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X-Men comics of February 20 2019

February 20, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). May solicits are out, and it looks like I’ll be picking up 26 comics from Marvel. Damn. As and aside, 19 of them are written by women or POC (and 4 by WOC, and another by an enby POC), which isn’t too bad. Quite a few comics being double-shipped, which I’m not a fan of, but I’ll deal. I’ll also apparently be getting 5 War of the Realms tie-ins. Squirrel Girl, Moon Girl and Champions are all tying in, and they’re already on my pull list. I’ll also get Giant-Man (for Leah Williams) and New Agents of Atlas (for Greg Pak). May will also have Emma Frost showing up in UXM, and honestly, I don’t understand why Marvel hasn’t yet announced a New Hellfire Club ongoing by Leah Williams and Kris Anka, focused on Emma leading a new club that is ruthless in protecting and promoting mutant rights. I’m thinking Emma, Madelyne Pryor, Monet, Mystique, and a couple others. Maybe Lady Deathstrike. Karma would’ve been good, but she’s in UXM. Same with Illyana. I think 6 members would work well, and given the rest of the group I’ve come up with, another woman would probably be best. Regardless, Leah Williams/Kris Anka New Hellfire Club ongoing, it’s a no-brainer, why hasn’t it happened yet. For now, comics!

Uncanny X-Men #12, by Matthew Rosenberg, Salvador Larroca, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Joe Caramagna. Logan’s patching up Scott, and Scott’s angsting about how he killed Xavier’s dream.

neverled (2)

Stop trying to convince us Cyclops was wrong, we all know he was right.

Logan has a plan to rescue some mutants, but the plan goes sideways very quickly. They still get into the base they’re breaking into, and find the Warlock’d New Mutants hooked up inside Sentinels. So, Strong Guy, Dani, Karma, some Multiple Men, Rahne, and Illyana. The Jamies aren’t Warlock’d, while Rahne and Illyana are mostly fighting off the infection. They also rescue Havok. Strong Guy dies during the rescue. Shame. He’ll be back, though. He’s a white male X-Man created earlier than 1990. Of course he’ll be back. Blindfold and Loa are gone forever, because they were created later than 1990, but Strong Guy’s going to be just fine. Anyway, this is OK. It feels really short, and weirdly light on content. It feels like a team-building issue, which is what it is, but even at that, I don’t know, it felt somehow lacking. Still, the team is assembled now. So we’ll get to see how they interact going forward. I think my biggest problem is that, so far, there’s still nothing new. I know, it’s early in Rosenberg’s run, maybe he’ll surprise us, but . . . well, it’s kicking off with the most over-used plot in the X-Men franchise, it’s got mutant-hating government agents, it’s got “shocking deaths,” it’s got nothing legitimately new, beyond having an unconventional team. And yeah, I like most of the team, but I’d like them a lot more if they weren’t having to deal with the same tired mutant genocide bullshit that they always have to deal with anyway. I want to see Karma having to deal with the consequences of her actions in Dead Souls, but how much of that will we really get to see when the book’s also got the whole “things have never been worse for mutants, again,” thing going on? So yeah, it’s not that this issue’s bad, it’s that I don’t give a shit until it starts to do something genuinely different from what every fucking X-Men writer has already done.

Age of X-Man: Amazing Nightcrawler #1, by Seanan McGuire, Juan Frigeri, Dono Sanchez-Almara, and Travis Lanham. Kurt and Meggan fight a bunch of criminal mutants to stop them spreading a virus. Of course, it’s all just for a movie or TV show or whatever. Acting! Once the scene is done, Celeste tells Kurt to get ready for a dinner that night. Kurt feels a bit down, so he calls Jean to let her know he won’t be home for dinner. When he gets to the party, he shows what a sweet guy he is.

07mutanttears (2)

Rescuing a distressed damsel, as he does.

