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X-Men comics of May 1 2019

May 2, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I saw Endgame last night. And, uh, a second time tonight, with my friend. (I wore my X-Men t-shirt, because I gotta rep my people.) I enjoyed it. Really good. I did think they pushed the comedy a little too much with Thor, at least at a couple points. There was also a really gratuitous callback at one point – a lot of the callbacks we get are great, but there was one that was painfully forced. And there were a couple other minor complaints. But for the most part, yeah, really good. But now comics.

Uncanny X-Men #17, by Matthew Rosenberg, Carlos Gomez, Guru-eFX, and Joe Caramagna. So Rahne actually is dead. The ending of the last issue wasn’t some fake-out, Rosenberg actually went ahead and killed Rahne, I guess because we need to know what the stakes are? It’s important to remind people that belonging to a minority means never getting to have a normal life, and having to constantly be on guard against being murdered by random assholes? Killing off Blindfold, Loa, and Strong Guy clearly just wasn’t enough. Holy shit. At least Rahne’s bound to come back, sooner or later. She’s a white character created before the ’90s, of course she’ll be back. But still, holy shit, Rosenberg, think you could stop killing characters for a little while? Anyway, while everyone else goes to the funeral, Logan grabs Kwannon and hunts the guys who killed Rahne. On a side note, this issue also reveals that Rogue and Gambit are believed dead. Also, Rahne’s death is mostly used an allegory for the murder of trans women.

trap (2)

It’s very subtle.

Hey, you know what’d be way better than allegorically murdering trans people? Letting trans people actually frigging exist in your comics. I wonder if Marvel’s ever thought of that? And in particular, I wonder if the X-office has ever thought about including trans characters? I mean, I know the X-office loves its allegorical representation, but maybe they could consider actual representation, too? It’s long past time they included a trans mutant. It’s not tough to do. Every writer wants to make a thousand new mutants, ask one of those writers if they have any ideas for a new trans mutant who can join the team. Next teen title they do, trans student, boom, done, easy. Anyway, yeah, Rosenberg killed off yet another character in order to do some bland commentary on Trans Panic Defence. Kudos on not supporting the murder of trans folks, I guess. Get back to me when he includes trans characters in his comics. Beyond that? It’s a funeral issue. Characters talk about how great Rahne was and how tired they are of burying their friends, while Logan goes for vengeance. Nothing particularly stands out about it. And I mean, maybe it’s just me, but . . . Dani and Rahne were always described as soulmates. Whether you read that as platonic or romantic, that’s how close they were. So maybe it would’ve been more effective if she’d been the one who confronted her soulmate’s murderers? Instead of a bland eulogy about believing in Rahne. Ah, but then we wouldn’t have gotten oh-so-crucial Scott/Logan pissing match. Yeah, that definitely takes precedence over anything else. After all, we’ve only seen that dozens of times over the past 45 years. Bleh. This book continues to just make me mad.

Age of X-Man: Prisoner X #3, by Vita Ayala, German Peralta, Mike Spicer, and Joe Sabino. Bishop narrates as we see various people experiencing memory flashes. Bishop thinks that his time travel experiences give him an advantage with the conflicting memories. Meanwhile, Gabby pops the claws to try to kill a random girl who did literally nothing to her but who Gabby is convinced is a psychic.

03seelies (2)

Clone Power fistbump, alongside super-scary Gabby.

Hank gets her to calm down, and then Dani talks to Hank about how she’s missing the anger that always drove her. She then helps Lorna free herself. Which doesn’t go as expected. And we also get one hell of a last page reveal. This continues to be a great series. There’s hints about something else going on with Dani, as Hank mentions he’s only able to think when she’s around. Given there’s another Dani in the “real” world, I’m very curious what the deal is with this Dani. You know, I’d be totally OK with two Dani Moonstars going forward. Especially if one continues to be written by Vita Ayala. Who I really, really hope gets an ongoing X-title. They’re doing great work with these characters. I love their take on Gabby, too, this violent criminal jerk take on her. It’s interesting to see. I’m also wondering if, perhaps, Lorna’s severe mental health issues in this mini are related to her being bipolar, if maybe this reality is exacerbating it. Regardless, this is a great comic.

Domino: Hotshots #3, by Gail Simone, David Baldeon, Michael Shelfer, Jim Charalampidis, and Clayton Cowles. Diamondback reflects on how people have always called her a snob. Even teachers called her that. But Domino saw past that and saw more, and Diamondback loves her for it, and is willing to take some really stupid risks for her. Like, for example, letting go of the hurtling plane to get to a better position to grab Domino’s hand.

