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X-Men comics of July 3 2019

July 4, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I went to Spider-Man: Far From Home yesterday. I enjoyed it. Very good. Really cool way of handling Mysterio, and his reveal was great. It was also really nice to see MJ get plenty to do. The action was very exciting. Also, that cameo in the mid-credits. The whole theatre cheered. Anyway, today is comics.

Uncanny X-Men #21, by Matthew Rosenberg, Salvador Larroca, Guru-eFX, and Joe Caramagna. The X-Men break into the Hellfire Club.

helpstop (2)

“A little from column A. . . .”

They find Emma inside. Elsewhere, Triage is being forced to heal ONE troops cut apart by Logan. He also manages to heal up Logan a bit, who was near-death after being subdued. Back at the Hellfire Club, there’s some entertaining banter between Emma and Alex, and then Hope puts a gun to the back of Emma’s head. Back at Logan, he finds Velocidad merged with Warlock, being used to create new Warlocks, and Logan mercy-kills him. So that’s another death. Of a POC, again. And I mean, it’s not like I ever actually liked Velocidad, he always came across as a douche. But still, more death. Oh, also, Banshee dies. Again. Because of fucking course he does, there weren’t enough deaths yet. Also, Evil General Guy turns off Illyana’s mutant power, which turns her into the Darkchild. And she takes the Gem of Cyttorak out of him and crushes it. And like, OK, Scott says that Illyana’s mutant power was what let her control the Darkchild. But that’s not actually true. It was her humanity that let her control it. It had nothing at all to do with her power. Illyana’s mutant power gave her a connection to Limbo, via her stepping discs. But the Darkchild isn’t directly part of her connection to Limbo, it’s the result of what Belasco did to her. So this retcon of her mutant power letting her control her Darkchild form is utter nonsense, coming out of nowhere. Not that that’s exactly out of the ordinary for this run. This issue, as usual, is well-made garbage. It’s not actually a poorly-made comic. It’s just infuriating in terms of the decisions made. It keeps going out of its way to piss me off. It keeps killing characters off, to the point where none of them are shocking any more. It is impossible to actually feel anything now when a character dies, because it’s just been too much. It is impossible to care about a damn thing happening in this comic, because it’s just a never-ending stream of death and misery, which is what the franchise as a whole has been since Decimation. The X-office needs to move the fuck on and actually allow some positivity into their stories, because as it is? I just do not give a shit about the misery any more.

Age of X-Man: Prisoner X #5, by Vita Ayala, German Peralta, Mike Spicer, and Joe Sabino. Riot! Bishop, Lorna, Dani, Hank, and Gabby take the opportunity to go Legion-hunting. In a cartoon hallway.

03gettohim (2)

Cue “Yakkity Sax.”

Legion sics his guards on them, so it’s a fight in a hallway full of doors that lead back to each other. It’s a pretty awesome fight. Gabby has fun, Lorna shows how dangerous she is.

13giveemhell (2)

Never argue with Lorna.

Bishop, Hank, and Gabby continue on, find Legion, and during the fight, Legion turns into Shard to give them a hint to who’s behind it all. Then it’s time to deal with Legion. Great end to a great mini. This and X-Tremists were far and away the best of the Age of X-Man minis. Ayala used this book to explore prison and freedom and memory. Connection wasn’t as prominent a theme here as it was in other books, but that just let it look at things other books weren’t. And there was the sense of connection that can be built within incarceration. This mini also did a really compelling take on Bishop. I hope Ayala keeps using him in their next X-Men series, which I really hope they get. Give them Lorna, too, because they write Lorna as a major badass. Like, piss her off and she becomes unstoppable. Speaking of Lorna, I like the way Peralta had her just constantly surrounded by bits of metal. It was a cool touch. Peralta also clearly had fun with the hallway fight. Lots of cool bits in there. And the fight against Legion was also trippy and weird and cool, as it should be. Yeah, this mini was excellent.

Dead Man Logan #9, by Ed Brisson, Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard, and Cory Petit. Bruce, Jr. is fighting a robot, Dani Cage has a radiation gun pointed at her head, and Logan has no lungs. Logan still manages to take the robot down by electrocuting it. Then the three head to South Dakota to get Bruce, Jr. some medical aid. The remnants of the cult hunting Bruce, Jr. get found by Sabretooth. Safe bet they’re gonna die. In South Dakota, Logan meets in Forge, who’s got a nice little bunker where people are taken care of. Unconnected to the one Kate Bishop ran, I guess. Also, Speedball’s in Forge’s bunker, in a bubble, because his power’s out of control and if he bounces he’ll explode. And then the bunker is found. Decent issue. Logan and Forge catching up was nice. The cult stuff gets wrapped-up pretty quickly. The pacing of this issue feels weird. The stuff with the cult feels both long and short, somehow, and the rest of the issue just feels oddly long.  Actually, I think what throws me off is a couple pages that have timeskips, coming after each other. The lack of something in between a couple pages in particular throws the pacing off. I don’t know, it’s not a bad issue or anything, the pacing of it just didn’t quite click for me.

And the non-X-stuff.

Ms. Marvel Annual, by Magdalene Visaggio, Jon Lam Msassyk, and Joe Caramagna. Ms. Marvel vs. Super-Skrull! Also, a new minor villain, Shabang, who I love. She robs vintage clothing stores and makes explosions from her fists. She is great and I hope she gets more appearances, because I absolutely love minor villains. Everyone else gets excited about Doom or Magneto or Thanos or Dr. Octopus or other major villains, and I’m over here wanting the villain protagonist series about a woman who robs vintage clothing stores. Yes please, that is my kind of villain, just in it for the lulz.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #46, by Ryan North, Derek Charm, Rico Renzi, and Travis Lanham. Alberta has no rats, Ratatoskr am whale, and the day is saved through the power of John Locke. Man, I really hope Rachel gets to be an occasional supporting character in the next Squirrel Girl series, she’s so cool. I would read a series where she’s a part of the cast. Actually, wait, hold on! Hold on! So she stays in Canada at the end of the issue. So make her part of a new Alpha Flight. Come on, Marvel, you cowards!

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #10, by Seanan McGuire, Takeshi Miyazawa, Rosi Kampe, Ian Herring, and Clayton Cowles. Swarm! This issue sees him upgrade from Nazi bees to Nazi bee dinosaur. This is why superhero comics exist.

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  1. I finally got a chance to pick up both this week’s and last week’s comics this morning. I’ll probably read them sometime tomorrow.

    Sounds like the Prisoner X series is worth catching up on. Read the first two issues, enjoyed them, but haven’t found the time to read the rest.

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