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X-Men comics of March 20 2019

March 21, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Speaking of Twitter, the other night, I tweeted a thread of unpopular X-Men opinions which turned out to be pretty popular. Christina Strain even retweeted one of my tweets, about the need for more mutants who don’t have combat-oriented powers. She also liked my tweet about more X-Men needing to come out as queer. Anyway, I shit-talked the X-Men franchise and got a hundred new Twitter followers out of it, which amuses me greatly. X-Men fandom is never happier than when it’s complaining. Anyway, let’s start with a comic I’ve complained a lot about.

Uncanny X-Men #14, by Matthew Rosenberg, Salvador Larroca, Guru-eFX, and Joe Caramagna. We get panels of Reaper on the run interspersed with Val Cooper meeting Scott and Logan. Reaper gets captured by Scott’s team while Scott asks Val Cooper to provide information that can be used to fight bad mutants. Because, at a time when mutants are being hunted and killed, mutants hunting other mutants is definitely the best approach.

police (2)

And that’s done so much to advance the mutant cause, hasn’t it?

Ah, gotta love the X-Men’s obsession with respectability politics. Reaper’s captured by Illyana, Dani, and Wolfsbane, then interrogated by Scott and Jamie. Hope reached out to him to join the MLF, but he declined, since he doesn’t have powers any more. Scott then goes to talk to Dark Beast, who’s under guard by Karma. I am so glad she’s in this book, she’s getting such great stuff done with her. Ugh. I know it’s early. I know there’s time for Rosenberg to do something interesting with her. But holy shit, I wish he’d at least frigging hint at it already. Anyway, Dark Beast tells Scott where to find some Marauders. Scrambler messes up Rahne’s T-O virus. Illyana and Dani settle Rahne down while all the men chase Scrambler, with Logan getting a knife to the eye from Callisto. Who then complaints that his skull chipped the blade. Callisto is the smartest person in this series so far. She then leads the group to the tunnels, where another Morlock Massacre has happened, because why bother coming up with new ideas when writing the flagship X-Men title. And Chamber chews Scott out again, and then tells him to take care of the survivors. Then a mission to Chernaya. Another month, another issue of UXM that does nothing the least bit original or interesting. Another issue with no character exploration going on. I don’t get the point of this series yet. What statement is it trying to make? Why is this the story they want to tell? What’s the main unifying theme behind it? Why was this the cast that was chosen? What are these characters meant to bring? Like, you’ve got Dani Moonstar in the case, a character defined by her sense of independence, her instinctive questioning of authority figures, and we see none of that here. And it’s much the same problem with Shan, Rahne and Illyana. They’re in the book, but they have no real personality. I’m sure Rosenberg likes the characters, but I don’t think he knows what the hell to do with them right now, and I think this series would be better if we had more character stuff going on early. And it looks like Chamber’s joining the cast, and I love Chamber, but it means even less room for anything to be done with the women, in a franchise where the women are the most interesting characters. Relationships betwee characters are being completely ignored, because Rosenberg would rather harp on about how things are bad for mutants. It’s boring. Also, I don’t like Larroca’s art. Personal taste, he’s good at what he does, I’ve just always found there’s a certain lack of emotional depth. So yeah, this series remains a total waste of time.

Age of X-Man: Nextgen #2, by Ed Brisson, Marcus To, Jason Keith, and Clayton Cowles. Armour wakes up in Glob’s room, covered in wax, with no recollection of what happened. The benchmarks of a great night.

02globdo (2)

I think she’s open to a second date.

Meanwhile, Anole wakes up to find a vial of Unveil on his desk, which he breathes in. Glob explains to Armour about the world being fake. When she meets the others for breakfast – sporting a cool new super-short haircut that looks pretty cute – she talks to Bling!, who says she was studying in the library all night, even though Armour remembers her at the house fire. Suspicious! Armour goes to talk to Glob, who explains that he thinks his bio-wax has been protecting him from the mindwipes everyone else gets hit with. Meanwhile, Glob, at Anole’s request, is trying to look up some specific information in the library, about the Life Seed. Side note, Skids is the librarian! Also, when Anole meets with his group of radicals, it includes Maggott and Transonic. Both cool characters. And this is a good comic. I’m digging it. Good reason given for why Glob remembers things others don’t. Armour and Rockslide doing some investigation and starting to realize there’s something weird is cool. Also, Armour’s haircut is cute. Very butch. And, of course, there’s Anole falling in with radicals. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going with, with some youth not willing to just accept what they’re told any more, and I look forward to seeing that spread. I’m enjoying this.

