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X-Men comics of July 17 2019

July 18, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I hate summer. It’s too hot. Ugh. Well, we’ve finally reached the end of Rosenberg’s Uncanny X-Men. Sadly, we’ve also reached the end of Unstoppable Wasp. And just another week-and-a-half until I see Kiki’s Delivery Service in a theatre, yay. I remember a couple years ago, some Japanese noodle company did a commercial that was a fake trailer for Kiki’s Delivery Service 2. I’m still mad it wasn’t real, because it looked so cool. I would love for it to happen for real. Oh well. Here’s comics.

Uncanny X-Men #22, by Matthew Rosenberg, Salvador Larroca, David Messina, Guru-eFX, and Joe Caramagna. Dani talks with Scott in the park about some very important matters.

citysquirrel (2)

He’s been talking to Squirrel Girl.

He talks about mutation being a matter of survival, and how he’s beaten the odds. He’s not exactly happy about it. And he has no idea what to do now that humanity has forgotten mutants exist. Dani makes some comments about how the X-Men were always supporting characters in Scott’s stories, and I want to repeat again, calling out repetitive problems with the franchise is simply infuriating when done in a story that does the same shit. It’s like that caption that started the run, “Every X-Men story is the same,” in a story that didn’t actually try to do anything particularly new. I love Scott, but absolutely he’s dominated the franchise to a deeply problematic degree. The solution to that is to do a story where he doesn’t dominate the story. But this series wanted it both ways. It wanted to lampshade the things people criticize about the franchise, while still doing those same things. And that’s just frustrating. Anyway, after Dani’s done chewing Scott out, Alex comes out to help by telling Scott his self-doubt and self-pity have gotten old. Then, to Emma, and her new haircut.

emmahair (2)

Honestly, she rocks the look.

Turns out Sinister was a clone, which I’m relieved at, because the idea that Sinister would actually put himself in danger without a dozen back-ups is just unbelievable. Outside, Scott and Alex are attacked by Sentinels, and Alex sacrifices himself blowing them up. And General Badguy, General WhyEvenBotherGivingTheGenericDickholeANameSinceNoOneWillEverCareAboutHim, shows up, with a Cerebro-style helmet protecting his mind. And hey, Madroxlock also sacrifices himself to stop the Sentinels, since they have pieces of Warlock in them. Which is meaningless, because General Villain just overrides it. Great how this heroic sacrifices is rendered completely irrelevant 10 seconds later. So worth it. Also, Madrox Prime dies. Cool cool, so much death that it stops having any impact at all. Logan kills General Villain, but the Sentinels are still attacking, so Scott and Logan prepare for one last ride, and then the X-Men return.

storm (2)

Storm’s back for 5 seconds and she’s already being That Bitch.

I love Storm so much. Once the Sentinels are dealt with, Jean floats down to Scott so they can smooch. Boooo. Look, Scott and Jean were great together. But they drifted apart, they broke up, and that’s fine. That happens. The inability of so many writers to get over the ships from when they were growing up is so stupid and harmful. Nostalgia is bullshit. Let Scott and Jean be exes who love each other but recognize that they’re better off as friends. Also let them be supportive of each other as they date new people. Also, best moment of the explanation of Age of X-Man: “All of us were there . . . even Dani, somehow.” I actually love that little shrug of an explanation for that incongruity. The return of the X-Men also somehow grows out Emma’s hair again. Anyway, Scott destroys the Cerebro device that keeps mutants hidden from humanity, and aside from the fact that a whole shitload of people are dead, everything’s back to normal. Let’s see here: Loa, Blindfold, Rahne, Chamber, Sunspot, Madrox, Warlock (maybe?), Banshee (House of X preview confirms he’ll be back), Velocidad, Havok, Madrox, Dark Beast, Joseph (inexplicably), Shenobi Shaw, the Nasty Boys . . . who am I forgetting? Oh, he also depowered Juggernaut and left lllyana in her demonic form. But hey, at least Rosenberg also completely squandered a shit-ton of potentially compelling stories, so that’s something, right? What an absolute shitshow of a run. I’ve given Rosenberg a hard time for it, but I suspect a significant amount of blame should actually go to editorial. Regardless, it’s a shitty run, and I’m glad it’s over, and now I just want to know what X-titles Leah Williams and Vita Ayala will be writing.

Age of X-Man Omega, by Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, Simone Buonfantino, Triona Farrell, and Clayton Cowles. X-Man explains how the world was created when his energies merged with the Life Seed. Meanwhile, Iceman comforts a scared kid and buys him a milkshake. Best possible version of Iceman? Anyway, he takes the kid to the Summers Institute, and we get some stuff going on there. Then over to the Danger Room, the riot in full force.

hurt (2)

There are two kinds of people in the world.

Bishop and the others try to figure out how to get to X-Sanctuary, they argue a bit, and Gabby has a solution.

borrowing (2)

She generated the cowboy hat from sheer awesome.

Lorna takes it airborne, and they fly right into a fissure. They get to where Nate is talking to the X-Men. Nate’s also brought the X-Tracts there, and the X-Tracts try to argue that they’ve earned their utopia and should embrace it, while the X-Men are a little more mixed, with some arguing the real world may need them. Beast slaps a power-damper collar on Nate, and there’s fighting. Eye-Boy expresses his love for Nature Girl, and we learn the deal with the Age of X-Man version of Dani.

tribe (2)

Cool way of conveying the theme of this entire story.

