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X-Men comics of June 26 2019

June 27, 2019

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War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #3, by Matthew Rosenberg, Pere Perez, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Travis Lanham. Rahne tells Sabretooth to let Illyana go, and Hrimhari defends Rahne against him.

mangled (2)

I always enjoy seeing Sabretooth get wrecked.

With Creed out of the way, Rahne and Illyana (and Hrimhari) meet up with the others. Oh and hey, remember how we were told that Rahne was mad at Karma? Karma mentioned Rahne looking at her with anger in her eyes? Yeah, we see them hugging. I’m honestly annoyed at that. They head back to the baseball stadium, where Hrimhari explains that he promised Enchantress he’d stay out of the war. Then there’s fighting, and Sunspot crushes a gem that was restricting Illyana’s magic. And it kills him. Which was spoiled in the main series, but yeah, by my count, we’re now at 5 dead X-Men in Rosenberg’s run, plus quite a few villains. Is this how he wants to ensure his run gets remembered? Pure, simple body count? Creed’s forces are tricked into a portal to Limbo, then Rahne tears Creed’s throat out with her teeth and orders the wolves to leave. Good for her. A few days after this, she gets beaten to death by some random jackasses because Rosenberg wanted to make an incredibly weak comment on trans panic murder. Also, Illyana cuts Creed’s head off and kicks it into a portal. Nice. Too bad he’ll be back. I hate Sabretooth. Little reminder that, in addition to being a murderer, he’s also a rapist. Yeah, that gets overlooked a lot, but he’s totally a rapist, and I hate rapist characters, so fuck Sabretooth, kill the sack of shit and let him stay dead forever and ever. Anyway. This was better than the main series. Sunspot’s death is crap, but that aside, this was a mostly-well-written story, with some good tension, and some good emotional weight to Rahne’s decision. Though Dani gets depressingly little to do, given the whole point of the event. Rosenberg tries to get some pathos at the end with Dani mourning the fallen Valkyries, but she got little enough to do in the event that the end moment feels like it’s an attempt to play catch-up. At least this mini wasn’t all about the white guys, though.

Age of X-Man: X-Tremists #5, by Leah Williams, Georges Jeanty, Roberto Poggi, Jim Charalampidis, and Clayton Cowles. Jubilee issue! And right off the bat with some really powerfully relatable stuff.

02discordant (2)

Very much yes.

So, yeah, this issue shows Jubilee remembering her son, and deciding to burn the fake world to the ground because she has nothing to lose. And it’s frigging awesome. It’s full of these super-heavy fees delivered in Jubilee’s style of affected detachment. There’s also a wonderful Blobsy moment. I really, really want this version of Blob to carry over to the main universe, at least for a while. Let him try to be this best possible version of himself, and let Betsy be there to support him in it. This issue is just fucking brilliant. Williams is a powerhouse writer. I think I’d rank this as the best of the Age of X-Man minis. Prisoner X is phenomenal, too, a close second, for many of the same reasons. But goddamn. Marvel should just give Williams full rein to do whatever she damned well wants to do. This issue is a killer finale to a killer mini, full of emotional moments but also some hilarious moments. She’s just got such a deep understanding of the characters, and of their emotional states. So. Fucking. Good.

Mr. and Mrs. X #12, by Kelly Thompson, Javier Pina, Frank D’Armata, and Joe Sabino. Candra needs to do a sacrifice to get her proper power levels back, and she tells Gambit to choose between Rogue or Bella Donna. But Gambit is more clever and more determined than anyone thought.

19trustworthy (2)

Plus his knack for one-liners.

He frees himself, and gives Rogue a chance to free herself, and also a nice chance to demonstrate her newfound knowledge on how to control her power by controlling her fear. And that pretty much wraps that whole thing up, especially with Jean-Luc and Bella Donna also siding with Gambit and Rogue. Candra’s defeated, Gambit cements his status as King of the Thieves’ Guild, and there’s talk of babies. And that’s that. This series is over. Shame it had to end, I would’ve enjoyed more of it. I’m looking forward to whatever Marvel has lined up for Thompson next. There must be something, it’d be foolish of them not to keep her working for them. She brings so much charm and fun and heart to anything she works on. This series was a lot of fun, and Thompson successfully made me care for the Rogue/Gambit ship. Great art, too. Pere Perez is excellent.

