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X-Men comics of April 24 2019

April 25, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). So one more week until I’ll be going to see Endgame. Because screw opening weekend. I work weekends anyway. And it’s almost time for Ottawa Comic-Con, too. So it’ll be an exciting few weeks. And I finished Star Trek: Discovery season 2 last night. Really good. I hope we haven’t seen the last of that crew. They’re such a good cast. And I need more Tilly in my life. The second season of Cloak & Dagger’s been good so far. My Little Pony’s final season is off to a good start. And She-Ra’s back this weekend! All our favourite lesbians are returning! Anyway, I read comics.

War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #1, by Matthew Rosenberg, Pere Perez, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Travis Lanham. A chunk of the team – Scott, Alex, Dani, Rahne, Illyana, Madrox – go after Nanny and Orphan-Maker.

staysafe (2)

OK, that’s funny.

During the fight, Dani hears the call to battle. She grabs Illyana and teleports out. Later, Illyana returns to grab the others to help Dani. Which means fighting through Malekith’s army in New York. Things go great, obviously. Illyana grabs everyone else from the bar, including Hope and Banshee, who were supposed to be prisoners. So this is why they decide to let Hope be part of the team. Though she’s not at all interested in following Scott’s orders. You know what’s interesting? This is better than the main UXM. The art helps, I think – I like Perez far more than I like Larroca. I think it also helps that it has no hate-and-fear shit. On top of that, if the pace is a little rushed, it makes sense, given the situation. But the pacing still works better than in the main title, where shit just happens and then it’s on to the next shit happening and then more shit happens and oh hey look what’s happening it’s shit. The main title is Rosenberg trying to fit 5 years worth of story into one year. This is him just doing a tie-in to a big event. Simple. All he has to do is have the X-Men fight elves. They’ve dealt with Asgardian shit before. I would enjoy if more of the New Mutants present would reference their past experiences with Asgardian shit. Give Rahne a line about how much she hates Frost Giants. Or something like that. It’s also pretty disappointing that Dani disappeared for over half the issue. She’d better be the main focus for the next two issues. This is her bullshit, don’t let Scott and Alex keep hogging the spotlight. Because they did a lot of spotlight-hogging in this issue. Like, the covers all focused on the New Mutants, but aside from Dani getting a little bit of narration in the first four pages, the New Mutants didn’t actually get all that much attention here. Scott and Alex still got the lion’s share of the focus. Because of course they did. I’d like that to change in the next two issues, and for the New Mutants to get far more to do. But at least we have Pere Perez on art. He’s great. Really makes the characters live and breathe, and does excellent fight choreography. So his art automatically makes this better than the main series.

Age of X-Man: X-Tremists #3, by Leah Williams, Georges Jeanty, Roberto Poggi, Jim Charalampidis, and Clayton Cowles. Fred’s got it bad for Betsy, and who can blame him when she’s on her hands and knees on his table. They trade little looks the next day. And Betsy makes biscuits.

04recipe (2)

This series is actually about baking snacks.

Moneta also accuses Betsy of working for La Resistance. Not because of the biscuits. Probably. Maybe? Anyway, there’s also still questions about what to do with Nezumi, the pregnant woman chained in their basement. Betsy visits Fred at home, and hates his taste in books. She talks about her insecurities regarding her body, her struggles with an eating disorder, it’s some really raw, powerful stuff. It adds some layers to Betsy, and it’s so sad and such good writing. Also:

10greekwars (2)

Leah freaking Williams, people.

I love it. That was perfect. A powerful, tear-jerking monologue about self-loathing and dissatisfaction with one’s appearance, followed by a brutally straightforward declaration of attraction. Just perfect. It’s why I love Williams. Emotionally heavy content mixed with shit-posting. She’s amazing. Put her on Uncanny X-Men. Let her have at least a 5-year run. I’d read her on UXM for 20 years, honestly, but at least give her 5 years as the architect of the X-Men line, and let her focus on the soap opera aspects that we all love about the X-Men. Anyway, this is great. Love the Blobsy content. Williams does a great job selling the ship. It’s easy to see why Betsy would care for Fred, he’s such a sweetie. Moneta becomes increasingly a problem, and she’s awful, but I still can’t help but like her and want to see her keep showing up in the mainstream universe as well. She is just so wonderfully terrible, while so convinced she’s in the right. It makes her a compelling antagonist. Ooooooh, she could join Emma’s new Hellfire Club! Her ruthless dedication to her vision of justice would let her fit right in there. Anyway, yeah, this is a fantastic series. So, so good. Williams is an absolute powerhouse writer and she needs an ongoing X-title, fast.

Mr. and Mrs. X #10, by Kelly Thompson, Oscar Bazaldua, Frank D’Armata, and Joe Sabino. Revolution against Gambit, and as we saw in Captain Marvel, Rogue’s got a new handle on her powers. And she uses them to get Mojo’s memories of the girl he likes, hence his current interest in love stories. Meanwhile, Spiral tells Gambit to bring her what she hired him to get, and also insults him.

16wife (2)

I love Spiral.

I love how Thompson writes Spiral. So much snark. Also, Spiral is finally freed of Mojo’s control. For now, at least – I’ve no doubt she’ll be serving him again within 5 years. Her soul obligates her to help defeat Mojo, because souls are rude like that. This is a really fun end to the arc. Spiral being freed is nice, her still being a bitch is even better. I love Spiral, I hope Thompson gets to write her again. The reveal of what Gambit was actually searching for is neat. And Spiral notes that it’s rather interesting what he sees. May indicate Gambit wanting to start a family with Rogue. Which I’d actually be OK with. Mojo doesn’t get much focus in this issue, but the reference to his girlfriend is cool. And, of course, we do see Rogue in control of her power, even though we already saw that in Captain Marvel. Love the art. Bazaldua’s great, and meshes well with Thompson. Good good stuff.