Nate makes one last case that relationships ruin the X-Men, that they’re more selfless without them, and that we can give up the things we think define us. Some of the X-Men still want to stay in the fake world, so Bishop points out how screwed-up that world is, that there’s a secret police force and a sham resistance, and that utopias only work if the people in them never change or strive. Nate says ending the world requires killing him, and that it would also kill everyone else on that world. Magneto is willing to do that. Though, of course, there is a very interesting twist at the end. One I like. This was a great finale. Like, a fantastic finale. It explored questions of utopias, and of relationships, in interesting ways, with all sides having valid points, and all sides having doubts, and it didn’t end with everyone agreeing on what the best path was. It was a cool event. I wish some of the characters created for Age of X-Man could’ve carried over, but alas. Dani got good use here, and Bishop was great. I really, really want Bishop and Jean to become a couple in the main universe, honestly, they seemed really cute together in the Alpha issue. Also, I reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally want Blob to continue trying to be a good person, trying to be worthy of Betsy. I want that so bad. Let Leah Williams keep writing him as a good good big boy. Man, for an event whose initial announcement had me rolling my eyes, Age of X-Man was mostly a treat, X-Tracts notwithstanding.

X-Force #10, by Ed Brisson, Dylan Burnett, Jesus Aburtov, and Cory Petit. Aliya and Tetherblood are still alive, though only barely in Aliya’s case. Also, Rachel’s awake and not in a very good mood. She reveals the truth to the MLA about how Stryfe killed their families and blamed it on Cable, so now he has them to deal with. Still, he refuses to retreat, so I guess minor props for that. More props to Boom-Boom, though, for being awesome.

drphil (2)

She just blew up Stryfe’s android, for the record.

Rachel telepathically beats the shit out of Stryfe, but Cable prevents her from killing him because it would screw with time too much. He and Rachel do erase Stryfe’s memory of the whole battle, before X-Force returns to their own time. This was . . . hmmm. This was a mixed bag of a run. On the one hand, I will never not be angry at male writers continually putting Rachel through stories where a male villain mind-controls her and then she breaks free and declares “never again” only for it to happen the very next time she appears. Yes, her telepathic beatdown on Stryfe is satisfying, and I’m glad Brisson didn’t do some shit where he took the victory from Rachel and had Cable be the one to defeat him instead. I’m relieved Rachel was the one who defeated Stryfe. But I would’ve been so much happier if she hadn’t fallen under his control at all. That entire subplot with Rachel ended up tainting the series as a whole. That subplot aside, though, for the most part, the comic was a lot of fun. I really liked the art. The roughness really enhanced everything. It may not be for everyone, it’s certainly not a conventional style, but whatever, X-Force was never supposed to be a conventional comic, really, right from the Simonson/Liefeld days. There was some really nice character beats here and there, with this issue having a couple of really good ones. There was some good comedy, with Boom-Boom always being Boom-Boom. She seems like she must be one of the funnest characters ever to write. Just bombs and snark. But yeah, Rachel mind-control subplot notwithstanding, it was a good series.

Domino: Hotshots #5, by Gail Simone, David Baldeon, Michael Shelfer, Jim Charalampidis, and Clayton Cowles. Cosmic-powered lady looking for revenge, good times, and Black Widow reveals why she came to Domino for this whole situation.

02bechaos (2)

Something we can all aspire to.

They fight. It, uh, doesn’t go great. Luckily, it’s White Fox to the rescue. She gives Domino the Creation Constellation, to give her the power to stop Geun the Executioner. And things get cosmic and weird but we do get to see Domino in a cowboy outfit. And then it’s a cosmic-powered fight. And a rushed finale. This issue needed maybe 3 more pages, I think. Just as an epilogue. As it is, the action finishes, and we get one page of wind-down. The lack of a wind-down felt unsatisfying. But the issue as a whole was really cool. Very cosmic, but also very human. It was a fun series. Shame it’s over. I hope we see more of the Hotshots hanging out in the future. They make for a fun group.

And the non-X-stuff.

Unstoppable Wasp #10, by Jeremy Whitley, Gurihiru, and Joe Caramagna. Nadia has now read Harry Potter. (I have not, nor do I ever plan to, especially with J.K. Rowling exposing herself as a TERF.) Also, Brilliance, Seeker, and Finesse have all joined GIRL. And there’s lots of excitement and lots of feels and all that.

Captain Marvel #8, by Kelly Thompson, Carmen Carnero, Tamra Bonvillain, and Clayton Cowles. Someone turns the US against Carol for being half-Kree, and there’s a new hero named Star who is absolutely going to turn out to be a villain.

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  1. I glanced through both of the major X-Men conclusions this week. Age of X-Man looks alright. Uncanny X-Men is a series I’m glad I skipped. And they just couldn’t write the final issue without a major death scene, as if there weren’t enough in this series to begin with. No idea who to blame for this mess, but the more they ignore this run in the future, the better.

  2. G'kar permalink

    I could be wrong, but maybe Star is really that reporter Ripley Ryan from the first arc. Or I could wrong like I said, and Star could just be a clone since she kind of looks like Carol a little.

    • We’ll wait and see. Either way, I’m predicting she’s an antagonist, part of the plot against Carol.

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