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X-Men comics of March 6 2019

March 6, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Just one more week until I see Captain Marvel. No, I’m not going on opening weekend. I don’t want to deal with that crowd. I’ll go on the Wednesday, it should hopefully be a bit quieter that day. I’m looking forward to it. And this Sunday, I go back to working a later shift, 4-midnight. Woot, no more getting up before noon. Happy about that. But for now, comics!

Uncanny X-Men #13, by Matthew Rosenberg, Salvador Larroca, Guru-eFX, and Joe Caramagna. The rescued X-Men are hiding out in Harry’s Hideaway, because Harry’s a good dude. Too bad he doesn’t actually get to appear in this comic. Scott comes downstairs with a plan.

list (2)

This is supposed to be a hand-written list.

Caramagna is better than that font. Anyway, there’s some fun nods in there for long-time readers – freaking Factor Three? – but a few could’ve been cut, given they’re long-since resolved. Factor Three disbanded in the ’60s, the Neo were all killed a few years back, Proteus is currently dead (again), the Upstarts are long gone, Vulcan’s dead, Gene Nation seems to be disbanded since they haven’t been seen in a while. But oh well, I suppose with some of those threats, ’90s nostalgia makes them likely to return. Anyway, Scott and Logan argue on whether it’s a Kill List.

stabbing (2)

Dammit, OK, this is a good interaction.

Scott explains that the list is problems to be solved to make the world better before mutants disappear, to show the world what the X-Men meant. And then Logan gives them some uniforms, and aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK THE NOSTALGIA BULLSHIT, X-OFFICE! Most of them are in old costumes. Scott’s in his ’90s costume, Alex is in his mid-2000s one, Logan’s wearing his brown-and-tan one, the women are all stuck with the school uniforms. The X-office’s obsession with nostalgia is reaching the point where characters now even have to wear old costumes. Anyway, they go to a lab and fight a bunch of Madroxes made into murder-bots by Dark Beast. They track him down, and it turns out Sinister’s made him all mechanical now, with Sinister and Dark Beast both viewing technology as the real key to evolution. OK then. I’ll reserve judgment on that for now, to see how it goes, but it’s already got me a little wary. I’ll admit, I tend to be pretty optimistic when it comes to technology changing our lives for the better, and for the future of technology being used to treat more and more health-related issues. So a comic where the villains are engaging in this sort of post-humanist stuff, with nothing on the heroic side as a counterpoint to show that there’s nothing wrong with technology being used for good means? That happens a lot, unfortunately, and it leaves me wary of how this comic will handle it. We’ll see. Beyond that? This is competently-made. It’s fine. Nothing particularly wrong with it. It’s a perfectly competent modern X-Men comic. Things are bleak, so the X-Men act as heroes, fighting for a world that hates and fears them. Which is kinda the problem – I’ve read this story. There’s Scott/Logan banter, nothing new there. Alex warns Scott that he won’t let Scott turn the X-Men into what he did before his death, which I find hilarious given how many times Alex has been a villain. Also, Scott Was Right. Marvel so desperately wants us to believe otherwise, but nope, everyone knows Scott Was Right, and that he was a hero right up to his death. Sinister and Dark Beast switching their obsessions from genetics to technology? Honestly, doesn’t change all that much. Personally, I’m VERY impatient to get some real character work done with the remaining cast, all the women. I know it’s early, the series just started, but it’s still irritating that the women are all getting less focus than any of the men. Especially Dani and Shan. Don’t make us wait too long before getting some insight into how they view their current state, Rosenberg. Or tension between Illyana and Shan – let’s not forget that, in Dead Souls, Shan took over Illyana’s mind to use her as a murder weapon. That seems like something that’s very much in need of focus! That needs WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more focus than Scott and Logan comparing dick sizes yet again. And yet, there is absolutely no indications of any tension between Illyana and Shan. Which is stupid. Yeah yeah, “give it time” and all that, but to be blunt, that’s something that should already be shown. As for the art, well, Larroca’s just not my thing. It’s personal taste. He’s a hugely popular artist. I’ve just never liked his style. It feels emotionally flat to me. If you like Larroca, he’s at his regular quality here, so you’ll be satisfied. The comic as a whole? Meh. Give me something legitimately new. The Age of X-Man minis are all vastly more compelling than this, because they’re all doing something different from the norm. I really hope that, after Age of X-Man, all the writers working on it get ongoing X-titles, where they’re allowed to keep telling unique, interesting stories. While UXM, I guess, will continue being a rehash of old plot points.