Marvel Comics Presents #6, by Charles Soule, Paulo Siqueira, Oren Junior, Frank D’Armata, and Joe Caramagna. 1995. Hey, opening on Talisman! Neat! She senses the Truth’s imminent return, and contacts Logan with the X-Men, who join him in Montserrat, at the eruption of Soufriere Hills. The fight goes poorly. A lot of them die, including Scott, Ororo, and Talisman. Then the newest of the French witches shows up, with magic claws.

claws (2)

She’s even got his snarl.

Logan reasonably deduces she’s his daughter. I’m honestly meh on this installment. Killing the characters didn’t have quite the impact it should have. The fact that two women of colour died is also annoying, even though their deaths aren’t going to stick, given this story is set in the past. Also, this issue features a Deadpool story set in the ’90s that makes fun of the comics speculator boom. Additionally, a coffee shop called “Two Live Brew” and I AM SO MAD AT HOW MUCH I LIKE THAT JOKE.

Major X #6, by Rob Liefeld, Cory Hamscher, Adelso Corona, Romulo Fajardo, Jr., and Joe Sabino.

leviathan (2)

. . . Fine. That’s pretty cool.

Anyway, it’s the end of the mini. This whole thing was a wild ride. Is it good? No, of course not, not even in the slightest. Is it enjoyable? Well, that depends on your own pleasure in the terrible. There are people who will love this mini as a trashfire. Others will just find it boring. For the most part, I found it boring and stupid. I didn’t care for it. But I have never understood Liefeld’s appeal.

Wolverine: Exit Wounds, which actually features 3 stories from different eras. First, by Larry Hama, Scot Eaton, Sean Parsons, Matt Milla, and Joe Sabino. This one is set in the Weapon X program, with the Professor, Dr. Cornelius, and Hines watching him remember stuff. He remembers confronting Creed over Silver Fox’s murder. He freaks out and has to be subdued. Then he’s sent out to kill wolves, and then sent out with the helmet on him to fight a bear, where he finally goes berserker, but doesn’t escape yet.

wires (2)

Those wires get less reasonable every time they’re drawn.

I do find the wires funny. Take a guy with claws in his hands, cover him in wires, and send him to fight animals with more claws. Surely nothing could go wrong. Not like the wires are going to get ruined immediately. Honestly, this story is just weak. It provides no new insights, it’s just combining two frankly overtold Logan stories at once. It feels half-assed, like Hama didn’t really want to do a Wolverine story, but he had to, so he just tossed out the most generic Wolverine story possible. Nice art, though.

Second, by Chris Claremont, Salvador Larroca, Val Staples, and Joe Sabino. This one’s set after the Wolverine & Kitty Pryde mini. Logan takes Kitty and Yukio to a little restaurant to visit the wife of one of Logan’s endless old friends. Logan has a ridiculous number of old friends. Anyway, some ramen tyrant wants this woman’s recipes and to run her shop. And Logan makes some ramen.

apron (2)

A pink apron and a cowboy hat. Fashion icon.

OK, Logan, knives are an actual thing, so why are you using your claws, which come out of your own body, to cut vegetable? That can’t be sanitary! Anyway, all snark aside, I like the way this story puts so much focus on the preparation of the food. I want more cape comics that make use of food. Less cool: the woman is descended from Logan. Ugh. Uuuuuuugh. What a stupid idea. That nonsense aside, it’s a fun little story. Light, low stakes, low tension, low drama, just a simple little story about food.

And finally, by Sam Kieth, Ronda Pattison, and Joe Sabino. Logan’s in some jungle, and he fights Venom.

vengerine (2)

Kieth’s art is so charming.

It’s a nothing story, the draw here is entirely in the art. Luckily, Kieth’s art is great. So much energy and character. I love his style.





















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  1. I still haven’t had found the time to pick up this week’s comics, but I’m looking forward to Mr. and Mrs. X 12.

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