think having Scott say he was wrong will convince anyone of anything, and it won’t, it’ll just have readers roll their eyes. Meanwhile, if Scott just said that he made the best decisions he could make, but that times call for a different approach, people would believe that. But ultimately, I think the goal is to just reset Scott back to how he was 20 years ago. It’s an attempt to reject character progress in the name of an old status quo more familiar to the people telling the current stories. Which is so damned boring. It’s the biggest complaint I have with the X-Men as a franchise, is their inability to move beyond the way things used to be, so they constantly re-tell stories that have already been re-told a bunch of times. Age of X-Man is House of M is Age of Apocalypse is Days of Future Past. It’s just so much recycling, and that also applies to the characters, which is why Guggenheim tried to get Kitty and Piotr married. Let’s be real, I guarantee there is real discussion in the X-office about how to get Scott and Jean back together. That is definitely happening. The writer who ends up making that happen goes on my shit list. Anyway, in terms of the overall story, it’s fine. It provides a perfectly reasonable way in which to bring Scott back. And, as a nice relief, it shows a human who’s totally fine with mutants. It might be cool if Paul became a recurring character, as the X-Men have been severely lacking in human supporting characters for years now, though I’m sure he will never be seen again. Except maybe to have him killed off as a mutie-lover to show how despicable some anti-mutant group is. The art’s good. It’s nothing spectacular, but there are some cool panels here and there, and the storytelling is smooth. No complaints there. And no complaints about the story as a whole, really. I’m just disappointed at how soon Scott was brought back, and about Marvel’s insistence that we’re supposed to think Scott spent the past few years as a villain.

That’s the only X-title. I picked up two other comics.

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #39, by Brandon Montclare, Natacha Bustos, Tamra Bonvillain, and Travis Lanham. Moon Girl continues dealing with Bad Dream, as nightmares seep into the real world, and she ends up in her underwear at school. Also, Sleepwalker cameo, for all the ’90s kids out there.

Shuri #4, by Nnedi Okorafor, Leonardo Romero, Jordie Bellaire, and Joe Sabino. It’s . . . OK. I’m a little disappointed. Okorafor is better than this. I know she is, because I’ve read better comics from her. LaGuardia’s been good, though it’s only at issue two. This series, so far, isn’t really bad, it’s just not as good as Okorafor’s capable of.


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  1. I liked the Uncanny X-Men Annual. It was short and to the point, and showed the kind of hero Cyclops can be. I won’t say it’s great, but it’s not at all dragged out like Logan’s return.

    • And isn’t that so typical of the difference between Scott and Logan? Logan makes a big production out of it, demands everyone’s attention for months. Scott just quietly and efficiently gets it done.

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