Age of X-Man: Prisoner X #1, by Vita Ayala, German Peralta, Mike Spicer, and Joe Sabino. Bishop is in the Danger Room, a prison run by Forge. In his cell, he dreams of an encounter with a Sentinel. In the cafeteria, he bumps into Shard, who’s not actually there. Gabby makes fun of him a bit, Beast threatens him until Dani gets Beast to back down. (Dani! She’s in the real world AND the fake one!) Later, watching Gabby on a basketball court, he keeps getting visions of her. He gets visions of other people he meets, too. Memories that feel more real than the world he’s in. It seems he’s not the only one, either. It’s hinted Lorna does, and Dani definitely does.

09memories (2)

Dani has the most epic memories.

Ayala and Peralta hit the ground running. Very quick to establish the story and the character dynamics. Gabby is kind of a bitch here, which is very different. She’s got a mean streak. I kinda like Dani taking Bishop under her wing, telling him how to survive in the prison. I’m getting strong feelings that this mini’s going to have Some Things To Say about prisons and the justice system, which will be cool. You can’t criticize that shit hard enough. The art is great. I’m not particularly familiar with Peralta, but he’s got strong storytelling chops. Good line work, nice to look at. I like it. This is another good Age of X-Man comic. I was so sceptical of Age of X-Man when it was announced, but there’s excellent work being done in these minis. These writers need to get more work, and they need to be allowed to tell interesting and unique stories they want to tell.

Domino: Hotshots #1, by Gail Simone, David Baldeon, Jim Charalampidis, and Clayton Cowles. Something crashes in Antarctica, and one of the researchers who finds it begins a transformation into a Kirby character. Later, in Paris, Domino meets Black Widow. I feel like they’ve met before. I wanna say they might have even fought once? I might be wrong. I might be thinking of a time when Black Widow and Elektra fought over a target. Black Widow tells Domino about what happened in Antarctica. The meteor has been taken to Argentina, with three countries arguing over ownership. Natasha wants to join Domino’s team, to track the artifact. White Fox has apparently already joined, and there’s not a lot of love lost between White Fox and Black Widow. So the team is assembled.

12assets (2)

It’s one hell of a team.

Domino makes sure everyone agrees they’re going to destroy the artifact, not send it back to one of their home countries. But there’s definite tension, still. On the plus side, everyone likes the coffee on the plane. They go to Argentina to meet one of the researchers, and things get complicated.

15catsofwar (2)

Domino has the best battle cries.

This is good. Much higher stakes than usual, for Domino. Fate of the world stuff, which she doesn’t normally do. It’s interesting. But the real draw here is seeing how these characters interact. Domino fangirling a little over Black Widow is fun. I also like the moment of banter between Black Widow and White Fox. I look forward to more of those two playing off each other. The dialogue is sharp and clever, as you’d expect of Simone. The art is what you’d expect of David Baldeon. I know a lot of people hate his art. I do think that what people dislike about his style is toned down quite a bit here. It feels a little more conventional. So it should be easier for more people to enjoy it. I’m wondering if editorial asked him to dial his style back, or if he just wanted to move his style in a slightly different direction. Either way, it looks good. Good comic.

And for non-X-Men, I picked up Die #4 (which I’ll read in a few days, but HOLY SHIT this series is so good and you should read it), and Champions #3, by Jim Zub, Steven Cummings, Marcio Menyz, and Clayton Cowles. The team loses a fight against a dog. (OK, it’s Snowguard in dog form, with some of the newer members failing to catch her.) Also, Dust! Awesome! The Champions find her protecting a statue of the original X-Men outside Warren Industries. Good to see her show up. And it’s a good issue all around.


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  1. I didn’t pick up any X-Men comics this week, but I glanced through both Uncanny and Prisoner X. Prisoner X looked like it could be good. Enough so that I’ll strongly consider picking up Age of X-Man as a whole in trade. Uncanny did not win me over, and from the sound of it, I made the right choice in dropping this series.

    • It’s almost infuriating how good the Age of X-Man tie-ins have been. When it was announced, I made fun of the concept, and now it turns out I love it? That’s just not fair.

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