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X-Men comics of May 8 2019

May 9, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Ottawa Comic-Con is this Saturday! Sadly, there’s no one there I’m really excited about. Marco Rudy’s awesome, but I’ve read his stuff exclusively on Marvel Unlimited, so I have nothing I can have him sign. Anthony Rapp, Anson Mount, and Ethan Peck were all great on Star Trek: Discovery. A couple other actors who’ve done work I enjoy – Pom Klementieff’s Mantis is adorable and I love her and want good things for her – but I have no idea how to talk to people so I’m not likely to tell any of the actors that I like their work. I was hoping that, like, Leslie Hung or Jenn St.-Onge or someone like that would be there. But alas, no. In other news, season 2 of She-Ra is fantastic. The first half dropped, and it’s great. The D&D episode is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Anyone who still doesn’t ship Scorpia and Catra is just being cruel. Bow’s dads are amazing and I love them. Just so much to love. And one last note: I now work on Wednesdays. This week was light enough that I figured I could still do my reviews, but from now on, posts go up on Thursdays. But now let’s get to it!

Age of X-Man: Apocalypse and the X-Tracts #3, by Tim Seeley, Salva Espin, Israel Silva, and Travis Lanham. Evan stays with the injured Eye-Boy, while Dazzler and Unveil hunt Omega Red, with the aim of killing him to stop him killing others in their name. Back in the US, Laura drops Piotr off at his art gallery, so he can showcase the new pieces he’s done. Kitty’s waiting for him. Man, I’m so disappointed that this mini is even more Kitty/Piotr shipping. I’ve been pretty clear on not liking that ship. But beyond that . . . I mean, come on, it’s an alternate reality, and all you can do is shit we’ve seen already? Have the forbidden attraction be between Kitty and Laura. Or Piotr and Alison. Or Evan and Nature Girl. Kitty/Piotr’s been done, it’s boring, it’s predictable, why bother with it? Anyway, Evan and Eye-Boy have a great conversation, where Eye-Boy confesses jealousy that Evan never had to struggle to find the truth, and Evan says that his connection with his father lets him see bits of his father’s past, and they’re not always pleasant. Meanwhile:

sledgehammer (2)

Light sledgehammer. Once again, Dazzler gets awesomer.

There’s more Kitty/Piotr, with them talking about feeling a connection, and Apocalypse gets pissy about them talking. And I gotta say, I don’t get this comic. I’m not a smart person, I miss the point of most stories, but I can usually tell that there is a point to them. This one? I just don’t get. It feels the most like a standard X-Men comic. But, like, nothing in Age of X-Man should feel like a standard X-Men comic. And this book arguably has the least reason to go that route. Age of X-Man is about a world where love is forbidden. The X-Tracts are a group of rebels trying to spread love. So how does that translate to fighting Omega Red. He makes some comment about how eventually will become one with him, which I guess sorta works as an opposite to X-Man’s “every man is an island” approach. But it’s not like this mini’s done a good job so far in setting that idea up. And added to that is the boring-ass Kitty/Piotr shipping, and I just don’t get the point of this mini. It’s so weird. Seeley’s Shatterstar mini was amazing, one of the best X-Men comics of the past couple years, And then this is, hands-down, the weakest Age of X-Man series. Not helped by the art. I just hate Silva’s style. I don’t get the appeal. Such weird faces. So, yeah, not great.

X-Force #7, by Ed Brisson, Dylan Burnett, Damian Couceiro, Jesus Aburtov, and Joe Caramagna. Deathlok’s trying to re-rig a time travel device so they can follow Stryfe and Cable, and he’s rather snippy about Domino distracting him to ask how long it’ll take. In the future, Stryfe threatens to kill his prisoners from Clan Askani if Cable doesn’t tell him where the rest of Clan Askani is hidden. Stryfe also has his telepaths working on Rachel, and I remain pissed off that this shit is being done with Rachel. Get her away from male writers who just want to subject her to the same loss-of-control bullshit. I remain So Frigging Done With This Shit. Meanwhile, in the present:

stablehand (2)

616 Ed Brisson makes a lot more money than Real Ed Brisson.

I should read some trashy romances sometime. They seem fun. Back in the future, Rachel is forced to send out a telepathic message summoning Clan Askani. So, this comic is better-made than X-Tracts. If nothing else, I like the art. Personal taste and all, but yeah, I like the rawness of it. Not always, there are panels that didn’t work for me. But yeah, on the whole, I liked the art. The writing is mostly good, too. This is one of the better issues. Each member of the team gets a chance to talk about how they’re feeling. Interesting pairings, too. Boom-Boom and Warpath spent a long time as teammates, but they seldom really talked. And we also get a scene between Cannonball and Shatterstar, who also never talked much. I like seeing that sort of thing, characters who don’t get to interact much, getting to interact. It’s always interesting. So I liked those scenes. They definitely made this issue much better than the rest of the series has been. Buuuuuut . . . we’ve still got Rachel being mind-controlled and used as a pawn and a tool. I can’t take this comic seriously as long as it pulls that shit. It makes me legitimately think less of Brisson as a writer, because it’s so frustrating that male writers keep pulling this same shit with her. She’s a character whose backstory is essentially comprised of trauma, much of which resulted from bad guys controlling and using her, and what do these writers do? Have bad guys control and use her. And then do not-a-single-fucking-thing to actually explore how she feels. Writers keep robbing her of agency, and not a one of them actually gives enough of a shit about her to let her feel anything about it all. Give her to a woman who explores the kind of lifelong struggle with trauma that comes from being violated. It’s clear we’re not going to get that in this series. This series is using her as a plot device, not a character. Bleh. Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is the series’ high-water mark, and it won’t be as good as this again.

And I won’t actually get to the comic shop until tomorrow. So I can’t comment on the week’s non-X-stuff.

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  1. But would you say that Age of X-Man: Apocalypse and the X-Tracts is still better than Uncanny is right now?

    • X-Tracts is certainly less frustrating than UXM. UXM is probably the better-made comic, but it seems to exist just to piss me off.

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