She’s sad she didn’t get into his party, so he invites her in, because that’s just the kind of guy Kurt is, and it’s why people love him. The party also has people disgusted at Irma and Celeste being sisters. And after the party, Kurt and Meggan smooch. Law-breakers! This is really good. Sets up the characters and their relationships, and sets up what will be the conflict of the series. Kurt is a really nice guy here, and I always like seeing Kurt just being sweet. Beyond that, there’s a little bit of promoting the idea of theatre people being more tolerant, with Amara jumping to the defence of the Cuckoos, and with Meggan arguing that theatre people are supposed to be the strange ones. I also love that Kylun is used, McGuire showing her love of Excalibur there. Of course, the Kurt/Meggan romance is showing her Excalibur love, too, but it’s always cool when Kylun pops up. Also, Amara just walking around with flames coming out of her hair is really, really cool and I like it.

Return of Loganverine #5, by Charles Soule, Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten, Laura Martin, and Joe Sabino. Logan’s taken to a space station to meet Persephone, where she’s assembled a community of great minds with a wide variety of skills, including scientists, musicians, even a couple chefs. She reveals she brought him back to life as her agent, and had him kill for her. She offers him a new life, a new beginning, and he politely declines.

fuckdeath (2)


She tries to gas him to death, and he claws his way through a window into the void of space. Great plan. Once he gets back inside, he finds some scientists, and learns Persephone’s plan is basically to kill everyone on the planet and then resurrect them as drones the smart people can use to build a perfect world. Logan gets one of the scientists to destroy the satellites that would amplify the death beams, and then heads off to stop Persephone from firing death beams from the station itself. He slices his way through guys while his various identities tell him to let them out. Honestly not sure what the point of the caged identities was, it didn’t get used much throughout the story, feels like wasted potential. Anyway, he lets out all his identities except the evil one, then wrecks the station so it falls out of orbit.

And there’s also Wolverine: Infinity Watch #1, but . . . siiigh. I’m tired. I’m tired of Logan being goddamn everywhere. He just came back. And he’s in, like, 80 frigging books a month again. And I’m tired. He’s in UXM. The mini detailing his return just finished. He’s got that mini based on a podcast. He’s in Hulkverines. And now this shit, too? I just don’t think I have the energy for this. Some stupid goddamn mini thrown together to make sense of the absolutely nonsense approach Marvel took to his return? Because all his little cameos were pretty clearly written before Marvel had actually decided how he’s return. Same with his cameo in that comic about the assembling of the Infinity Stones. Marvel wanted to hype Logan’s return, but hadn’t actually settled on how to explain his return. So now we get this fucking comic, Marvel’s desperate attempt to have some poor creative team find a way to make sense of Marvel’s own screw-up. So I just do not have the energy for this. Not tonight. I just cannot do this frigging comic tonight.

And non-X-stuff . . . well, I wasn’t able to get to the store today. So I wasn’t able to get any of it, aside from the Jessica Jones digital comic. Which is good. Emma Frost is in it, and is delightful.


















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  1. G'kar permalink

    Uncanny x men and Age of X-Man: Amazing Nightcrawler #1 were pretty good. Wolverine Infinity Watch I though was just meh. This might be an unpopular opinion to some, but I liked Logan better when he was dead. Anyway, on a completely different note, the early reactions to the Captain Marvel movie have been good, so March 8th need to get here faster.

  2. I’m done with this current Uncanny X-Men series. That makes it the third flagship X-Men comic in a row that I’ve dropped. The first 10 issues, while flawed, had their moments. These last two issues have been almost completely joyless though. Sure, the prison break wasn’t too bad, but it still didn’t feel special by any means. And the fact that there’s no mention whatsoever of Ruth makes the rushed, poorly executed (and completely misplaced) suicide even worse. Maybe I’ll check out a couple Age of X-Man tie-ins after all – I’ve heard it’s pretty good so far.

    Like you, I’m already sick of Wolverine’s return. That’s the very reason I haven’t been reading either Return of Wolverine after the second issue, or Wolverine: Infinity Watch period.

    • Yeah, Age of X-Man is doing some fun stuff. NextGen and Amazing Nightcrawler have both been great. And next week is X-Tremists, and Leah Williams has earned immense faith, so I’m psyched for that.

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