Wolverine: The Long Night #4, by Benjamin Percy, Marcio Takara, Matt Milla, and Joe Caramagna. As the cult leader talks on the radio about ley lines, people from the Aurora cult sneak into houses and steal lightbulbs. Meanwhile, the two FBI agents examine the guts of the captured bear, and find no human remains. The lady agent then goes to the hospital to check out the last woman supposedly injured by the ear, and finds it unlikely the bear injured her. The waitress from the local bar meets up with Logan, to express her displeasure that the explosion at the saw mill injured people. Logan doesn’t seem concerned about whether people are hurt, even killed, in the fight against the Langrocks. The male agent goes to talk to the kid of the injured woman, who saw her get attacked. He doesn’t help much, but the woman’s brother figures she was targeted because she’s a protest leader.

endangered (2)

I basically always side with Indigenous people.

The brother also mentions having read through the 1989 Encyclopedia Britannica. Nice. I am a huge fan of this guy, who I guess is named Sherman. And he talks about the Tarrack, a section of forest that the Indigenous people believed to be sacred and dangerous. Which is right where the female agent has been led by her tracker chip. And there’s also a very cool scene of Logan meeting with Sherman. This is a good story, gradually answering some mysteries while leaving a couple for the finale. Good investigative stuff going on. The agents are still really intriguing protagonists. This issue isn’t quite as good as the others, a little less characterization going on, a little more moving things towards a conclusion.

Marvel Comics Presents #4, by Charles Soule, Paulo Siqueira, Oren Junior, Frank D’Armata, and Joe Caramagna. It’s the ’70s. Sylvie wakes up, and tells her husband The Truth is returning, and she has to deal with it. Logan’s in a NYC bar, and wow, ’70s.

facialhair (2)

Those are some ’70s looks.

This time, they go to Bangladesh, the Bhola cyclone. Logan’s got his adamantium now. The Truth has blocked the road to prevent people getting to higher ground, so Logan clears a path while Sylvie fights The Truth. She wins, but it costs her her life. Pretty good installment. A bit predictable. Reads maybe too quickly, even for the format. But I do like the way each chapter steps closer to the present, and the way The Truth gets more dangerous each time. It’s doing a really good job building anticipation for the Present Day chapter. And, of course, Siqueira’s art is great in each chapter.

The non-X-stuff.

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #42, by Brandon Montclare, Ray-Anthony Height, Le Beau Underwood, Nate Lovett, Tamra Bonvillain, and Travis Lanham. Moon Girl has figured out that Spider-Man is Peter Parker, and wants to talk science with him. But he doesn’t want to. So it’s a classic superhero-fight-then-team-up. It’s fun. I’d be down for more of them teaming up in the future.

Marvel Rising #2, by Nilah Magruder, Roberto Di Salvo, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Clayton Cowles. Kamala knows a surprising amount about Arthurian legend, Deadpool’s Guide To Supervillains trading cards show up so they are 100% canon, and Squirrel Girl prefers “tush push” over “butt dial.” And Morgan’s still great. Fun comic.

Ironheart #5, by Eve Ewing, Luciano Vecchio, Geoffo, Matt Milla, and Clayton Cowles. Riri gets a needed win, and also a bunch of kids. This is a very strong series. Ewing and Vecchio are telling a hell of a story. There’s a lot of heart. And the book’s also willing to call Riri out on some things. Riri got a lot of heat when she debuted, and while most of that was definitely rooted in misogynoir, there were some problems with the way Bendis introduced her, and the way he wrote her. But any problems she had under Bendis are completely absent here. Ewing’s really impressing me.

Black Widow #4, by Jen and Sylvia Soska, Flaviano, Veronica Gandini, and Joe Caramagna. Holy shit. Black Widow is SCARY. Seriously, this book is brutal.

Thanos #1, by Tini Howard, Ariel Olivetti, Antonio Fabela, and Joe Caramagna. Thanos was in a pretty bad way before he found Gamora. Emotionally speaking. He just wasn’t himself. He was suffering ennui. Luckily for him, Death led him to Gamora. Anyway, this is good, I liked him.

Black Panther #11, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Kev Walker, Marc Deering, Java Tartaglia, and Joe Sabino. Bast tells the rebellion how useless they are, and how she’s going to make them less so. It’s a good issue. We’re starting to get some answers to a few questions, and I imagine next issue will have more.

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  1. It’s good to hear that the War of the Realms Uncanny X-Men tie-in is better than the main series, but the main series still turned me off of Matthew Rosenberg’s run enough that I won’t touch it.

    Everything I’ve heard about Age of X-Man makes it sound like I really should pick it up after I get settled in my townhouse. Sadly I just don’t have the time right now. I’ve got a growing pile of unread comics as it is.

    And of course, Mr. and Mrs. X is great as usual. There’s no reason to be surprised about this. The series really feels like a passion project.

    • Mr. and Mrs. X is absolutely a passion project. Rogue is Kelly Thompson’s very favourite character, and she ships Rogue/Gambit hard, so this is her writing the exact comic she’s always wanted to write.

      And yeah, Age of X-Man is definitely worth checking out, once you’ve got the time. X-Tremists, in particular, which is brilliant.

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