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X-Men comics of May 16 2019

May 16, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). The Future Foundation is getting an ongoing. It’ll be written by Jeremy Whitley, who does good work. But it’ll be drawn by Will Robson, whose style I just do not like at all. Ugh. I guess I’ll at least get the first issue, if only to support Tong. Love my Tong. Anyway, Ottawa Comic-Con was this past weekend. I tweeted about it, and all the prints I got. There’s also a vlog about it from my friend posted at the end of the thread. I got a Storm commission from Marco Rudy. All in all, it was pretty OK. I didn’t bother meeting any of the guests. But now, comics! Once again, there’s few enough X-Men comics that I’ll do it tonight. It’ll be tomorrow before I get to the store for my other comics.

Uncanny X-Men #18, by Matthew Rosenberg, Carlos Villa, Juan Vlasco, Craig Yeung, Guru-eFX, and Joe Caramagna. Logan tells Illyana he’s quitting, good riddance to the jackass. He also tells Illyana not to trust the others. Which reminds me, this series could’ve been really good if trust was a major plot point throughout. If everyone was questioning who they could really trust on the team. But that’s not the way this went. Then the X-Men go after the Marauders in the subway.

marauders (2)

Kinda loving Vertigo’s casual wear.

The Marauders deny responsibility for the latest Morlock Massacre, so the X-Men beat them up. Harpoon and Blockbuster surrender, and Chamber fries them, then gets stabbed in the back by Harpoon. So that’s Chamber dead now. Well hey, at least this time it wasn’t a woman being killed for cheap drama. Ugh, stop killing people, Rosenberg. Stop it. Enough. Though there is a big difference in the deaths. Rosenberg kills women off as A Statement. Blindfold’s suicide, and Rahne trans panic murder. Men are killed just for cheap shock. Truthfully, I don’t like either option. Anyway, Rosenberg’s frigging misery-porn run cannot end soon enough. End it. End it forever. Then Sinister shows up, fighting fighting, and OH MY FUCKING GOD ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ROSENBERG YOU HACK?!

yanahate (2)


Seriously? Fucking seriously? Wow. Talk about telling rather than showing. At no point did Rosenberg indicate Illyana had any feelings regarding Shan at all. Not a single moment. Not a line, not a dirty look, fucking nothing. And now, rather than actually show that Illyana’s mad, we get Shan saying Illyana’s mad. Christ. And that’s just the start of it. Shan says she was under her brother’s influence. But no, it was actually kinda the opposite. Shan was, in fact, freed from Tran’s influence. She went over the edge as a result of that. She spent so long with his soul mixed with hers that she felt incomplete with his soul gone, and she went to extremes to re-absorb him. That was what happened in that story. Now Rosenberg’s sitting here trying to pretend that wasn’t the actual story he told. Shan also says that Rahne hated her, and again, where was the single goddamn shred of that in this entire goddamn story, Rosenberg? This is shitty writing, and as a Karma fan, it is absolutely infuriating, in a way that I can’t even articulate. I try a little, here, but yeah, you have no idea how angry I am at this goddamn panel. The rest of the issue is just, like, yeah, it’s fine, I guess. A Marauder fight that isn’t particularly exciting. A Sinister encounter that’s not very interesting. A really weird thing done with Alex. Alex and Scott are still handled well, but other than that? The end of this run can’t come soon enough. To hell with this bullshit comic and it’s total dismissal of compelling character drama.

Age of X-Man: Marvelous X-Men #4, by Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, Marco Failla, Matt Milla, and Joe Caramagna. It’s Xavier Day in London, and Apocalypse shows up to spread his message. So the crowd starts making out. There’s at least one gay couple shown, possibly more. It’s honestly kinda hard to tell the gender of some of the crowd. A lot of them lack obvious gender markers. I suspect there’s a few same-sex couples in the crowd.

sensuality (2)

“Xavier could get it.” -Apocalypse

Anyway, the X-Men and X-Tremists try to break things up, and Colossus smooches Kitty. Boooooriiiiiiing. Then Apocalypse grabs Kitty and Dazzler and teleports away again, and Jean telepathically disperses the crowd. Later, the X-Men debate what to do, and see a news report about some fissures that are showing the past. Nate takes Jean to help seal them, while the others think about things, and Colossus feels unworthy to stay with the team because of his dirty thoughts about Kitty. And the X-Tremists come for him. I think this series still suffers from having to divide its focus too much. We don’t get much more in the way of plot development here, or of the others questioning reality. Laura is getting more suspicious, more certain that something is wrong. I wonder if she’ll be the one to end Nate, maybe? The story seems to indicate she’ll play a major role in ending the Age of X-Man. Which is cool. She and Colossus are the only ones who’ve had arcs continuing throughout the mini so far. Colossus has been falling in love with Kitty, Laura’s been feeling like something’s wrong, which is the more interesting story. I’m enjoying that part of the series. But this issue felt disjointed and rushed otherwise. As I’ve said in the past, this mini just has too much to do.

Age of X-Man: NextGen #4, by Ed Brisson, Marcus To, Jason Keith, and Clayton Cowles. Armour busts in on Glob pouring wax on Rockslide.

01justrelax (2)

Glob’s safeword is “Inhuman Torch.”

After a moment of awkwardness, she tells them that Anole fled the school, and they leave to find him. Pixie tells Angel and Sunfire that she thinks Armour might be on Unveil. Anole goes to Maggott’s safehouse and tells the others there he’s been exposed. Blob and Psylocke go to the school to investigate Armour and Anole. Armour, Glob and Rockslide go to the safehouse to find Anole, and Maggott’s kind of a douche, which leads to a fight. Best X-comic of the week, though it’s partly by default. There’s some really good character drama and conflicts, good developments, good plot development, and also, I think this mini might be anti-narc. I think a key theme is not to narc on your friends. Don’t trust adults. It’s good advice, honestly. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but I am amused by it. That aside, yeah, lots of interesting stuff in this issue. No chickens, though. A glaring absence that knocks points off its rating, or would, if I actually rated comics, which I don’t, because I don’t see the point, really. Anyway, of the 6 Age of X-Man minis, I would rank NextGen probably 4th. Solidly in the middle. (X-Tremists, Prisoner X, Nightcrawler, NextGen, Marvelous X-Men, X-Tracts, is my ranking, for the record.) Though Marcus To might be my favourite of the artists involved. He’s so great.














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  1. There’s this thing in fiction writing called show, don’t tell. It sounds like that’s a rule that Uncanny X-Men breaks a lot. That’s just one of its many problems though.

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