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X-Men comics of January 30 2019

January 30, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Man, the weather’s been awful lately. So cold, I hate it. My birthday’s next week. Luckily, it’s on my day off, so I’ll barely even need to put on pants, except to get my comics. Speaking of pants, let’s get into this week’s comics.

Age of X-Man: Alpha, by Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, Ramon Rosanas, Triona Farrell, and Clayton Cowles. The world is perfect and mutants are accepted and there’s a weird ’50s vibe going on that seems wildly out of place for a world created by Nate Grey. Anyway, a team of X-Men that includes Nate checks out a weird phenomenon where a chunk of a town is completely frozen in time, because of some young girl who’s just discovered her power.

nearcrush (2)

This is an entirely believable reaction to almost being crushed.

Anyway, Nate takes the girl to the Summers Institute, and we learn a bit more about this world. To start with, love is forbidden, so children come from hatcheries. And uh, why is Nate Grey’s perfect world one where love is forbidden? I mean, I know he’s had some rough luck in that department, but it still seems weird that he’d think it needs to be outright forbidden. Anyway, in this world, Scott is dead, Hope and the Lights sacrificed themselves, and Sunfire goes nowhere without his mask.

sunfire (2)

The mask might actually work with a nicer suit.

And some history: One day, everyone became a mutant, and the world was briefly chaotic, with a city even being teleported into the ocean. It’s annoying that, consistently, the only way for mutants not to be oppressed is for them to be the only race. So stupid. Also, Bishop and Jean have a thing in this timeline. I’m actually OK with that idea. I have no complaints about that ship. I mean, why not? Go for it. Better than Jean and Logan. Kurt’s an actor, which is a good job for him. Bishop gets arrested by the X-Tremists, for being in his third relationship. X-Tremists is easily the Age of X-Man book I’m most interested in. Leah Williams is phenomenal, and she’s been saying a lot of very interesting things about it on Twitter. So I’m excited to see what she does. I hope she gets an ongoing X-title after Age of X-Man, she deserves it. With Bishop arrested, everyone completely forgets about him, and Laura takes his place on the team. So, this issue’s all about setting up the world and the minis. It is exactly what was done with Age of Apocalypse, back in the ’90s. This is actually a pretty common X-over approach, though. An Alpha issue setting the story up, 3-6 tie-ins to tell the story, and an Omega issue to wrap it up. They do it a lot. AoA was, I believe, the first X-over to use the Alpha and Omega issues, but by no means the last. It’s actually a set-up I kinda like. It does get more irritating when you need to read all the minis to follow what’s going on, but I get the impression they’ll all be optional here. I’ll be reading all of them, but the ones I’ll be physically collecting will be X-Tremists, Amazing Nightcrawler, Prisoner X, and I’ve decided to get Nextgen, to show my support for having a book showcasing the younger characters. So, four out of 6. And three are solely because of who’s writing them. Leah Williams, Seanan McGuire, and Vita Ayala, respectively. All of them are great, and all of them deserve higher-profile X-titles. I’d love to see all three get ongoings. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the X-office is willing to let multiple women have ongoing titles at the same time. Anyway, this issue. It’s fine. It sets up the world effectively. Hints at great horrors in the past, keeps a sense of menace pervading. It does what it needs to do, and there are some pretty good character moments. As for the art . . . I’m just not that into Rosanas’ art style. It’s entirely personal taste. If you like his work, you’ll like it here. He keeps his usual level of quality. And it’s not like I hate his art or anything. It just doesn’t turn me on the way it does for so many other people. Anyway, this was a good issue. It’s a shame that UXM suuuuuucked so much to get here, but this event is off to a good start.

X-Force #2, by Ed Brisson, Dylan Burnett, Jesus Aburtov, and Cory Petit. X-Force frees some mutants in Transia who are being taken to prison camps. They employ great amounts of violence.

saveyou (2)

This is pretty awesome.

Cannonball tries to tell them not to kill, but literally everyone else on the team are pretty much OK with killing. Cable, Domino, Warpath, Shatterstar, and Deathlok. They’re all soldiers, they’re all used to war, they’re all used to killing. Also, it turns out the Transians are working with Ahab, who’s trying to find a cure for mutation. Jeez, he couldn’t find any of the cures that have already been created? Also, the Transian general who killed the president has a mutant son. He thinks mutants infected his son, despite Ahab telling him it doesn’t work that way. Elsewhere, Cable and Shatterstar have a nice heart-to-heart, and throat-to-blade, and gun-to-heart. Shatterstar really doesn’t like Kid Cable. I’m enjoying this comic. I like the art. It’s got a roughness to it that fits the tone of the book well. Really enhances the violence. The story is good, with loads of tension. I am disappointed at the lack of Boom-Boom. The first issue made it seem like she’d be a part of the team, but she’s not even included on the cast page, so I’m wondering if she’ll actually appear again in future issues. Saaad. Still, there’s great tension among the cast, ones that I’m sure will continue to escalate, and there’s tension among the villains, too, which is good. Brisson’s doing some fine work here.