08mutiny (2)

Great layout.

Once the plane’s done crashing, Natasha calls Stark to tell him to back down and let Domino’s team hunt down the artifact. And Domino still clearly has a girl-crush on her. While Diamondback decides to hook up with Deadpool. Which is . . . unexpected. There’s another round of settling doubts about loyalty, which has gotten old already. We can do without any more of that. And Tony helps them actually track the target, but they’re not the only ones tracking it. Good issue, aside from the repetition of having the new ladies agree to work together. Diamondback and Deadpool is very unexpected, and unless Simone gets tapped as the next Deadpool writer – which she should be! – won’t actually go anywhere. Alas. But other than that, the crash is exciting, there’s more good character stuff and the wonderful relationship between the trio. A cool moment when they find new opponents. And a great cliffhanger that raises the stakes considerably. Really good issue.

Dead Man Logan #7, by Ed Brisson, Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard, and Cory Petit. Logan walks into a tiny town in Florida, gets attacked by some dumbasses who think attacking a guy with claws coming out of his hands is a good idea, and he takes one of their trucks. Road trip! Then he gets ambushed and captured by cannibals. They hold him for weeks, until he gets rescued by Dani Cage and Bruce, Jr., the Hulk baby who’s now a Hulk 7-year-old.

danicage (2)

Make her the Captain America of the Wasteland!

I really do hope that she ends up getting Captain America’s shield, and decides to become Captain America in this reality. I love Dani Cage as the Captain America of the future. She’s awesome. Plus, “I am the shield!” is a pretty awesome catchphrase. Anyway, she beats Logan up and tells him off for disappearing for 7 years. Which is fair. It’s a sign of how weak Logan is that he almost died at the hands of a bunch of cannibal hicks. Helps demonstrate the poor health he’s in. I look forward to more road trip stuff. Road trips make fun stories. We’ll see how good a foil Dani makes for him. She should be good, she usually is, but this isn’t normal Dani. She’s someone who won’t put up with his bullshit, that’s always important with Logan. There’s a development at the end of the issue that I had to kinda roll my eyes at, even knowing it was coming. But other than that, this is good. Solid issue.

Major X #3, by Rob Liefeld, Whilce Portacio, Romulo Fajardo, Jr., and Joe Sabino. Oh good, Portacio, this comic wasn’t painful enough to read as it was. I’ve never liked Portacio’s style. It’s so creepy to me. And not in a good way. Anyway, Logan and M’Koy spar in the Danger Room, when Cable an Major X teleport back in, with a couple sliders to get them when they need to go. Back in Atlantis, Deep Six reports back on destroying Graymalkin, but get chewed out for failing to kill Major X. Major X and M’Koy travel to the start of the 21st Century, to where the X-Ential came into existence. Or X-Istence, I suppose is the pun I should be making, with this book. While there, they get attacked by Dreadpool and the Scourge, a team of generic ’90s-looking baddies. And, oh my non-existent god, what it this line?

luckycharms (2)

Wow. Wow. W O W. Wow. Wow? Wow.

Wow. Just . . . wow. I think that one panel actually summarises this entire series. If you like this panel? Well, you baffle me, but you’ll probably enjoy this comic. If this panel makes your cringe and makes you feel like maybe comics were a mistake, then yeah, you probably won’t think very highly of this series.

And the non-X-stuff.

Champions #5, by Jim Zub, Juanan Ramirez, Marcio Menyz, and Clayton Cowles. War of the Realms tie-in! Cyclops helps out his team. It’s a really nice issue, with Scott coming around just when Ms. Marvel needs him most, to remind her of the good the Champions do. It’s really good. Scott’s such a good guy, and this issue is all about him being a good good guy.

Marvel Team-Up #2, by Eve Ewing, Joey Vasquez, Felipe Sobreiro, and Clayton Cowles. Body-swap shenanigans! It’s really fun.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #8, by Seanan McGuire, Takeshi Miyazawa, Ian Herring, and Clayton Cowles. Another great issue. I love Miyazawa’s art. It’s so good.

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  1. Yeah … a character with the superpower of transforming into a dog-like creature isn’t a good stand in for a trans person. And even if it did, killing them off doesn’t help. Also, for a comic that’s overly dark and depressing, a funeral issue is the last thing Uncanny X-Men needs. Especially for a character killed off-panel.

    On the upside, Gabby looks really intimidating in that panel.

    • . . . Wait, “trans people are werewolves” actually sounds like an awesome story. Who do I give that idea to?

      And yeah, Scary Gabby is awesome.

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