Age of X-Man: Amazing Nightcrawler #2, by Seanan Mcguire, Juan Frigeri, Dono Sanchez-Almara, and Travis Lanham. Kurt and Meggan wake up, sober and a little freaked out. Kurt wants to tell someone about what they did, but Meggan says it would be a bad idea and would just lose them all their jobs. He goes outside, and saves a kid about to be hit by a car, and realizes the world needs the X-Men to look up to. He goes back to Meggan, and agrees to keep it a secret, and when she confesses she might be in love, he agrees to also try to continue a relationship.  He then heads to the studio for a meeting with some people from a rival studio, Mastermind Studios. He’s meeting Regan, Hellion, Surge, and Phoebe Cuckoo. Yay Surge. She’s awesome and deserves to get some use again. Regan wants a merger, Kurt refuses, and Regan accuses the X-Men of operating a monopoly in movies. Funny this comic should come out the day it became official that Disney acquired all Fox’s entertainment properties.

15restrict (2)

Definitely doesn’t make me think of any specific current situation.

Later, on a set, the ceiling collapses on them. He figures Regan is trying to sabotage them, and decides they should deal with it themselves rather than involving the X-Men. Then Meggan invites him to a sex club. OK, not actually a sex club, but it’s a club where people are touching and interested in sex. Of course, with this being a Seanan McGuire comic, there are plenty of same-sex couples in the bar. She’s the kind of person who’d insist on that. It definitely makes a nice touch. In a story about forbidden love, it’s always worth remembering people whose love is forbidden in the real world. There’s a lot to love in this comic. Some fun show business politics. Kurt and Meggan are a cute couple. I do wish the supporting cast got more to do. There’s some real sad bits with the Cuckoos, but Magma and Kylun don’t get to do enough. I want more of them. Oh well, minor complaints. I do like Kurt deciding that hiding his sins is important for what his image means to others. I imagine it’s the same reason a lot of stars over the decades have hidden their sexualities. Always a tough question, I imagine. It’s becoming more common, now, for celebrities to admit when they’re queer. But there’s undoubtedly still plenty who keep it a secret, either because they want to maintain their privacy or because they think it’d be bad for their careers. Certainly, men who are in particularly hyper-masculine careers would have to consider that. So it’s sad seeing Kurt having to weigh those considerations. It makes for a compelling story. The art’s great. Nice work with facial expressions, and especially with subtle ones. Really good comic.

And Wolverine: Infinity Watch #2 came out, but . . . still nope. Still can’t read it. I just can’t do it. I don’t care.


Captain Marvel #3, by Kelly Thompson, Carmen Carnero, Tamra Bonvillain, and Clayton Cowles. Som is Son of Machus, the son of Nuclear Man. Nuclear Man wants to marry Carol. He doesn’t want to be like his dad. He’s a good kid and I like him and I hope he survives through this. Also, Carol is a very effective leader. And Hazmat is cranky that another Jen has joined them, with Jennifer Walters arriving. I still love you more, Hazmat.  Anyway, it’s a really good comic as a group of women train to be an army to take down patriarchy and rescue their men-folks. I enjoy it a lot. And next issue, Rogue!

West Coast Avengers #9, by Kelly Thompson, Gang Hyuk Lim, Triona Farrell, and Joe Caramagna. Ramone’s mother was Dora Milaje. Explains where Johnny got the Vibranium piercings, and also makes Ramone a stone-cold badass. And also she has Vibranium-based powers. And I’m preeeeeeetty sure Noh-Varr might have a crush on Johnny. I don’t blame him. Another really fun issue.

And, digitally, Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter #3, by Kelly Thompson (again), Mattia De Iulis, Felipe Andrade, Stephane Paitreau, and Cory Petit. It’s really creepy! The art is Andrade at first, and then there’s an awesome moment where it shifts to De Iulis. It’s really effective. And it’s a great conclusion to Purple Daughter. It’s really powerful stuff. Really great.











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  1. It’s been such a busy week for me that I still haven’t had the time to pick up this week’s comics. At this point I might as well just pick them up along with next week’s. Anyway, it sounds like the Uncanny X-Men series needs an intervention. In fact it’s been a while since the X-Men’s flagship title has been worth keeping up with.

    That one picture you posted from Nextgen alone is better than anything we’ve seen in Uncanny so far. Even without context.

    Agreed on Wolverine: Infinity Watch. The whole premise of the comic simultaneously pointless and exploitative of Wolverine popularity. He’s only been back for a few months, I’m not reading anything with him in it, and I’m already sick of him.

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