Dead Man Logan #3, by Ed Brisson, Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard, and Cory Petit. Logan is attacking the Avengers, thinking they’re the Sinister Six, and an innocent civilian is Mysterio. Sin is very entertained by the fight. I like Brisson’s take on Sin. She’s got a sense of fun that Red Skull never had. Iron Man has trouble with Logan, and gets a pretty great rescue.

hulksurf (2)

Best line of the issue.

Back at the school, Glob sees an Internet article about the ongoing fight, and brings it to the attention of Jubilee and Cecilia Reyes. Good choices. Jubilee was Logan’s best partner, after all. And hey, it’s nice to see Jubilee get to be the adult that kids run to when disaster strikes. She’s a teacher, after all, so she’s as good a choice as Kitty. She figures out that it’s probably Mysterio toying with him. Back at the fight, She-Hulk continues to get great lines.

canadian (2)

“Puny Canadian.” Heh.

Sin and Miss Sinister also have a conversation, which is not what it seems. I also really like how the issue ends. I hate to spoil something so late in the issue, but, well, Jubilee tells Captain America to back off, because Jubilee does not care about Captain America. The X-Men as a whole don’t particularly care about him, actually. Jubilee and Cecilia being unimpressed is especially on-brand, I think. Anyway, this is mostly an issue-long fight, but there’s some very interesting plot developments, too. Very curious to see what happens with Mysterio. This is maybe the most interesting the character’s been. I like the art. I’m not always a fan of Hawthorne’s style, but I think it does work very well on this book. There’s good stuff being done here. Way better than Return of Loganverine. That one’s a mess, but this one’s solid.

And the non-X-stuff.

Ms. Marvel #37, by G. Willow Wilson, Nico Leon, Ian Herring, and Joe Caramagna. Kamala and Gabe are babysitting. They’re not great at it. Then, shenanigans. Water pipes burst due to aging infrastructure, and we see all sorts of members of Ms. Marvel’s supporting cast, and it’s all really great and wonderful. As the penultimate issue of the Wilson’s run, it’s a great little look at what made the book so special. I love it. It’s fun and cute and focused on the human story rather than superheroics. I’m really going to miss Wilson, Leon and Herring on this series. They’ve done such good stuff.

Unstoppable Wasp #4, by Jeremy Whitley, Gurihiru, and Joe Caramagna. Nadia is not OK. She has a manic episode. It is legitimately unnerving. This is a really good issue. I remember a lot of people complained about the first volume being too light, Nadia having no flaws. Well. This issue should satisfy them, given it is extremely dark. Because Whitley put a lot of work into making Nadia’s manic episode authentic. I’d say it starts innocently enough, but nope, it starts off unsettling, and then gets worse. It’s treated as a very serious problem, as she bounces from one thing to another, not sleeping, becoming increasingly irrational. It’s great stuff.

West Coast Avengers #7, by Kelly Thompson, Daniele Di Nicuolo, Triona Farrell, and Joe Caramagna. Noh-Varr is very hot. The West Coast Avengers chase off the West Coast Masters of Evil, and Gwenpool gets a pet land shark named Jeff. He’s very cute. The cutest boy. This is a good, fun comic. I’m really enjoying it.

Captain America #7, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Adam Kubert, Frank Martin, and Joe Caramagna. Selene pays a visit to Baron Strucker, who is running a private prison. A Nazi running a private prison? This is as unsubtle as it gets. I like it. Captain America turns himself in, and Sharon Carter gets a team. It’s a pretty good issue.

Exiles #12, by Saladin Ahmed, Javier Rodriguez, Alvaro Lopez, Muntsa Vicente, and Joe Caramagna. The Exiles vs. the Watchers, with some really cool layouts by Rodriguez. So, this volume of Exiles is over. It was . . . not a great run, honestly. There were some great bits – Juggernautilus, and some really cool layouts here and there – but on the whole? Yeah, kinda meh. Not even bad, really, just . . . meh. It’s the only word that fits.


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  1. I considered picking up the Age of X Alpha, but decided that I wasn’t in the mood. If the event is good, I’ll pick it up in trade later, but for now I’m only sticking with Uncanny. I agree though – Uncanny X-Men has its moments, but overall it’s not that great so far. Lots of out of character moments, a bit of a mess of a story (even if the concept of Legion vs. X-Man is kind of epic), and way too many anti-mutant protesters.

    Captain America 7 is really good.

    • Age of X-Man Alpha was better than 10 issues of UXM, which is just sad. Some of the minis look really good. After X-Men Black: Emma Frost, and What If: Magik, I’ll pick up pretty much anything she does, especially in the X-line.

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